diy project: wool camera wrap


One thing I’m typically seen lugging around is a camera. Most camera bags are overkill, especially when you just want a bit of protection walking around, or you’re packing a camera in another bag for a short trip. I picked up a nice looking, heavy wool remnant from the Pendleton outlet last weekend, so I figured I could try my hand at a simple camera wrap. Now I’ve got just the right amount of walk-around camera protection without the “tourist look.” — Matt

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Making a structured camera with soft fabric is kinda crazy unless you use a stiff liner, so I was aiming for more of a protective wrap. This way, you can relax about making things exact and just enjoy sewing what is essentially a pocket with a flap. You have options for an enclosure; just make sure it doesn’t involve any metal that would mar your camera. I went with a simple strap closure that ties into itself.


  • heavy wool fabric
  • strap material — leather or canvas



  • sewing machine
  • scissors or rotary knife
  • pencil
  • paper



1. Start with the pencil and paper and loosely trace the dimensions of your camera. If it’s small and square, easy! If it’s got an external lens, you’ll have more facets to your pattern. I traced the bottom of mine for the lens profile and used that pattern for the bottom and top but added extra for the flap. I traced the back for height and then just measured what a front panel would be and cut a long rectangle to fit.

2. Add about 1/4″ to your traced pieces to compensate for sewing the panels together and to add some wiggle room for you camera. Cut your paper template pieces out and then use them to cut your fabric panels. *Note: If your lens is off-centered, be sure to flip your bottom template over to cut the top panel of fabric.

3. After the fabric was cut, I carefully sewed all pieces together inside out. Sew any raw edges over to prevent fraying. Remember to leave openings for your strap, too. Once all panels are sewn together to your liking, turn the pocket outside in and test with your camera. Since I was using some loosely drawn templates, I did have to tighten the fit with another line of stitching on one edge.

4. For a closure, I’d envisioned using a piece of leather to wrap around the camera and tie into itself. Measure a strap piece long enough to wrap around your camera a couple times and tie to itself. Since I didn’t flip my pattern for the top and bottom flaps (see the *note above), I had a bulge in my bottom panel. Rather than re-sewing another wrap, I found this to be the perfect attachment point for the strap. You could sew your strap on the back, or just find a messed up piece on your design like I did and rivet it in place. If you do use a rivet or another hardware attachment, make sure the rivet cannot touch your camera. Since my rivet uses the outer fabric goof, I was safe.


Love it! I did a similar thing a few years back, but with corduroy. I love the leather detail here, too.

Kim (at

Oh, Matt, I need you to make me one of these! Ok, fine, I’ll do it myself. I lug around a big camera and often leave the ugly/bulky case at home often which is not good! I have my weekend project now.


what if your camera doesnt have an arm strap. would you apply straps the same way you applied the leather enclosure?


I’m taking an old Mamiya 645 to Cambodia in January, and someone, just today, told me that chamois was an excellent cover option in heat and humidity. I think I will combine that advice and this gorgeousness and make something double-layered and sweet. :-)
That wraparound strap is fabulous!
Thank you!


@kitty – there’s lots of ways to add straps to the case itself, just make sure you don’t have any hardware exposed on the inside. I’d try sewing a strap onto it.

@smithratliff – sure, just sew in a longer snout!

Jacquelyn | lark+linen

I need to do this! My camera bag is SO bulky and literally takes up my entire purse when I lug it around. I end up wrapping my camera in a scarf or used fabric but this is so much more practical!


Love this! I’ve been looking for a slim case for my DSLR for ages – I even took my camera through Europe for 6 weeks in a beanie cos I hate the bags out there. I never thought of making one myself but this looks too easy… time to pull my sewing machine out.

Ashley Sand

This is so lovely! I’d like to do it on flower-printed wool sheets of fabric. I’m sure it will turn out awesome! I’d like to share that I’m into making standees. yup, DIY standees. I used mycrafting materials to dress winnie the pooh, and even myself! got the pattern here: http:/// You have to try it!


Great design. I have a huge stash of felted wool from old sweaters and think I’ll make one from that…maybe color blocked!


This is something I might just have to try! Very cute and I might just be able to do one that actually fits all the things I want it to fit! Little shot of personality too, magnificent!

Michelle Sexton

this is great! i’ve been wanting a small bag for my camera for such a long time. it never occurred to me to make one! but now i think i will!


This is a great idea! Now i know what to do with the extra pendleton i have. Thank you for sharing.


anybody know of a good resource for cool, affordable wool material?

Sandra Joyce

Will try to make a bunch of these for friends and family this Christmas. This is really lovely. Thank you so much. :)

Tiernae Salley

What kind of camera is in the very first photograph? It is such a beautiful camera.

Kate Pruitt


Matt from Wood & Faulk is one of our regular DIY contributors, so you will see the projects he makes for us on his site as well! We’re so excited to have him—you can check out all of his DIY project by clicking his name under the title of the post…

Susan Schwelke

Love this bag, I would like it as a regular size bag. Would need to larger. Would you make them???Really love the look. I was an interior designer, now in the food business, Gluten free and dairy free products.

Morgan Martinson

I was inspired by this project a year ago, and now have a few animal head camera bags for DSLR cameras for sale on etsy! Check it out! Besides the ones you see on the site, there are denim dragon heads coming out and teenage mutant ninja turles!


I love it so much! I have some instant camera, slr camera and dslr, might wanna try making this for each of them :) where can you find those beautiful patterned wool fabric? Thanks :)