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diy project: vintage halloween masked portraits

by Kate Pruitt

Halloween is without a doubt my favorite holiday. It’s funny, it’s creative, it’s mischievous, it’s full of crafts . . . what’s not to like? While I haven’t done much decorating of my own for this holiday in many years, I do appreciate a clever display, and these masked vintage portraits by Danielle Thompson might be my favorite bit of impromptu Halloween decor yet. Danielle snagged these awesome vintage portraits from a thrift store and decided to give these ladies a quick makeover for the holiday. This would be such a fun, subtle and witty way to prep your home for Halloween. They feel Lynchian to me, and I love that. Thanks for sharing, Danielle! — Kate

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1. Print the mask at home, or you can print one at your local copy/print center. If you print at home, be sure to set your page to landscape.

2. Cut out your mask(s). There are two pages of masks in lots of different styles and sizes. If you still can’t find the perfect size to fit your particular portrait, reprint your pages and enlarge or reduce the page size until you get just the right size. Some of the mask styles are styled to sit to the side if your portrait subject is slightly turned. Some are styled to sit straight forward.

3. Attach your mask to your portrait. If you want to add masks to portraits that are displayed around your home year-round, you will need to use a temporary adhesive. I have used reusable putty (like this brand). Other temporary adhesives like repositionable adhesive spray and repositionable glue sticks have also been recommended to me. You should test out your glue choice on some throw-away scraps to make sure, though. You don’t want to damage any precious photos! If your portrait is in a frame with glass covering the portrait, you can also add your mask to the outside of the glass, so it won’t be touching your portrait. Be sure to still use temporary adhesive.

Tip: You can also use the mask printable as a template for creating masks from felt. Just print and cut out your masks, pin them to your felt with sewing pins and cut around them. Be sure to use Felt Glue if you plan on adhering them permanently. Regular glue will seep through the felt.

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