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diy project: monogrammed camping skewer set

by AshleyAnn

The air is turning brisk, the leaves are changing colors and the sleeping bags are ready to be packed! Fall is here, and I can’t wait to sit around a campfire, roasting dinner and dessert with family and friends. When I grew up, we stretched out metal hangers for our camping skewers. They worked pretty well, and the sight of metal hangers still brings back great memories. This year, I decided to kick off fall camping with a custom set of skewers and a carrying case for my family. If you know a family that loves to camp, this would make a great gift.

After picking up some wood-handled skewers from an outdoor store, I found the perfect vintage curtain to make the carrying case. If you don’t know how to sew, don’t let the sewing part of this project scare you. It is just a bunch of straight lines, and even then, it doesn’t have to be perfect to work right. — Ashley

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  • skewers with wood handles
  • heavy-weight fabric
  • thick trim (usually found near ribbons in craft stores)
  • spray adhesive
  • clear tape
  • letters printed on standard paper
  • wood-burning tool
  • sewing machine


1. Print your desired letters onto standard printer paper. I used Baskerville Old Face font, 72 point. After cutting out the letters, apply spray adhesive to the handle and press down the letter. I also wrapped tape around the back of the handle to hold the paper down.

2. Using the fine point attachment on your wood-burning tool, outline each letter. The tool will burn through the paper and leave a faint outline.

3. Using the blunt-end attachment, fill in each letter with the wood-burning tool. Wash with soap and water to remove any remaining adhesive.

4. Now you will begin making the carrying case for your skewers. This does not have to be exact. I used an old curtain found at my favorite antique shop! To decide the size of my carrying case, I placed the skewers on top of the fabric and folded the top and bottom sides over. I then decided how wide I wanted the fabric. I opted to leave extra room to add extra skewers one day. I suggest placing each skewer about 2 inches apart, but if you have larger or smaller skewers, you will need to adjust this measurement. After deciding your width, you will want to sew down all the outer edges. Double fold each side down about 0.5″, iron and sew straight along the edge. The result will be a large rectangle with four “finished” edges.

5. Fold your top and bottom finished edges down where they loosely cover the skewers. You are going to want to rotate the skewers, so the case doesn’t have all the handles on one end. To do this, sew down one edge, then create little pockets every 2 inches on the folded-over area of the fabric. I created four pockets on one end, then rotated the fabric to create three more pockets on the opposite side. By sewing pockets on opposing ends, you allow the fabric to be loose where the pointed edge of the skewer goes. It also allows the case to carry more evenly. Don’t sew down the fabric directly opposite — that area must remain loose to slide in the skewers. The picture creates a better visual of this.

6. Starting on the end with the skewers, roll up your case. Next you will determine the length of your handles. I loosely laid the trim under the rolled up case and played with the trim until I found the length I liked.

7. Stitch the two ends of your trim together to create a big circle. I used several zigzag stitches.

8. Rest the carrying case in the handles to find where you want to attach the handles. I suggest placing the underside of the handles about 8 inches or more apart. Pin the handles to the area you want to attach to the fabric.

9. Using a zigzag stitch or straight stitching in the shape of a square, attach the handles to the carrying case.

Now grab some goodies for a campfire dinner, turn off your computer and go enjoy the beauty of fall in the great outdoors!

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  • I like the curtain idea…actually this would be a great way to make up knitting needle cases for friends…but an easier to clean idea would be to use oilcloth, which comes in all sorts of bright, retro prints and can be cleaned with the wipe of sponge! No wash-up necessary.

  • Monogrammed skewers for camping? I’m a fan of all things design-related, but this is a bit much. I just find a stick in the woods and shave off the end with a Swiss Army knife—now that’s camping! Although I do like this burning trick for other wood-related things.

  • That vintage curtain was a great find! I’m not usually a fan of that sort of motif, but I think those little doggies perfectly fit the bill here to have a future of carrying smore-maker-weeny-roasters! Cute and clever!

  • Everything about this is perfect!! I love it!! How do people think of these things?? I wish I could do them all.. I am amazed at the times we are living in as stressful as they
    are in a way, people seem more creative than ever! It is like we are experiencing a renaissance!

  • I’m with Ash – totally a Christmas gift this year. We go camping every year with my boyfriend’s family so I’ve been putting neat camping gear on the list for them. Reflective para cord for the tents, now some monogrammed skewers (a fleur de lis, I think) Thoughtful & useful gifts is my theme for the upcoming holiday season.

  • I’m having a hard time finding skewers like these – where were these found?