caravan pacific lighting

by Grace Bonney

I’ve been talking a lot about Kickstarter lately because almost every week there’s a great new designer debuting a new product or line that needs a little help getting started. Yesterday, designer Shannon Guirl of Caravan Pacific debuted her new handmade lighting series, and I’m excited to donate what I can to see this series come to life. Shannon’s Alberta table lamp is handmade in the USA (primarily by Shannon herself and other artisans in Portland, OR), and she shares her inspiration sources and production techniques on both her Kickstarter page and her Flickr site. I love seeing how handmade pieces like this come together, so I hope you’ll check it out if you’re curious about the process. The final result is a truly beautiful lamp that feels clean and modern with just a touch of mid-century style thrown in. Click here to view Shannon’s full Kickstarter page, here for her main website and here for her Flickr site, which documents the production process from start to finish. Photos by Dan Cronin and Shannon. xo, grace

Photograph above by Lisa Warninger

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  • Wow, those lamps are truly stunning! I’ve never paid much attention to kickstarter but perhaps I should start.

  • The lamp is gorgeous and exactly what I’ve been looking for. I wish they were available for purchase right now. Off to check out the kickstarter page…

  • These are absolutely delicious. My mouth waters!
    I love the kickstarter page… I’m actually quite tempted to donate – and what’s really cool is that if you donate at a certain level, you get one of their products at a discounted price! Right now, you can get one of these babies for a $275 donation! that’s brilliant! Will have to discuss with the cohabitator…

  • Wow, what gorgeous lamps. Thanks for sharing, Grace. Now I wish I had a side table just waiting for one of these. One thing at a time, I guess.

  • Thank you all for your lovely comments on the lamps this morning! @Jillian, the lamp is for sale, for a fraction of it’s retail price, on our Kickstarter page until November 23rd. Many thanks for your interest!

  • This is very beautiful work and I would love to order a pair for my living room. I have a question about the way Kickstarter works–I understood the site more in the sense of helping non-profit projects get on their feet. Once this design team (for-profit, I assume) is established, how would they plan to give back to the art community?

  • I saw this post and fell head over heels with the lamp. Then I showed my husband who also really liked them…then we each pledged for a lamp each. Can I also say that Shannon has been amazing with contacting us personally and we cannot wait to see the lamps in our room! Thank you D*S for introducing us and good luck Shannon :-)