calligraphy necklaces

One interesting thing about being on a book tour is becoming hyper-aware of people’s names and writing. I learned pretty quickly that I have the handwriting of an impatient grade schooler and that other people’s names are far more important to spell correctly than my own. Since I’ve had handwriting and names on my mind, it seemed like perfect timing to share these new Calligraphy Necklaces from Anna at Brevity Jewelry.¬†Rather than using a pre-made font, Anna teamed up with the talented Crystal Kluge, who hand-letters each custom necklace. Ever since Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic necklace on Sex & the City, name necklaces have had a place in my heart. And these are right up there with hers. You can get more info on Anna and Crystal’s necklaces right here and order your own custom design ($195 each). xo, grace


these are gorgeous! Such an elegant take on the name necklace…I may have to forward this to my husband for a not-so-subtle holiday wish hint ;)


I totally want one! People are always mispronouncing and spelling my name wrong and I’ll admit ever since Sex and the City, I have been pinning for one!


These are gorgeous, but some of the calligraphy is hard to read. “Anna” looks like “Appa” and “Joanna” looks like “Loanna”. Can you pre-approve the design before it’s made?

Anna| Brevity

Thanks so much for the kind comments! we’re so glad you like the collaboration.

Alix – you definitely get to preapprove the design before it is manufactured. Crystal will hand letter several options for you, and the price includes two rounds of revisions. If you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch!