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Last night I was talking about how dogs get the majority of the good pet designs, and these cute new leashes are a perfect example. My cat would seriously panic if I tried to put a leash on him (I can’t think of a reason I would anyway), but if I had a dog, this soft salmon-colored leash with the pebble-shaped collar would definitely be on my list. I love when pet designs feel less “Petco! Primary Colors!” and more fashion or design-influenced. If you’re looking for some pretty new dog gear, click here to check out these designs at the Blink shop on Etsy ($20–$35 each). xo, grace


The choke leash looks horrible! You really shouldn’t use those on dogs, they can damage your dog’s throat! You use should prong collars, which don’t hurt the dog but keeps them from pulling.

As nice as they look, I don’t think the rope collar is very practical for a dog either. Looks like the regular leash would be okay.


We have two labs and LOVE trendy dog accessories, especially leashes and collars, but that last photo (slip leash) could seriously injure a dog. If I were you I would think seriously about advertising something that could choke a dog or even cause tracheal damage,


there is no link on the “click here” section to their etsy shop :)

Melissa Breau

If you’re not already familiar with her, check out She blogs specifically about stylish cat products—and they run the gambit, from toys to litter boxes to cat scrathers!


Hey, These are super-cool. Am I missing the link to the store on Etsy? Thanks!


its not a choke leash, dont get your panties in a bunch. it is a leash that happens to be clipped into a loop for merchandising/display purposes. sheesh.


I wish I could opt for a trendier leash for my hound, but his sporadic walking style requires a full on harness. I can at least enjoy these pretties vicariously :)


These are lovely! What wonderful colors! and those tags are fantastic. Always great to see new dog & design friendly products on the market.

And I use a slip leash on one of my dogs because she doesn’t pull and she hates wearing a collar. I think it depends on the dog whether this collar can be harmful on not.

And the link seems to be working fine.

Jon King

While touring ArtPrize Sunday we saw two people with cats tucked into their coats…everybody seemed happy!…but a easy on harness for cats would be great!


Love the look of the these, the colours are quite unique for dog accessories and to top it off they look really robust. Gorgeous attached to a strong leather collar.


I had a dog that would have cut through these ropes in seconds. She was amazing. It was a leather leash for her.


What pretty leashes! They look very comfortable to hold, and they remind me of the twisted cotton lead ropes we used to use for horses.

By the way, as regards the first comment: the gray leash above is not a choke collar, but a slip leash. Slip leashes are safe when used properly; they’re not so much for long outdoor walks as for indoor work, room transfers, training exercises, etc. Some dogs respond well to prong collars, but that type of collar is a much more serious aversive training tool and should ONLY be used under the supervision of an experienced trainer, if at all.


Kristen, that’s a slip lead, not a choke collar. it is used in agility and other training and doesn’t hurt the dog when used properly.


Caesar Milan anyone? He uses nylon slip-leashes for every task. They are much more effective for training and control, especially when placed at the top of the neck. Slip leashes release immediately, making them, in fact, much safer and less painful for dogs. Prong collars, on the contrary, cause pain.
I think these are beautiful. They remind me of lead ropes for horses — everyone at the barn used them on the dogs, too.


Cats can walk around on harnesses and leashes. Some of them won’t, but some will.