before & after: attic rental apartment renovation

This Before & After is a great example of how an interior with very little in it can be incredibly stylish — as long as the space and items within it are well designed. The Hier war Goethe nie “Design Aparment” was designed by Mark Pohl and a group of fellow graduates from the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany. The concept was to create a rental apartment that also acted as a living showroom, where everything in the apartment is available for purchase. It’s an awesome idea; imagine how cool it would be if you could live with the products you consider buying to gauge their quality and function. I love the look of this minimalist loft space, particularly the home-within-a-home architecture. Fantastic work, Mark! — Kate

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Time: 6 months

Basic Steps:
Because we had only slanting walls, I needed the possibility to have vertical planes for the bathroom. So I developed a little house built in the middle of the apartment, with a strict idea: to put a bauhaus into a house!

My advice to all people who have a similar project in mind: Start right away! I had no idea how to renovate a house, but I just did. I bought some books and started working. So in fact, it was a learning by doing! — Mark


Very nice, looks very warm and inviting.
Though I’m confused. Where are the photos of the bathroom with the straight walls? Is something missing?

Wave Avenue

leaving the exposed truss is indeed a very good decision. it added some personality’ in the room.. also loving the the tree by the stairwell.. (is it painting or wall paper?), either way it’s a nice touch.. <3


For more views, including the beautiful bathroom, click on the link in the story for “Hier war Goethe nie”.

ronald baeren

superb renovation and i love the special shaped lightbulb~


WOW! x100. This is awesome! I love the use of the new CFL deisgns. I hadn’t seen them as sculpture yet, and I’m SO glad I finally have!

The exposed wood beams, the hardwood floors, the wonder touches of provided furniture… I could go on and on…
OH! And the way the bathroom works with the sleeping area is GENIUS! This is so frickin’ cool!

Kevin - DIY Dork

Ok, that’s awesome! Done just right with white walls, simple wood floors, and just a smidge of color pops where it counts. It makes me wanna live in an attic! haha


It’s an impressive transformation. The light fittings look really cool and I love the exposed timber beams.


I have an attic that I so want to make into a studio, bedroom and bathroom! This is so inspiring!


Mark, sehr schön! Ich kongratuliere!
I have just one question: what sort of budget did this take? Even just an estimate of what it cost would be great.
way to go!


Absolutely love it! I don´t think I had ever seen light bulbs shaped like that, any idea what they are and where to get them? :)


Absolutely love it! I don´t think I had ever seen light bulbs shaped like that, any idea what they are and where to get them? :)