before and after

before & after: lofty living room makeover

by Kate Pruitt

I like to consider myself a big-picture thinker, and if I had the chance to makeover a room, I’d like to think I would consider all possibilities and think creatively about the space. But I can honestly say that I usually just assume the ceilings are non-negotiable. Whoops. Projects like this living room redesign by Alison Royer show that you can usually change anything if you just open your mind a bit. I appreciate all the details in this makeover — they do play a huge part in the new look — but it’s amazing how much a fresh coat of paint and those dark wood ceiling beams elevate the entire feel of this room to a new level of elegance. I’ll have to keep this one in mind for the future. Great job, Alison! — Kate

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Images by Ashlee Raubach

Time: 3 months

Basic Steps: The goal of this room was to create an architecturally rich retreat, where traditional and modern elements coexist. We drew inspiration from the interior styling of Axel Vervoordt and designed this room to include a neutral color palette, white walls and natural elements. I incorporated some of their existing pieces, such as the camel-colored hide rug, sofa and weathered wooden pedestal. I also had to keep in mind that this is a family of five with three active boys, so I worked hard at balancing their design style with their lifestyle. :)

My advice is to focus on the bones of a room and how they play into the overall aesthetic. Adding the stained beams and window casings and painting the walls a crisp white really set the tone for the entire space. If you enjoy more of a neutral color palette, I think it is important to layer textures and materials to create interest yet still stay within a restricted color range. — Alison

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  • This looks amazing! It takes a run-of-the-mill (if already pretty) room and gives it so much character. The woodwork around the windows really makes it warm. I love it!

  • ooo i’ve been thinking about adding beams like that into our kitchen… any info on where or how to get something like that? Are the salvaged or created from new wood? love the chandelier too :)

  • It’s so funny to me how fashion goes around, whether it’s in clothes or home decor. I remember the 1970s era home I lived in during the 90s. That living room had dark beams that I just couldn’t wait to paint over, because they were so out of fashion!

  • Thank goodness, all I could concentrate on in the before photos were the sad moulding-less windows! Looks so much better after.

  • What an unexpected transformation! Katie was right, although the room was pretty, it was run of the mill, much like my own. The inspiration and creativity you’ve envoked in all of us “home grown” designers is amazing! Thank you Alison!

  • Um, wow. That’s awesome. They took a soulless modern box and gave it the character of a nicer, older house. Those beams look very similar to the ones in my 100 year old victorian. And now it makes me want to paint that room white to allow the beams to pop more…. hmmm…

  • I just realized that this is exactly what we need to do to our windows! Thanks for the fantastic idea.

  • Hi! Where is that coffee table from?! I’ve been searching and searching for one JUST like that, but have had zero luck! Thank you, your room is absolutely GORGEOUS!

  • Thank you! Finally a room re-do that chooses dark wood trim rather than painting it! It is a huge struggle for me not to paint our dark trim but this reminds me that it can be beautiful and rich when done right!

  • WOW. This is absolutely incredible! One of my favorite DS makeovers to date. In design school, my professors would always tell us NOT to forget about the ceiling because it is truly half of a well designed space…. This completely proves that notion. Great job!

  • I love the patterned throw pillows in the ‘after’ photo. Can anyone tell me where to find them?

  • I don’t suppose they could say where is that lamp from? I’ve been looking for the perfect one like that.

  • I absolutely love the earth tones and this space welcomes the light…it’s simply lovely

  • It’s another one of those D*S days where I feel compelled to comment on almost every post. I love how this makeover demonstrates how a few but significant changes but keeping some existing pieces can make such an impact. Love how the dark beams contrast against the white.

    I had to think twice what “pillow chopping” meant Sam but now I get it :-)

  • Thanks for all the kind comments. The lighting is from circa lighting. The ceilings are 9′. The pillows are custom as well as the coffee table (it is always difficult to find over sized simple coffee tables) and roman shades. I am not sure where the rug is from. Email me for more details. info@belmontdesigngroup.com Thank You!

  • I have a floor lamp like that and it did come from pottery barn but they’ve replaced it with something that looks more like a surveyors scope (?). We got the old one half price because it was being discontinued and was a floor model. :-)

    What a punch of character they gave this room! Very warm and inviting.

  • congratulations! you now live in a restoration hardware showroom!

    naw, it’s definitely a vast improvement, but the styling sets my teeth on edge–pillow creatures, antlers, that uptight floral arrangement, curly willow?
    frikkin curly willow, for all love?

    love the new shades, the floor mat and the coffee table, and the whole setup looks very inviting; just get some kids in there to muss it up a bit.
    and go to the woods for some branches if you like branches.

    everyone’s a critic, right? ;)

  • The rug is from Aero Studios (Thomas O’Brien’s shop in New York). The wave pattern pillow is from Kelly Wearstler. The two dark brown woven leather pillows (and the resin antler) are from Restoration Hardware. Nothing else from the photos above is from Restoration Hardware (not that there’s anything wrong with RH). The other pillows are custom.

  • The dark trim work and faux beams really works to make the room feel more spacious. Fab!! Not either a fan of the sticks in a vase , especially with that lamp, that corner has to much over-scaled weight that feels unbalanced.

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE The beams and the couches look so inviting. Any idea where the whole set comes from. The simple details of just the patterned pillows and branches makes me happy!!Simply sophisticated!

  • How amazing, you have definitely inspired me, I was thinking how the ‘Before’ was quite nice, but the after shows what a difference can be made and you have given the room the soul it lacked before! Love it!!

  • Very beautiful improvement! I love all that you did! And as for the earlier comment from someone telling you to give the chop a rest, I LOVE it still and I do it to give the beautiful silhouette along the back of a sofa or chair. Keep doing what you’re doing, as you are very talented!

  • I just love the warm neutral palette with the dark beams! The space is infinitely more appealing with the new design. I also love that filament chandelier, it would look great in a dining room as well. Excellent job!