antique specimens

Botanical specimens are the one type of artwork that I’ll never tire of. Nature provides an infinite amount of inspiration and never ceases to amaze me with its vast range of color palettes and plant species. I usually prefer to press and frame my own, but sometimes, vintage specimens are little jewels I can’t pass up. This selection just appeared at Three Potato Four and would make for great holiday gifts or just a little extra decoration at home. If flowers aren’t your style, they have some really nice framed butterflies and insects, as well ($85–$350 for sets of 2–4 framed specimens). xo, grace


I used to try to press leaves, especially fall leaves (we had a beautiful maple tree in our yard), when I was a kid. They never stayed intact and definitely never looked good.

These are beautiful! I’d love to stand them in front of books on a shelf–wouldn’t they look lovely nestled in amongst some hardbound books?


Does Three Potato Four ever have something that isn’t totally awesome? This makes me want to go try to do my own, but I know they wouldnt’ be nearly as awesome!


I absolutely love this vintage trend. I have decorated the top of my dresser with pressed leaves under a sheet of plexiglas. Now I’d like to put something like that on my walls! I especially love the insects in decor. One other great idea is a single feather under the glass. Loving this post!