the flower and the wall

Wall murals have never been my go-to for decorating, but they’re slowly starting to grow on me. If I’m lucky enough to have children in my home one day, I plan on hiring Jen Corace to create a full ceiling-to-floor mural of woodland animals and children. To me, her work has always been the perfect ratio of slightly creepy to downright beautiful. But until that day, I’m going to keep slowly warming up to murals for adults, thanks to work like this from Yvonne at The Flower and the Wall in Glasgow. Yvonne created this hand-painted mural to mimic the feel of wallpaper and incorporated perfect pops of gold-leaf gilding. I rarely see a spot of metallic I don’t love, so this unique design moved up toward the top of my list pretty quickly. Yvonne is still building her portfolio, but you can see more of her work and contact her about commissions right here. xo, grace


obsessed. this is so beautiful! I feel a VERY ambitious DIY project coming out of this…..


Wow. She is talented. I really thought this was wallpaper until I saw the pic of her actually painting it!


Wow. Talk about timing! One of my friend is getting married and she wants to redo her room. She wanted a black and white mural and she asked me if I could do something like that- now looking at this post I guess I could pull it off! So encouraging.