Good morning guys! Amy and I are home from the first leg of the book tour and feeling both excited and exhausted at the same time. But I’m so happy to be back at work and diving into great design again. This simple-but-genius idea was in my inbox last week and I’m just getting a chance to sing its praises this morning. Sprout is a clever plastic top that attaches to empty milk jugs to transform them into watering cans. When I first saw this I thought, ‘Well, you can always pour out of them anyway, why do you need an extra top?’. But then I saw the photo of it in action and all those ridges make it a MUCH better pouring tool. It has two positions you can use, spray and stream, simply by rotating the top. One allows the water to flow in a single stream and the other has it spray in a wide radius so you can handle larger plants. It’s such a great idea and I can’t wait to see this put into production and available in stores. As soon as it is I’ll update the post. Thanks to Sprout’s designer Evan Gant for sending this over. xo, grace


Perfect, when you pour with one direct stream it always erodes the soil in that area, this is a great solution for that problem.

Shanna Higgins

Wow! I love this, what a great product. I can’t wait to have one for myself. Thank you for sharing. Keep us posted!


I want one too! I’m already using milk jugs for watering cans, but I love this nifty invention.

Grace Bonney


we only mention the book any time we have an event/contest that involves an rsvp/form. the press updates do not appear on the main blog and only appear in the press section of this site. d*s has, and always will, post at least 5 times per day with regular design posts. that remains true to this day. so it shouldn’t be hard to see past the 2-3 book posts that happen per week.

i think sometimes people forget that this blog has remained free to read for over 7 years now. i’ve never asked you to pay anything for the content you read here and i think asking you to overlook a few posts a week (only during the first 2 months of the book launch) that mention an exciting project we’ve worked hard on is an incredibly small price to pay for a magazine’s-worth of free content every week.



This is so neat. I would buy this in a heartbeat. Right now I use a washed out laundry det. bottle with holes punched in the cap. My kids each have their own smaller ones too.


grace, kuddos on the blog AND on your response to the rude/ungrateful commenter.

Deborah in Atlanta

I know at least 6 people that would love to receive one of these from me. What an awesome concept. Can’t wait to find out when/where they’ll be sold!

Barbara Shaw

Add me TOO to your list of people you will notify when this product becomes available.


I will sooo buy this when it becomes available. It is inspired upcycling!

Robyn Fitzgerald

Is the Sprout available yet in shops in Australia. Please let us know if and when we can obtain it. A great idea for recycling

Debbie Hernandez

I want one of these. So neat!!! What a good idea. Add me to the list too.


Where and when will this be available? Please add me to the list!


Is this available yet? If not, when? I really want one. What a great idea! Put me on the list so I can get several. Thanks!


Has this come to the marketplace yet? It’s brilliant!!

Paula Kettell

Fantastic idea! I want one and would give these as gifts too. Where can I purchase them??

Myrna Christenson

I like this idea, think it would work very well

Lori Brinkworth

How do I buy? This would make a great gift! Please let me know


Let me know when and where to buy it when it’s a available.
It looks really cool and great for seedlings etc. eh?


What a fab idea! I really want one. Will it be possible to get some sent to England?
Please say ‘yes’