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sneak peek: paige morse

by Amy Azzarito

Anyone who’s ever tried to paint a room gray will sympathize with prop and interior stylist Paige Morse. When it came time to paint her 100-year-old bungalow in Dallas, Texas, Paige tried more than ten different shades of gray before settling on Benjamin Moore’s Timberwolf. As a prop stylist for the Wisteria catalog, Paige knew that the right neutral backdrop was essential for the layering effect she wanted to create with her favorite objects and furniture. Thanks, Paige! And a big thanks to Kris Ellis for the lovely photos! — Amy A.

Image above: As a child, I was very much inspired by the books The Secret Garden and The Girl of the Limberlost. Both books really got me focused on nature, natural elements and the beauty of it all. To this day, I love bugs, butterflies and botanical prints. The chairs were passed down from my grandmother. I love their clean and simple lines.

Image above: I love textiles. I have a collection going — it’s borderline obsession. I really wanted to add some energy to my office space, which is painted all white (Benjamin Moore’s Designer White), so I hung a suzani on the wall as art.

Image above: I spend a lot of time sifting through flea markets and antique stores. These pieces were treasures I picked up from various places. I love how a black wall completely transforms a place. I used chalkboard paint to get this look. It makes every piece in the room stand out.

Image above: I wanted my kitchen, which is the heart of my house, to really stay true to the period of the house. After lots of research and inspiration from my grandmother’s kitchen, I chose to do everything black and white — very clean and a little retro. And subway tile is always a good, affordable choice for a backsplash.

Image above: Have I mentioned I’m a collector? I have a ton of antique silverware that I use for photoshoots and at home. Once, I bought a box full of old silver pieces at a flea market for $20. When I got home and looked up the pieces online, one of the spoons alone was worth the $20 I had spent. Score!

Image above: This is my guest bath. I remodeled this bathroom when I bought the house. It was formerly a closet. Are you noticing a theme in color choices here? I love black and white. I love graphic statements. I love things that are subtle and at the same time bold. I have always loved the old black and white patterned flowers, and I needed something a little feminine to balance out all the masculine choices I had made throughout the house. I fell in love with a shower curtain like this one from Anthropologie, but it was discontinued when I went to purchase it. Luckily, I found one similar online. The sink is vintage, and I found it on Craigslist. The wall color is Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee.

Image above: This is actually my grandmother’s dining table. It was badly damaged, so I painted it black. It covered up all the damage and accents the mismatched chairs that I use. I love how well the Danish-style armchairs complement my grandmother’s chairs from the ’50s.

Image above: The settee is made of old bridal rugs, and the shelves are from Ikea. I highly recommend adding lighting to their shelving units. It really makes a difference aesthetically, and at night, it really highlights my collections and favorite books.

Image above: This is an embroidered wedding cloth, and I paired it with a framed piece of art from a photographer I work with. I like how unexpected the pairing is.

Image above: The vintage painted child’s chair was an antique store find. I use foreign currency from my travels as wall art above it.

Image above: The daybed in my guest bedroom is covered in textiles. Most are from India — a mix of kantha cloths, embroidered pillows and a suzani on the wall. The poster is something I picked up while traveling in Granada, Spain, for $2 and had framed. It fits perfectly and reminds me of my wonderful time there.

Image above: I like to think of decorating as curating. I am attracted to certain kinds of objects, and I like to arrange them in a way that tells a story visually or creates a mood or feeling. This is a vignette I created in my back room. A honeycomb in glass, antlers, a ball of twine, chipped pottery I bought at a junk store on a road trip, seashells collected from around the world, postcards of dinosaurs. None of these things would seem to go together, but when arranged together, they all tell a story. It is about history, creation and beauty in natural objects.

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  • I love this house so much! The insects, the textiles, the black and white–it’s perfect. Also, I would kill for that bathroom. Really, really lovely.

  • This home is gorgeous! I settled on Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore a few months ago and couldn’t be more pleased. It’s so lovely and neutral and doesn’t tend toward blue or purple like a lot of grays I’ve seen.

  • Love this home, and the insect prints are just lovely. I’m a big fan of that shade of gray that she settled on. I’m trying to find a nice, clean simple shade to go with for our place. I’d prefer just white, but the hubs isn’t all that excited about it. I’ll see if this gray could work for him :)

  • this is a lovely space! i believe the insect prints might be enlarged reproductions of original bookplates from the french Dictionary Universite D’Histoire Naturel . i sold a bunch of the originals in my shop awhile back.

  • The textimes are dreamy! And again, with the missor I covet. One things is that I’m looking at shades of gray for my bedroom and hope I don’t run into the same issue (fingers crossed). What a beautiful home!

  • I love how this space feels like a manifestation of a life and a personality, and not something out of a catalogue. A space can be decorated beautifully but feel so artificial and forced- why have a perfectly coordinated collection of doodads adorning your coffee table if they don’t mean anything to you? For me, the beauty in our things comes from the memories and positive feelings they evoke, and this home is obviously full of them.

  • so many different corners, great! I’m also a collector, I love to see the beautiful finds surrounding me.

  • Ok, I’m dying over this house! What an eye you have! I’m especially in love with the chalk board wall room, and all the textiles. I have a great collection of textiles from my travels and never thought to hang a painting like that on one, what a great idea, just loving your home!

  • Love this! I usually gravitate towards more wackadoo color choices (turquoise! orange! purple!) but the white/cream/black combo in the kitchen is so elegant…

  • Stunning stunning. Yay for classy Dallas representation. Hopefully Paige we will see you at the Design Sponge signing in October?

  • This is such a beautiful space! Could you please tell us what color the paint in the dining room is and where the beetle print in the same room is from?

  • it’s so nice to see a home that isn’t suffocatingly white, as the new trend seems to be. I’ve always dreamed of a home full of textiles like yours.

  • Definitely in my top 3 favorite tours ever on D*S…and I’ve been coming here for a long time. ;)

    I especially love the insect prints and have a lot of insect art scattered throughout my house as well.

    Love the way you think, thanks so much for sharing your beautiful home.

  • The textiles are wonderful! I have a few pieces of fabric I would love to hang–may I ask what method you used to fasten them to the wall? Thanks!

  • your house is lovely, but the unassuming and gracious way that you described it made it even more beautiful. i appreciate your modest candor.

  • I agree – this is definitely in the top 3 for D*S’s sneak peaks. Wonderful inspiration – well done!

  • I love the way you curate your textiles….the settee made with old bridal rugs made me gasp with pleasure. I have an old chaise that I’ve been waiting to recover, I just haven’t found the right fabric. I think your piece has spoiled me for anything but that pattern and trim. Got any scraps left over : )

  • I love this style, the nature the textiles, the simple and the bold these are all things that I adore myself. This was so inspiring for me! So beautiful, fun and peaceful!

  • Pretty much love everything about this! In fact, there’s nothing that’s not spot-on. Wow. Great use of color without being overwhelming.

  • TEXAS?! How wonderful…I thought (before reading) that this was in the outer parts
    of London! So wonderful…Texas?! Whew!

  • I have that very same poster from Grenada and I adore it! I will always remember the sweet little shop I bought it from. It really is a small world!

  • Your home is beautiful, quirky and interesting, you certainly have a stylists eye. I love the monochrome palette brought to life with wonderful textural fabrics and heirlooms, just gorgeous!

  • Can you tell us how you hang your textiles? I’m always worried about tearing them, but love the casual approach of just taking them up.

  • Im happy to answer, and I definitely have a casual approach to hanging my textiles. I use thumbtacks or tiny little nails. Most of my textiles have a loose enough weave that it does not damage them at all. And my suzannis and window coverings have little loops I just nail through. For the burlap curtains that I have throughout my home, I hung rods with simple clips.

  • What a lovely home. I love the colors (or lack there of). I wish I could arrange things as gorgeously as you—-you definitely have a gift!

    Could you tell us the paint color on the living room walls? It would
    work perfectly in my living room!

  • What a beautiful home…..i love the colours and patterns…………..so so gorgeous…You have really inspired me to decorate my own house like yours oneday!!!!!!

    Im a sucker for colours..and the way you have used colour..works well in every space

  • Ater seeing this I wonder why I did not make the most when I was living in my country and gather every possible scrap! Indian colors are so warm and vibrant and add that zing to otherwise plain houses…

  • Paige, do you happen to know who made your grandmother’s dining set? I am besotted with its gorgeous lines and craftsmanship! I love that lovely sentimental things are at the center of your home’s beauty.

  • Wow. This is really a very pretty home. It’s just right. :) thank you so much for sharing it!

  • I love the unexpected pairing of the vibrant cool and warm colors together of the embroidered wedding cloth and the photograph and I love the idea of putting “scenarios” together on the chest of drawers that tell a story. Thank you. Frances

  • Lovely home. The colors and decor are far outside the box. A breath of fresh air. Nothing better than original thought. Keep up the good work

  • Where is the Suzani from that hangs above the daybed? I’d like to find an exact one like it.