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sneak peek: kimi weart and paul galloway

by anne

Kimi Weart and Paul Galloway are a creative couple of artists. Kimi owns A Printable Press, which creates customized print-ready stationery, and runs the blog Field Papers, while Paul works in MOMA’s design and architecture department. When they learned they were expecting, they knew they needed to find a larger place. They came across this two-bedroom fixer-upper in Prospect Lefferts Gardens overlooking Prospect Park, snapping it up just as another contract fell through. Paul did an enormous amount of the renovations himself, and the nursery was a wood shop until two weeks before their son August was born (he’s now 5 months). Kimi’s true goal is to have a home that can be described as “urban rustic,” or something out of Where the Wild Things Are, that reflects their personalities. For the moment, she sums up their style as “Impulsive Eclectic Along With a Lot of Books and Toys and Branches.” Thanks, Kimi and Paul, and to their dear friend and talented photographer, Trevor Tondro, for the fabulous shots! – Anne

Image above: This is our foyer, with a faux credenza on the wall (immortalized as a “fauxdenza” by Anna from Door Sixteen) made from Ikea kitchen cabinets hung low. The graphite piece above is by me.

Image above: This is a corner of August’s room, filled with things from my childhood like my beloved Gladys Goose lamp. And branches are something I drag home all the time.

The rest of Kimi and Paul’s sneak peek continues after the jump . . .

Image above: This is a corner of our bedroom showing our summer view of trees. The chair is a Craigslist find that we had let fall into disrepair, so I cut up a blanket and sewed covers for the cushions.

Image above: This is our workspace/dining table for parties. The chairs are all street finds from over the years. I made the hanging light, and Paul indulged me when I said, “I want to nail a big branch into the wall.”

Image above: For the first time in our lives, we have an eat-in kitchen! The cabinetry, countertops and sink are all from Ikea. Paul assembled them and also stained and sealed the countertops, built the shelves and painted the floor.

Image above: Most of these objects are from my mother — she is an avid collector with an amazing eye and brings me things that she thinks I might like. The red highchair is an antique Thonet that she found when I was a baby and that we recently fixed and painted.

Image above: This is another corner of our kitchen, with my childhood blackboard where we write what we’re cooking during the week. The stool was from a vintage store in Austin.

Image above: This is a little vignette on top of August’s dresser. I’ve always compulsively bought little toys and now have the perfect excuse for having them around. The artwork is by Alexis Rockman, a friend of mine, and is of a wombat.

Image above: Some of August’s/my toys. We have them in every room in the house, both for him and for me (I like making little scenes).

Image above: These are shelves Paul built along one wall of our living room. They house a lot of our books and comics, and the top is perfect for impatient collectors like us who bring something home and then just want to stick it somewhere. There are antlers I’ve collected from the woods over the years, artwork from stoop sales and friends, rocks from hikes — things like that. However, I’m realizing that nothing here is very baby-proof . . .

Image above: This was my father’s childhood dresser and is now Paul’s. The artwork is by various friends.

Image above: Our bedroom is almost unnecessarily large, so I have a small second desk in there for days when I want to mix things up and work somewhere other than the living room.

Image above: Our bathroom is what we call The Money Room because it cost so much renovate (we had to give up the notion of doing it ourselves). It had to be completely gutted from the pipes on up. But we now have the perfect little black hex tiles that feel so nice on the feet. The basket is from a trip to Mexico, and the little yellow ducks are from the Museum of Modern Art.

Image above: Here I’m sitting with Moke the cat and Mila the dog by our bedroom bookshelves. These are the sci-fi and fantasy and young adult novel shelves — perfect for bedtime reading! The artwork is a print by Rob Ryan. The cat is perpetually suspicious of the dog.

Image above: This is my work area in the living room. The shelves house all of my supplies and technology plus two ships I put together from kits. We want to replace the table, so I’m allowed to paint on it or splash ink or generally get it as dirty as I want.

Image above: The sofa is from CB2, and the drawers are from Ikea and hold all my sewing supplies. The red cat was mine as a baby, and the lamp is a street find from Austin that I rewired.

Image above: These are some of my sketchbooks and most-used art supplies, with a corner of a print I made, which you can see in the kitchen, too. (Editor’s note: You can download the print here.)

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  • This is beautiful, playful, not too designy. I adore the Tree Lamp and so many ideas/light bulbs (ha!) just started going plink! in my head that I feel slightly dizzy. Lovely!

  • I live probably right around the corner and my apartment looks nowhere near as beautiful as this. Great job!

  • What a fun little place! There is a lot happening, but somehow seems clean and not cluttered. Someday, I’ll be able to do that!

    I can definitely see my sister living here! Don’t worry, that’s a complement.

  • I love your home so much…my fav piece is your branch cluster pendant light. Also love the little blue vintage fan and the stepstool in the kitchen. The art which is here & there, everywhere and your light filled space. I’m a toy display person too from tokidoki to handmade wooden blocks.

  • This is such an inspiring “Sneak Peek” – I feel motivated and happy just looking at these photos. I recognize (and actually own) many of those same Ikea pieces, and strangely enough, similar street finds, but none of mine have been taken to this creative, gorgeous level …yet.

    While I typically adore all of D*S’s beautiful Sneak Peaks, they can sometimes intimidate with expensive furnishings and extensive renovations, leaving this poor renter at a loss. But personality really shines through here and makes me want to implement so many of these clever ideas (branch lamp!) in my own place. Love it.

    (PS: Thank you for the download!)

  • Kimi, I love your sketches and your trees and your sketches of trees! Great little place full of nice little things.

  • This is one of my favorite Sneak Peeks you’ve ever done. There’s nothing about this home that I don’t love! Just beautiful and inspiring. When can I move it?

  • Such a bright, happy place..! And what amazing light streaming through those windows..! Like someone else mentioned – the space packs a lot of pretty pieces and punch while remaining very light and airy. A perfect balance. Loved this. Thanks for sharing here.


  • I love your branch lamp. I, too, have a twisty branch (mine has birds on it) hanging along one wall. One son loves it, the rest of the kids (and hubby) smile tolerantly for old mom, but I’ve never had even one guest who “gets it”. Houses like this always makes me feel a little less like a crazy hippy lady.

    (I loved your place, by the way!).

  • This is a fantastically creative Sneak Peek! While the overall aesthetic isn’t something I’d really replicate, I can’t get over all the amazing little details. Loved the branch light (and the lights in every room really!), Paul’s dresser, all of the nature elements, and the great mix of old and new. I felt like every single picture I thought “Woah – look at ___!”

  • DIY for the light fixture, please! (Otherwise, I’m going to try it myself without guidance, and I’ll probably electrocute myself or burn my house down. And then wouldn’t you feel badly?)

  • I really like the mix of the old and new here. The work area in the living room is my favorite. Love those shelves behind the desk!

  • what a brilliant and fun home. . . and how enviable to have prospect park on your doorstep! pretty impressed with you putting those ships together too! but i love the ‘collections’ on the low shelving in the sitting room the most. we ve just moved into our new home and so far i ve been trying control myself and not display all my rocks, driftwood and other knickknacks on every available surface but now i ll get it all out and go mad haha

  • I LOVE this space. It reminds me of my house in a way but more complete (we bought our house last Dec. then our daughter was born 4 days after we moved!) so nice to see this bit of chaos and style jammed together. Lived in beautifully.

  • Very cool. The branch light as a concept could have gone badly, but this one looks great. I like the hodge-podge assortment of chairs. The only thing that doesn’t sit will with me is the living room: looks like the walls shook and everything settled in a pile along the floor. Great space!

  • The treebranch light is GENIUS!!! I need an overhead light in one of my rooms, but haven’t wanted to pay for an electrician to put one in . . .it’s perfect :)

  • Thank you to everyone for all the lovely comments! To answer some questions, I’d love to be able to share a DIY for the light but I basically winged it. And up close there’s a lot of rough edges. But for a list of at least supplies, you can go here:

    The rug in August’s room is Ikea, and it’s more charcoal gray than blue. And the artwork above the credenza is an original graphite piece by me. Lastly, to all those who say they love the Moomins, I heart you.

  • love, love, love your home!!! Love the “lightness” of the whole place. LOVE the tree branch lamp!!!! Happy to “visit” your ~home~, dear cousin.

  • Love your home, Kimi and Paul………how creative and inovative that treebranch lamp! It was really nice to “visit” with you.

  • What countertop material is in the Kitchen? You say it’s Ikea – but that is was stained and sealed yourself… is it concrete? Ikea sells concrete countertops?

  • I think we’re neighbors! We’re at 125 Ocean and the pre-war architecture looks very similar but you’ve done such a wonderful job finishing it!! What an inspiration- thanks!

  • What I like about this home is that it is stylish, but also that it looks affordable to reproduce. Some homes look like I would need to be a lawyer to afford them, but this one has some neat solutions that I could actually pull off on my budget. Awesome!

  • What a happy home for their baby to grow up in! This is fabulous! …although a few of the lower book shelves may be emptied from time to time if their little one is anything like ours… babies tend to love [eating] books!

  • I think the bedroom Goose is wonderful…just don’t let it break. What a wonderful childhood memento to have…and glowing at night as you sleep. We should all have something like this in our lives and bedrooms to comfort us as we go to Dreamland.

  • Great house! Does anyone know where I can find a geometric rug similar to the one in the 2nd and 10th picture down? Cheers

  • A new apartment AND a new baby?! I can’t believe what you pulled off so quickly. Among other things, I am now inspired to build a boat from a kit and bring more of the outdoors in. I also love when people are able to use Ikea without your apartment screaming Ikea; the “fauxdenza” (Love it) is a great example of that. As someone said above, my favorite Sneak Peaks are those that feel accessible – where style ideas can inspire, and I don’t have to buy a super-expensive piece or handmade wallpaper to get the look. Lastly, August’s bedroom is lovely and seems such a great little boy’s room with a fantastic timelessness (I’m saying this after clicking through to your blog to the other fantastic pics I wish could have been included here).

  • love love love it! The clock on top of August’s dresser: where did it come from? I must have it!

  • Love your home– beautiful and accessible. Tell me, that digital clock in one photo– where is it from? Is it an actual working clock or a toy? It’s so interesting and unlike any I have seen…

  • i’m a design sponge fan and check in from time to time…imagine my surprise today when i saw an old grad school friend, paul’s, house here! i love it, but want to add that paul is an amazingly talented artist – i wish we’d seen some of his work, too! what a beautiful and happy looking home…

  • Hi Love the kitchen. Any advice on staining the Ikea countertop? Would love your experience.

  • I just downloaded and printed your lovely (and peaceful) “Home” art. I am a huge fan of “Keep Calm and Carry On” but agree that this is less about the stress we all face, and more about the calm…thanks for the freebie.

  • Answers to a few more popular questions!
    The digital clock in August’s room was a limited edition radio clock by the people who designed the Toca Clock, the graphic rug is by Ikea, and the Ikea counters are their cheap butcher block counters which Paul then stained and sealed. He used traditional wood stain (can’t remember what color) and then sealed it with this stuff called WaterLox which is what they use on boats. Lastly the knit monkey is by BlaBla.

  • If anybody knows the style, or preferably exact name of that leather chair with foot stool, I will be eternally grateful!

  • Paul,

    I forgot that ‘do it to me’ piece until I saw it on here! Looks much better in your beautiful home than it did in the old cedar stree studio. Congratulations on your marriage and new baby boy. Kiss Mila for me. She looks just the same.


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  • Oh dear, I had no idea that other people had left questions! The nursery couch was covered with a linen sheet and a quilt, the wood watercolor set is a painfully expensive one by Sennelier (but has the most beautiful colors), and the walls are embarrassingly enough just Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore. We tried out 4 different shades of pale pale grey, but with our mix of shade and direct sun they looked icky. So we went with the interior designer’s default choice.