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sneak peek: ida & pierre-edouard

by Amy Azzarito

This apartment in Paris’ 1st arrondissement, just around the corner from the Louvre, is home to a+b kasha designer Ida, Pierre-Edouard, a motion designer and director, and their black cat, Alfred. Ida is Swedish and is strongly influenced by Scandinavian design (she even blogs about the topic). The apartment is tiny and doesn’t have much natural light, so Ida stuck with the standard Scandinavian color — white — and tried to keep the furnishing minimal. She used a mix of Ikea and flea-market finds and gifts from her bosses at a+b kasha — it’s a constant work in progress for her. And while the apartment might be tiny, that view is pretty spectacular. Thanks, Ida, Pierre-Edouard and Alfred! — Amy A.

Image above: The bed is totally sacred for me, and I work a lot on my computer in bed, so that’s a pretty standard image.

Image above: The little teak wood side table is one of my favorite things. I bought it for 5 euros when the church next to me had a little flea market!

The rest of Ida and Pierre’s home tour continues after the jump…

Image above: I love our living room bookshelves; they fit so much but don’t take up any space! Since they take up a whole wall in the living room, though, and I didn’t want it to look too cluttered, I covered all my books in white paper and wrote the titles by hand. Some people think I’m crazy; I think it looks great, AND it was a really fun project!

Image above: I love my bulletin board! I found this old door on the street; it was beautiful even before I renovated it. I painted it white. It gives such great texture to the wall without drawing too much attention to it. Plus it’s filled with all my favorite things and people!

Image above: My beautiful sofa from a+b kasha and my other incredible street-treasure. The nesting tables were found on the street. I had to clean them and get new glass, but it was worth the effort. They work so well in a small space, and the glass just makes them look so light!

Image above: Our view.

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  • Love the apartment, it is so cool and cute. Looks beautiful and very cosy, they have done a great job with little natural light – and around the corner from the Louvre, what a great place to live!

  • Hello Ida, This is a lovely flat! I live in an apartment in Munich with a typical European long hallway, I really like the carpet/rug that you have in yours…can you tell me where you got it? Is it a European store/supplier?


  • I love that she covered the books in paper. It makes the shelves look intriguing, too. At first, I wondered what little known, exclusive journals she read.

  • I saw this apartment last week on Apartment Therapy and there was a lot of talk about the space being too bland or empty but I totally disagree. I find it soothing and tranquil. When I come home, the last thing I want to see is clutter!

    By the way, I’m totally with you on the book idea. The second I buy a new book, I take off the dust jacket and then categorize the book with my other black, white, or red books. My husband thinks I’m nuts though :)

  • I have a question/suggestion about the sneak peaks. maybe it’s just me but it feels like 90% of the houses presented are from heteronormative straight white designer couples. And maybe it is because of that that I think they basically all look the same. sterile, clean, artsy-fartsy.
    I know everybody’s got their own personal tastes, but I’ve found that after reading everything that gets published on designsponge via rss for 6 months, the sneak peaks the least interesting things to look at for me, and I suspect it might be because of the lack of variety in characters presenting their houses. I would appreciate a bit more variation here. thanx

  • I enjoy the comment about what makes this dwelling a home is the others she shares it with… and the Nelson coat rack on the white walls!

  • This space makes me happy because of it’s simplicity. Great use of found objects (I especially enjoy the bulletin board! And the message of loving who you live with is something everyone should be reminded of everyday…love it!). I also enjoy the book covers! I’m thinking of snagging that idea but using alternating colors. Thanks for sharing!

  • I also saw this apartment on Apartment Therapy last week, and I have to wonder why it’s making the rounds on design blogs? It’s nice enough, but it’s not exactly post worthy — at least not on two major design blogs in less than a week’s time. What gives? I come here for fresh content!

    • KA

      we’ll check on this. we specifically ask if people have shown their homes on other blogs and only run them if they say no. sometimes people don’t always tell the truth to us though, sadly.


  • Thanks for the response, so quickly, Grace! I didn’t mean to sound harsh, I just love this blog, and wondered what was up.

  • Love this home. So simple and clean. Ahhhh, I want a new home to start fresh with (preferably in Paris too)!

    Question—in the 2nd to last photo, the one of the couple, I would love to know where the artwork of the black cat came from? I have a black cat too and am completely fanatical about him. I’ve been looking for a piece of art like that for ages! :)

  • This is the very first time I’ve ever posted anything negative about this blog, but I have to agree with several other commenters: I don’t see anything creative or unique about this space. And the two kitchen photos may be the least interesting photos I’ve ever seen online, period.

  • Hi Grace, congrats on the book…looking forward to receiving mine soon! I have to agree with TBA on the sameness of the sneak peaks. Every week it’s lots of Scan design, retro furnishings from designer couples who, of course, have learned how to work with it. I’d be interested in seeing homes by true amateurs who’ve not taken an art lesson, but somehow have made it work…and not by using white walls with pops of color. Love, love, love D*S!

  • Thanks for all the nice comments everyone!

    A few things. I just want to make it clear that the fact that our apartment was featured on Apartment therapy last week is really unfortunate. I had sent them pictures months ago, but since I never got an answer from them, I didn’t think anything would happen with that. Then one day, there it was. So, when I said our apartment hadn’t been featured before in a blog, I didn’t lie. Sorry about that!

    And Melody- I actually just made a silhouette of my own cat in photoshop, printed it out and framed it! Simple as that!

  • I love the part about covering the books, it´s a lot like I did in my home.. and for the same reason. I did not want there to be too much clutter :)

  • I love creativity and design that might be attainable by those of us who aren’t billionaires, and this is a perfect example. Wonderful ideas, use of space and ingenuity! Most of all, though, I love ALFRED >^^<

  • Hello! Trying desperately to find that sofa at a+b kasha…. I have fallen in love with it! I would be very grateful for any help you can give. Thanks very much!

  • I was wondering what that black chair is next to your bed. We have similar homes and I love yours!