sneak peek: elisabeth dunker’s country home


Since we last visited stylist/photographer Elisabeth Dunker’s Swedish home, she’s been busy working on the new Fine Little Day shop that just launched, as well as a range of freelance projects, including a photo exhibition currently going on in Gothenburg, Sweden. Today we have a special look into her country home, a calm and peaceful escape that is something between eclectic, playful, bohemian-meets-old-classics and vintage. Now I just wish we could travel back in time to pick up some of those patterned wallpapers! Thanks, Elisabeth (and thanks for the great shots, too)! – Anne

Image above: Our cat, Hiro (a Devon Rex), in one of the patterned bedrooms.

Image above: The wallpapers in the house are all old and original (probably from the 60s) and were here when we moved in.

The rest of Elisabeth’s home tour continues after the jump…

Image above: Generous windows facing south and north in the 50 square metre attic.

Image above: There are a lot of patterns and colors in this house, with different wallpapers in every room.

Image above: The little guest house is a renovated hen house.

Image above: Inherited furniture and secondhand finds all over.

Image above: Hallway. The old kont (the basket with lid) was used by my grandmother a long time ago when she picked blueberries and cloud berries. You can find new Swedish konts here.

Image above: Floor tiles in the hall. A bit cold for a cat’s paws but practical in typical Swedish autumn weather (rain).

Image above: Inherited teak dresser.

Image above: Rowanberries, autumn flowers

Image above: Peace and quiet in the kitchen. The honey is from the neighbor’s bees.

Image above: The old AGA-stove keeping us warm during cold autumn and winter days.

Image above: A nightdress bag with Little Red Riding Hood

Image above: The little guest house. Our garden is wild and untamed, like a hilly courtyard that merges with a birch forest. The grass is full of nettles and wild flowers. We also have apple trees, currants, rhubarbs and wild strawberries. And in the birch forest garden, there are lingonberries and blueberries.

Image above: A glimpse of the main house. I especially like afternoons in the garden, when the day is about to turn to night. The light is magical, and it’s a pleasure just sitting there in all the green and taking it all in.


her aesthetic is absolutely my favorite. i have been following fine little day for years and especially love taking in her home renovation posts. hooray for cozy joyous understated scandinavian design. (and hooray for the scandinavian grandparents who give us this wonderful furniture to dot our homes.) thank you for posting!

Julia 's Bookbag

The wallpaper is fab but what I’m really flipped about is that kitchen ‘towel’ she has on her stove! It’s actually a pillow cover and I have it and I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I think it’s pretty brilliant that she’s using the cover as a towel, very cool!

Gayle Johnson

I like this house. My favorite thing would be that bathroom mirror.


Your house is utterly lovely, such a serene feeling, so much room to breathe. From the amazing stove to the vintage furniture, I love that you have followed your heart while furnishing it, rather than choosing trendy finshes. A house with all the latest leaves me cold. The attic/upstairs room is glorious! And your cat is amazing. Thanks for showing us your beautiful space.

And who would not seriously covet your wild, perfect yard?


This house is spectacular in how normal it is…the owners aren’t even really trying to decorate! The wallpaper was already. It’s really the great photos that are doing all the work and making you think ‘Oh, wow. Great design.”


love all of this. one of the best sneak peaks. esp love that teak dresser: SO JEALOUS!!

Katy B

Super original…I love it. There is a lot of reserve I wish I had. Everything is special and your eye is able to appreciate that. Well done!


That kont seems rather deep to hold blueberries; wouldn’t the ones on the bottom get squished? Please explain. What a wonderful space.


Thank you so much for featuring this house! I follow this blog (and do not follow many) and find this house so inspiring. I love the pattern on pattern and use of color and intact oldness. It makes me think of a long time ago, and grandmothers and childhood and hissing grass. A perfect feature to say good-by to summer!


Such a lovely home (and cat). It’s full of character and really original. There’s a lot of bland, opulent interiors around but this is a breath of fresh air!

Dana Cowie Gils

I love this house. No seriously. I am in love. And the interior is so attainable. That’s partly what I love. It’s down to earth and so stylish. Merci for putting it up.


Absolutely, unabashedly love this! It’s such a throwback, but feels clean and modern, not like a smelly, old house. I would live there in a second!


This is hands down my favorite d*s house tour I’ve seen yet. The wallpaper! The attic room! The sunny hall with the stairs! The birch forest and back garden! The embroidered nightdress bag! It’s unlike the typical Swedish homes we are used to seeing and yet there is something so Swedish about it. This one is going in my tabs and never leaving. (Would you ever consider renting/selling your guest house?!)


I love your home, and the pictures are so inviting. Thank you for the link to the Swedish baskets.


It warms my heart to see those wallpaper still up and running. They remade some of those old swedish wallpapers, not specifically that floral one but similar and the more classic style. Look for Duro Sweden and the collection is called “Gammalsvenska”.


Thanks again for cheering comments. I’ve long for a house as long as I can remember (I’ve always lived in apartments) so when we found this pearl a year ago – and we could afford to buy it I was happy! The dream came true. It warms my heart to hear that you like it.

Rebekka, always involved, indeed.

Marsha, I agree that the kont seems deep to hold berries. The kont was also used as a simple backpack, and they picked mushrooms in it as well. Big mushrooms in the bottom and berries on the top maybe ;)

Emily, not for a while :)

vesle serena

Well, I have been following Elisabeths blog for a while, really inspiring. And her house is so beautiful! A home. Always glad to see more pictures of it. Great post!


Adore the kitty. That wolf is astoundingly beautiful and menacing at the same time. The tile flooring is fabulous. I was dreaming while perusing these photos…always wanted to visit Sweden. Thank-you for showing us this homey place. congratulations on having a house after living in apartments :) This was a real treat.


Wow! Poetically photographed! I do follow fine little day too. Adore your perspective always..all the best of luck to your new adventure..:O)