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neon wedding

by Amy Azzarito

Did someone say neon? There’s something about a little pop of neon that just makes me happy. Vané Broussard of Brooklyn Bride must feel the same way because she created a neon-inspired wedding for this photoshoot. Everything is DIY, with artist tape playing a starring role. I love the idea of incorporating a little neon into a wedding or dinner party. You don’t have to go all out; just a touch (neon-dipped dessert forks, neon cocktail napkins or a little neon ribbon in the bouquets) goes a long way. — Amy A.

Image above: Paper+Cup printed the invitations with the text only. Then Paper+Cup founder, Minhee, created a stamp with a heart design. Vané then made her own stamp pad (directions here) so that she could use the neon paints to get that pop of neon color on the invite.

More neon wedding pictures continue after the jump . . .

Images above: Betsy from Nine Cakes replicated the faceted heart motif from the invitations, and Sarah from Blossom & Branch sprayed leaves and eucalyptus pods a bright yellow, which she then interspersed amongst the textural white blooms.

Images above: Vané played with the idea of a monochromatic neon and then just added in some subtle pops of orange and pink.

Photography: 1. art beauty life
Concept: Vané Broussard
Styling: Jacqueline Weppner
Florals: Blossom & Branch
Cake: Nine Cakes
Makeup & hair: Face Time Beauty
Invitation: Paper+Cup


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  • such a simple idea i can’t believe i havn’t seen it done before, it’s strangely beautiful, im loving the cake topper!x

  • Food will not look appetizing on these plates and you have to consider how the food will look to the guests.

  • I hate to rain on the appreciation party, and I tend to keep my thoughts to myself, but the steady flow of appreciation on this post kind of surprised me. Because, well… really?! I’m all for quirky and non-traditional and fun and funky, but I honestly think this is too much. A touch of neon here and there? Cute! Playful! Rad! But the amount of neon here kind of makes my eyes *want* to bleed.
    And I COMPLETELY agree with Lily1214 that—unless you serve only artificially colored foods—the generally muted tones of most foods are going to look even more grayish and therefore really unappetizing against this tableware.
    Entire neon spectrum — Fun for a photoshoot, maybe; but in practice… arguably questionable.

  • I’ll chime in with everyone else, I’m simultaneously surprised to see this and surprised I haven’t seen it already :) Also kind of agree wit Lily, the plates are my one hesitation just because they seem weird to eat off of.

  • I think the neon is a wee bit too much, I would like it more if it were scaled back a bit. I think the plates are workable, but they would look best with monochromatic, black/white foods. Some chocolate treats would look good, or maybe white-frosted cupcakes (possibly with dyed coconut on top?) But I can’t think of anything other than desserts that could jive with that colour scheme.

    And of course, the music would have to be pretty heavy on the 80’s flava.

  • I think this is FANTASTIC. And not because I think everything is fantastic, but because neon = awesome and this is cool.

    Design is personal. So are weddings. If the couple loves neutral (even for one day), why hate?

    Not to be mean, but I will be frank and brutally honest. If any of my wedding guests don’t want to eat the food they’re being served because it looks unappetizing due to the color scheme of the plate, then they can leave.

    WTF? snooty!

  • This wedding seems very sophisticated so I couldn’t agree more with Mary, weddings are all about the bride and groom, remember it’s their day! I love that these folks had the gumption to express who they truly are even if it’s not what I would choose. Just glad the bridesmaid dresses were not coordinating neon colors!

  • Hey all! thanks for all the great comments! Just to clarify, this wasn’t a real wedding, but an inspirational shoot to show that weddings dont always have to be pastel or in a barn filled with mason jar candles :) They can be edgy and full of color too!

  • As the say in Ireland, Everyone to their own. I got married recently and would never have consider these colours for my wedding day or venue.

  • The colors look great.. very different.. something that would never crossed my mind. It is also a color palette that could so easily go horrible wrong but looks great here.. I am especially loving the cake.

  • I wouldn’t expect anyone to eat from plates that are decorated in artist tape. But for a photo shoot, it is very cool. Love the ideas…maybe not the neon flowers, but if this worked for a bride and groom, and they loved it, then why not???

  • Hey all! thank you each of the great comments! Only to clarify, this specific wasn’to a real wedding, but a great inspirational shoot to indicate this marriage ceremonies do not always have to get pastel maybe in some sort of b loaded with builder vessel candle lights :) They could be jumpy along with brimming with color too!

  • i love neon and i use it. in this setting it went wrong…too much and too many colors…greetings from austria :)

  • The neon wedding idea is great…although it’s going be very dated after 2011. Anyhow, if you need neon bias tape (who doesn’t?) venture over to Vogue Fabrics in Evanston, IL. Or visit the store online. If you can’t find what you need there, give the store a call! They’re always available to help.