mattermade collection number two

I really miss having Matter in my neighborhood. When they packed up and moved to Manhattan, I lost my favorite Park Slope design shop and now live vicariously through their email updates (I don’t go into the city much these days). When I saw the updates about their most recent collection, MatterMade Collection Number Two, I was immediately smitten with several of the pieces, especially those designed by Jonah Takagi and Bec Brittain.

Jonah Takagi designed Range Life, the colorful coffee table above. The name of the series comes from a Pavement song, and the collection was inspired by the way furniture feels larger than life when you’re a child. When I first saw these pieces, they looked like a large building from the side, and it’s exactly that cavernous feel (perfect for hide-n-seek) that I remember about being little and hiding under tables.

The beautiful light above is part of a series called A-Shades by Bec Brittain. Available in four shapes, the metal shades are treated with a mirrored copper finish that makes me feel shiny and warm. I’ve never met a copper light I didn’t like, so these just shot to the top of my list, along with Tom Dixon’s copper pendants. You can view more of this work, and the full Collection Number Two, at Matter online. xo, grace


I miss Matter, too. I haven’t been to their new Manhattan spot, although not that new now. These are beautiful!