m.y papercuts

I really love gifts that can be personalized. Whether it’s someone’s name, initials or their actual likeness, it’s always fun to put a little more of their personality into the actual object. Jonathan at Mr. Yen just launched a new line of papercut silhouettes called M.Y Papercuts made from a photograph of the recipient. Each silhouette is made by hand and then embellished with botanical elements. This would be so fun to use as a hostess gift (they come in small acrylic frames) or a holiday gift later in the year. Click here to check out the process, see more pictures or place an order. xo, grace


These are gorgeous…I once had my silhouette cut out by a master in the craft. I was wearing a vintage 1930s hat…she made me tilt the hat in a weird way so that silhouette isn’t as retro as I would have like it to appear.


i really love this! my fam is from so. cal. and we would regularly go back and visit…Disneyland was always a ‘must’ and my mom began a tradition where she would get silhouettes cut of my sisters and I. I was always so impressed with how speedy they were with their scissors, and now I’m so happy to have those paper cuts of our childhood shapes :)