lucy engelman

We’re heading back to Portland this weekend to start the West Coast leg of the book tour, and these drawings remind me of my summer there. I love the way Lucy Engelman’s watercolor illustrations feel like the last remnants of summer walks through the forest. Each one is like a tiny world trapped in glass. When my black thumb eventually creeps in and kills my summer terrariums, these illustrations are a great way to keep the feel of greenery going. You can check out more of Lucy’s illustrations online right here or shop her collection at Etsy here. xo, grace

*Lucy’s hybrid drawings (below) are beautiful, too.


So glad to see your work up here! Keep those new friends coming m’dear :)


Beautiful work. I expect you to have a full on solo show at some super sweet gallery within a year. Get on it :>


The last piece in the post is identical to the style of Jay Ryan. I did not see the last piece of art on Lucy Engelman’s website.


Ahhh, I can’t buy your art from Etsy because you don’t ship to Canada!