judy ross fall 2011

My obsession with coral, pink and red is well documented. It was the main color theme of my last apartment, inspired the redesign of the blog and is the primary color palette for just about everything in Design*Sponge at Home. I don’t know what it is about this shade of coral/red, but it always feels warm and rich. Judy Ross launched a beautiful new series of pillows that use this color, and they look stunning. I love the way Judy weaves metallic threads into her work — they always provide just enough contrast to be interesting without distracting from the overall design. Her full fall 2011 collection is online here, but you can check out her portfolio here along with a shop list to find her pillows and rugs near you. xo, grace

gluten free gift

The colour combo in the first image is really of another time… I love that particular shade of red when contrasted with olive green :)…. but what I really like about these cushions is that texture of the fabric looks woolly, soft and substantial. Beautiful!


I love love Judy Ross! wish she was represented somewhere in SF! I found a few of her pillows at Barney’s once for a client and would be so happy to have more of her product in a smaller boutique or local home decor shop.