get creative: accessories + tech tools to boost creativity

Image via San Francisco Bay Area Photography

Kate said it best when she noted in her latest post that everyone gets stuck in a creative rut at some point. I’ve gone through more than I can count, including a pretty major one this summer (which was solved by making a newspaper, which will be available on D*S this Friday!). It’s tough to pull yourself out when you’re just not feeling it, but sometimes it helps to have some tools. This morning, Kate rounded up some of her favorite tools, tech and accessories to inspire creativity over at My Life Scoop. Kate continues to inspire me on a regular basis, so her picks are bound to be helpful. Click here to check them out if you’re in need of a little boost or some ideas for when you hit a tough patch. xo, grace


I love office “stuff”…comes from loving writing in my spare time and my day job in finance. I’m in enthusiastic agreement on the apple track pad (#2) that I use at home and the wireless logitech mouse (#3) that I use at the office (great for managing a ton of excel data). Been coveting the giant calendar, #2, everytime I see it on USA’s Suits.


I know this is silly, but I just need a proper desk. I currently surf from the couch and it is not conducive to productivity


I find I get inspired at the most inconvenient times. Then I forget any ideas I had when it comes to writing them down or creating the thing I dreamt up. Annoying.