freelancing in style

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When I heard what Kate was going to be covering in her MyLifeScoop post this week I got excited. Mostly because I knew this was advice I sorely needed. This week Kate is talking about ways to enhance your freelance working life: improving efficiency and time management and working on the go. Amy and I will be spending the majority of the next few months working on the road so I’m in desperate need of a little help in terms of making sure I’m using technology to my advantage and not getting bogged down in playing the catch-up game. Kate’s chosen some great apps and tools for staying efficient, as well as some stylish travel gear, so click here to check out her full post (with sourcing) over at MyLifeScoop. xo, grace


i read this, as i sit in my hotel room…trying to wake up in a time zone 3 hours ahead of my own. so glad to hear you’ll be covering this topic, because there are so many of us out here, always looking for ways to do the job better. the life of a freelancer is very different from “normal” working, but i’ll never go back to a real job — ever!


i work remotely from my home in Chicago for a company based in Tampa, so this post is great! also wanted to add-in this cool project management platform a friend of mind fwd’d my way a month or so ago: check it out!


I have to say, I started using the TeuxDeux site (#3 in the first roundup) about a year ago, and I would DIE without that thing. It’s not highly customizable, but the forced simplicity is kind of the point. There’s an iPhone app for it too.


for a time management program, I recommend purchasing Billings. It’s a computer application that helps you manage your time on various projects for various clients, builds invoices, and helps you keep track of who owes you what. I didn’t want to pay monthly fees, so Billings is cool because it’s a one time fee of $30 for the program.


I normally use ical, but recently have realised that I need a PA who I can not afford yet, or take this agenda business more seriously.This post and recent events that i totally forgot about it, have made a good point!! Good luck with the book touring.