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design*sponge at home giveaway!

by Grace Bonney

Tomorrow we officially kick off the Design*Sponge Book Tour with our first home-town event at the NYPL. Before I head out to gather up last-minute craft supplies, I wanted to take a quick moment to thank everyone who’s picked up a copy of Design*Sponge at Home so far. I haven’t had a spare second to track down a copy a store yet, so living vicariously through all your sweet Tweets, Facebook pictures and emails has meant the world to me. Thank you. [Photo above by Amy Merrick]

Since I’m feeling like I could float today, and I happen to have a small stack of books sitting in my hallway, I thought I’d do a little mini book giveaway today! We’re gearing up for a MAJOR contest next week (it’s going to be amazing!!!) so I wanted to do something small this week as a little thank you and to celebrate all the sweet pictures I’ve been dorkily saving from everyone’s Tweets and Facebook updates.

I’m going to be giving away 4 copies of Design*Sponge at Home to readers who send in pictures of themselves with the book or pictures of where they plan on reading/housing their books. I’ve heard from so many people who already got the book and want to give away another as a gift, so I’m going to choose 2 winners who don’t have the book yet and 2 who do.

So, what will you win? You’ll get a signed, personalized copy of Design*Sponge at Home, some of the ribbons flowers featured in Flower Workshop chapter opener and a copy of the D*S Summer Newspaper. If you already have a book and win a new copy I’m happy to personalize it as a gift for someone else.

Here are the details to enter:

Deadline: Monday, September 12th, 2011 at 3pm EST
What to send: A picture (low res) of either: You and your copy of Design*Sponge at Home OR the place in your home where you hope to read or house the book.
What we’re looking for: The most creative photos will win, so feel free to bust out your Wacom tablet, funny outfits, props or just have some fun with Photoshop. We’re looking for funny ways to celebrate the book and reading in general.
How to enter: Please leave a comment here describing your picture (be sure to fill in your name and email when you comment) and provide a DIRECT link to the image on Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitpic or any other photo sharing program. Please be sure the image is public and that the link works when you are signed out of your account.

*The winner will be announced shortly after the deadline next week! Best of luck to everyone! xo, grace

I love how Katie Evans’ shoes match the book cover.

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