blues rock wedding invites

I love seeing how gig posters and that style of artwork have trickled down into everything from packaging to personalized wedding invites. Erin Jang created these invitations for a blues-rock-loving couple that got married in the South this summer. The couple and their family traveled from Toronto to Clarksdale, Mississippi, so they wanted the invitations to point out great stops along the road (BBQ restaurants, the Jack Daniels distillery, famous music landmarks, etc.). The color palette of these invites is so “summer in the South” perfect that I can practically see the heat waves rising off them. Even though the warmer temperatures are now behind us, it’s always fun to look back and get a few final glimpses of the colors and themes that made summer so fun. Click here to check out more of Erin’s design work online. xo, grace

Dian Holton

Erin is so inspiring. Everytime I see her work I want to come up with a party or event that would allow me to create themed invites!

Sequoia Productions

We love these invites! This couple really started off their wedding activities the right way by including these custom invites. We can imagine the wedding was just as fun!