block printed notecards from love & reason

by Kate Pruitt

There are many objects from my childhood that left such a strong impression on me that I can picture them vividly, even after a decade of not seeing them. My pink-and-yellow Swatch watch nightgown, which I wore to threads; the covers of my sister’s Sweet Valley High books, which seemed very adult and foreign to me at the time; and my parents’ collection of framed art, which ranged from abstract block prints to psychedelic landscapes that I found simultaneously terrifying and riveting. I didn’t grasp this at the time, but my parents had (and hopefully still have, hiding somewhere) a really sweet collection of weird 60s and 70s art, one that any hip vintage store would die for. Way to be cool, parents!

These block printed notecards by Kate Sutlive of Love & Reason remind me of that folky 1960s art I grew up with and how incredibly beautiful block printing is. Kate’s designs complement the rough, casually imperfect look inherent to block printing but also feel modern and graphic. The feather pattern is awesome with its mix of royal blue, gray and black. I also love the geometric set below. It’s hard to choose a favorite, so I won’t try. Click here to see the full range of notecards and art prints currently available in the Love & Reason shop. Thanks for sharing, Kate! — Kate

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