My stress level is running pretty high today, so I’m trying to take little mental vacations whenever I can to decompress a bit. One of the things that always calms me down is surrounding myself with images of Morocco. It’s one of the places on my dream list and one day I hope I can drink hot mint tea and walk through the markets in person- rather than in my head. But today, a virtual trip will have to do. These gorgeous rugs, glasses and home accessories are from a great shop called Beldi (which translates loosely as “country” in Moroccan Arabic) that specializes in handmade goods from Morocco. Their rug selection (especially the boucherite styles) is fantastic and it always makes me wish I didn’t have cats that would see those strips as an invitation to tear things to shreds. Whether you’re looking for rugs or hand-carved kitchen spoons and combs, their selection is definitely work checking out. Click here to shop the full store online. xo, grace


Love it! Having lived in Morocco and never been able to bring back as many goodies as I inevitably want, I’m always on the look out for good Moroccan imports here in the States. For all you New Yorkers, there’s also a wonderful shop called Timbuktu on 2nd Ave (between 2nd and 3rd street) that has all the lusciousness of a Moroccan souk without the hassle (I kind of love to bargain, but sometimes you’re just not in the mood) as well as great pieces from Mali–home to Timbuktu– as well.


@Casey: Thank you so much for the tip! I’ll check them out this weekend!

Katie Truelove

I love Morocco too:) And, like Casey, was not able to bring back almost any of the beautiful things I wanted to! Always fun to find a source like this:)


Read their “about” page and imply loved their idea, their inspiration. I wish them very much luck in their journey!

Coral and Mint

Google’s translations are sometimes a little wrong…
Beldi in moroccan arabic means traditionnal, it’s the opposite of “rumi” which means modern. I said a little wrong :p because “bledi” or “bladi” means “my country”, it’s a tiny difference that changes all the word.
Fadwa, a fan of design sponge who lives in Morocco :)


I was lucky enough to be gifted a rug from Beldi owners Aimee and Chafiq for my birthday. The craftsmanship is stunning and the rug has transformed by bedroom. I’ve been obsessively visiting the shop every since. Christmas is going to look very Moroccan this year.