before and after

before & after: wood paneled accent wall

by Kate Pruitt

If anyone is looking for fall home-decor inspiration, look no further than this amazing wood paneled wall by Lindsay and her husband, Drew. Using planks of beautiful alder wood and a combination of wood conditioner and a dark stain, Drew created an incredibly rich, dramatic accent wall for their bedroom. I love the combination of the tan houndstooth headboard with the warm wood, and I think I could just sit and stare at that beautiful wall all day. Wonderful job, Lindsay and Drew! — Kate

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Read more about Lindsay and Drew’s gorgeous wood accent wall after the jump!

Time: 2 days

Cost: $600 (including wood, hardware, conditioner and stain)

Basic Steps: My husband, Drew, preconditioned the knotty alder wood, then stained it with two coats of sealer, sanding it smooth between each coat. Then he cut each plank to size and nailed them onto the wall. He mitered the edges to return into the windows, and installed the panels one by one. Voila!

If you’re looking to do this accent wall yourself, DO NOT SKIP THE PRECONDITIONER . . . This helps the stain to penetrate the wood evenly and prevents blotches or spots where the stain penetrates deeper/darker in some areas. Also, always be sure to measure twice and cut once! — Lindsay

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  • Wow, this is gorgeous! We just moved into a new home and we have a very big master bedroom with high ceilings. This might be something for us to consider. Going to put this in the possibility folder!

  • This is absolutely beautiful! Wood paneling done the right way. Once I out of these rentals this is definitely on my to do list!

  • My jaw actually dropped as I scrolled to the After. Looks just GREAT. The 3D effect on the window also adds dimension. Looks like something I could employe in my future dream beach house. :)

  • Stunning! The mitered returns into those deep windows is a beautiful detail. Also seriously love your headboard. The fabric looks like the Diamond Baratta for Lee Joffa that I’ve been eyeing for a couch re-do. Seeing this may tip me over to going for it.

  • It’s cool–but did they also get a new headboard? I know that color/light can play tricks on us–but the before looks decidedly gray, and the after tan.

  • Thank you thank you! It feels so incredible to see my name up on design sponge! A complete honor. Thanks for the nice comments! I can picture this in a beach house! Maybe even white or grey washed! The headboard didnt change colors, but we did adjust the white balance on the camera. And we were more focused on getting the true color of the wood correct, and the headboard colors suffered a bit! Thanks again!

  • Simply gorgeous! Apparently you can mix your own wood conditioner if the material’s already on hand: 2 parts thinner to 1 part top finish of your choice.

  • but where is the headboard from??? the deep tufting is just fantastic:)

    of course, part of what makes it stand out is the gorgeous dark stained wood behind it. they really complement each other.

  • gorgeous! what a wonderful way to welcome fall. we’re hoping to do something similar on our dining room ceiling but have yet to settle on a wood choice. :) this is awesome.

  • Wood paneling is my new current obsession — now I’m so inspired to try it myself! Thank you, Grace!!

  • beautiful…… but what if we put carpet on our walls and wood on our floors…. or better yet cork….. the sound dampening would be awesomeness compounded,….

  • At a quick glance I thought it was laminate flooring (I’ve had flooring on my brain this week). I really like the look here and think this is amazing!

  • Reminds me of the tiling in my aunt’s cabin. It was scraps of 2×4 (18-36″ long) routed and screwed into the wall. Scavanged from contractor friends and lumberyards.

  • I’ve been debating about doing something like this in my bedroom to hopefully help with the sound infiltrating through the wall. Nothing like the sounds of love coming from your neighbors to wake you at 3am. The wood brings such warmth to the room and I especially love the richness of color.