before & after: sunny yellow bedroom redo

We have two opposite before & after bedrooms today. One lightens, the other one darkens, but both successfully transform rooms from drab to lovely. Mallory wanted a fresh, bright bedroom with touches of vintage charm, and I think she achieved just that. The pops of yellow are dispersed perfectly throughout so as not to overwhelm the space; instead, they add a jolt of energy to the otherwise subdued pastel color scheme. Nicely done, Mallory! — Kate

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Read more about Mallory’s sunny bedroom makeover after the jump!

Time: 3 months

Cost: $250

Basic Steps: My room needed a makeover bad! My design plan was a bright, fresh, vintage and modern room. Also a neutral base with pops of color. I knew for sure that I wanted to have an old door as my headboard. We bought an old door, cut it in half, stripped it and painted it. My husband made a frame to hold them together and then added legs to make it stand. I bought the bedding and made some throw pillows. I then painted like crazy! I painted the room, night stands, mirror, frames — pretty much everything but the dresser! Next were curtains — I could not find the right curtains. I really wanted a pop of color, and nothing I could find in my budget would work. So I found some fabric that I liked and made my own. I love the fabric and love what they bring to my room! I then put the finishing touches in, with the help of my husband, who added the deer antler!

I can’t really take credit for this piece of advice, but I found it helpful as I was in the middle of my makeover. I was looking at a magazine getting ideas, and one article said to do color in percentages: 60/30/10. This really put it in perspective for me, to know how to use the colors I wanted to use. Also, I would say do not be afraid of yard sales/thrift stores! Probably 70% of everything in my room is a thrift store find. Ugly furniture can be gorgeous with a new coat of paint! — Mallory


Paulina J!

Talk about night and day! What a beautiful transformation with a great budget and time frame!


This is such a beautiful, relaxing bedroom, I love the hints of yellow with the soft pastels. The door headboard is just genius!x

Mary Jo

The comments say there are two bedroom makeovers. I can only see one.


Looks great!! Love the changes you made. I need to do the same for my dark bedroom


Gorgeous makeover! I especially love the white throw pillow with the 3d flower, you made that? Amazing! Did you follow a tutorial online? Thanks!


It’s cute, but I’m wondering if he doorknobs would knock you in the head.


how many steps did it take to paint the nightstands? they look professionaly painted!


The Before was really nice, actually, but I LOOOVE the After. It’s just more my style — airy and homey. The doors-as-headboard is a great touch, too.

Missy Fussy

I’m a design dum dum so I am wondering about the 60/30/10 color principle mentioned in the piece. The OP doesn’t really elaborate but I’d like to find out more about this.
Oh yes, gorgeous room!


She’s covering up a heck of a lot of that window behind the bed. Seems a bit awkward to me, but the curtains are a perfect addition.

Kate Pruitt

Hi Mary Jo,

I meant two bedroom projects for the day—the post immediately following this is the second bedroom makeover. Sorry for the confusion!


Wow, thanks everyone! To answer some of the questions… I have not hit the door knobs once, lol! They don’t seem to be a problem. As for the headboard covering the window, it was a choice I debated back and forth. The reason I chose to cover part of the window was 1. It is the only wall in my room that will work and 2. We are planning on buying a bigger house eventually so it seemed silly to not do what I wanted with the headboard when eventually it won’t even matter! The paint is called spartacus from True Value. And as for the 60/30/10, it would be 60 percent gray(wall) 30 percent white(bedspread, furniture and other things) and 10 percent yellow(accent pieces). I hope that helps. Thanks for all the nice comments!!


Beautiful transformation – it’s a lovely shade of yellow you’ve chosen, too. Love the art on the right-hand side with the deer silhouettes. Can you tell me more about them? Handmade, or did you buy them?


Great Job, Mallory! Can you tell me where you got the pillow shams and bed cover? Thanks!

Ann M.

I love, love, love this transformation! I think I have found the inspiration for the guest bedroom I’m re-doing! I would really appreciate any source information on the fabric for the curtains and also the bed linens.


I got the bedding from Target and the pillow shams were an ebay find. The curtains are by Heather Bailey, Nicey Jane-church flowers in blue. You can find the tuturials for the pillows here:
and here:

The deer silhouettes I found some images and Traced it on some cardboard and then cut it out and painted it.
The nightstands are definitely not professionally painted, but thank you! All I did was sand them up a bit, just so it is a little rough and then painted them. I think it took two coats!

Laura Britton

I love everything about this room! The curtains are probably one of my favorite parts, so it’s awesome that she stuck to what she wanted, even if she had to make them. This is such a fun room!


Great job Mallory! I absolutely love everything about this bedroom makeover. One question. Where did you get those stripe eurosham from?


as so often with these before & after rooms, the before shot appears to have been taken in semi-darkness and the after (a beautiful room, i love the creative use of thrift store finds) with lots of natural light…