before and after

before & after: painted geometric rug

by Kate Pruitt

It’s awesome to see the DIY painted-rug trend blowing up these days, especially because rugs can be one of the hardest things to shop for — there are so many ugly rugs out there, and the best-looking ones always seem too expensive. This isn’t the first project Holly has shared with us — we featured the cool hand-painted wall design in her bedroom and the brass pendant light in her hall. Now she’s turned her attention to the dining room and added a cool mod pattern to an inexpensive IKEA rug. According to her friends and family, the rug remains super soft and pliable, and it cost Holly a mere fraction of what rugs with this design go for. Great work, Holly! — Kate

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Time: 2.5 hours

Cost: $60 (for rug and supplies)

Basic Steps: I sketched the design out on a piece of paper, taped a border on the rug in order to achieve more of a straight right angle than the rug was giving (it was a smidge uneven as most rugs are at the edge). I then measured the space I had to work with and created equal dimensions for the design from there.  I then taped out all of the long lines so this way everything would stay as symmetrical as possible. Then I cut the tape I did not want in the design out with an exacto (as it was only there to guide me) and then I mixed the latex paint with fabric medium at as close to a 1:1 ratio as I could. I am glad I used the fabric medium because the rug feels great and there is no flaking and it is not crusty and hard. I rolled the paint onto the rug and covered ever bit of the white that I could. I waited overnight for it to dry just to be safe and then I pulled off the green tape. My advice is to not skimp out on the type of tape that you use as well as the fabric medium because it really makes all the difference.Holly

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