before & after: artfully curated + light-filled bedroom

It’s really fun to receive projects from people who are redoing the whole house one room at a time. You can often see the person’s signature style carried through the entire home, plus you get to enjoy a bit of vicarious redecorating :) This is the second room Sibylle has shared with us. Sure enough, her bedroom is just as lovely, bright and well curated as the dining room from a few weeks ago. I especially love the fireplace side table, and the illustrated floral antlers on the wall, for which Sibylle has created an easy DIY tutorial. Nice work, Sibylle! — Kate

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Time: 2 weeks

Cost: $0 (everything was on hand)

Basic Steps: I wanted to keep the walls white, because I wanted to use the armchair as an accent piece. I also wanted to display my handbags in some way, so I installed hooks—that way I can always change from handbags to clothing or anything else you can hang and that looks nice on a wall.

I took the broken window and screwed little hooks on the inside, attached a wire and clipped some pictures from our vacations onto it. It’s now an ever-changing piece of art. I used an old drawer from a nightstand, stapled fabric on the inside, attached a wire from left to right and hung my earrings there. On top of it, I installed more hooks for jewelry, hooks I had collected over the years. The chandelier has necklaces attached to it as well; [it’s the] perfect piece for storing those! I just hang 3, but you can totally go crazy and fill it up — makes another great accent piece!

My advice: Don’t just throw everything out and raid the next furniture/décor store! Work with what you have first, and then purchase the rest you might need. It saves you a lot of money. — Sibylle


Very well done ! (and nice handbags !)
All those little details and hooks are so pretty! I’m in love with that little deer one, where does it come from ?


Love all the hooks for hanging jewelry and handbags. Great ideas just in time for me to tackle my closet.


Beautiful! Love the antlers, chair and bed. Curious to know where the bed frame is from?


The fireplace-as-nightstand is GENIUS! Love the room; the only thing that doesn’t work for me is the haphazard placement of hooks, etc., on the walls, which I think clutters up the minimalist vibe. But dang, that nightstand!


I used to have a little fireplace just like that! I bought mine at Home Depot for around $150 I think. Not sure if they still have them. Google “electric fireplace” and you should be able to find something similar. I loved mine, it gave a lot of warmth to my tiny studio (in both senses of the word!) Using it as an end table – now that’s just clever!


Oh wow, Another wonderful inspiration! I am moving a house which is all white, and this would be great for one of the room!I absolutely love to have a fireplace like that! If not I will try to heat up or poke through my chimney!! Hehe


I have six wood barrel chairs from an old pub type bar. They are structurally in excellent shape, but the finish is horrible. Do you have any suggestions as to what I can do with them. Too many creases nooks and crannies to refinish them.
Thanks for your input


cool – that’s my bed. It came from Ikea. There’s also some additional furniture in the same range. I love the style.

Martha Abraham

Can things be placed on the stove when the heat element is on?


Sibylle, where did you get the electric fireplace? I can’t find one quite like it, and I love yours so much- i love the legs! thanks so much for your help! -Clarissa


I really love this transformation,its amazing. for me the yellow flowered chair stands out and brings the room to life, black on white details look good, its the attention to detail that is the key, notice the white legs on the chair!