before and after

before & after: artfully curated + light-filled bedroom

by Kate Pruitt

It’s really fun to receive projects from people who are redoing the whole house one room at a time. You can often see the person’s signature style carried through the entire home, plus you get to enjoy a bit of vicarious redecorating :) This is the second room Sibylle has shared with us. Sure enough, her bedroom is just as lovely, bright and well curated as the dining room from a few weeks ago. I especially love the fireplace side table, and the illustrated floral antlers on the wall, for which Sibylle has created an easy DIY tutorial. Nice work, Sibylle! — Kate

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Read more about Sibylle’s lovely minimalist bedroom after the jump!

Time: 2 weeks

Cost: $0 (everything was on hand)

Basic Steps: I wanted to keep the walls white, because I wanted to use the armchair as an accent piece. I also wanted to display my handbags in some way, so I installed hooks—that way I can always change from handbags to clothing or anything else you can hang and that looks nice on a wall.

I took the broken window and screwed little hooks on the inside, attached a wire and clipped some pictures from our vacations onto it. It’s now an ever-changing piece of art. I used an old drawer from a nightstand, stapled fabric on the inside, attached a wire from left to right and hung my earrings there. On top of it, I installed more hooks for jewelry, hooks I had collected over the years. The chandelier has necklaces attached to it as well; [it’s the] perfect piece for storing those! I just hang 3, but you can totally go crazy and fill it up — makes another great accent piece!

My advice: Don’t just throw everything out and raid the next furniture/décor store! Work with what you have first, and then purchase the rest you might need. It saves you a lot of money. — Sibylle

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