art of instruction + contest

by Amy Azzarito

I’m 100% certain that if the education charts in my junior high science class looked like those found in this book, I would have gotten a much better grade. A few years ago, I hunted down a chart of sea plants in Paris found at the most magical of natural history stores, Deyrolle. It is still one of my favorite pieces of art. Katrien Van der Schueren, owner of voila! Gallery in Los Angeles, has been collecting educational charts for over a decade. In this volume, Katrien compiled over 100 of these vintage educational posters for the Art of Instruction. The book’s charts cover subjects ranging from the anatomy of a tulip or apple tree to that of a hedgehog or starfish. The book is just now available for pre-order.

To celebrate the book’s launch, Katrien is gifting one lucky reader the chart depicted on the book’s cover! To enter, just leave a comment below describing your favorite poster from childhood; it doesn’t have to be an instructional poster. — Amy A.

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  • quite honestly, I loved reading the medical posters in the doctor’s office ever since I was a kid. all those long crazy words; close-ups of things like really swollen, discolored parts that were grody yet fascinating at the same time. I still love looking at them while waiting for the doc!

  • My favourite poster as a kid was one for a little-known Canadian film called “The Far Shore” directed by artist Joyce Weiland. It was beautifully illustrated in the softest coloured pencil by the artist herself.

  • looks like a great book. i love botanical artwork.
    my favorite poster was the addams family poster my brother and i got in the FREE bin at a local movie store. did we ever love the addamses.

  • I had a poster map of Middle Earth, I think it was illustrated by Alan Lee. I had it taped up next to my bed for reference as I read (and re-read and re-read) the Lord of the Rings. I was an obsessive 10 year old.

  • My favorite posters as a child were hands-down the ones from the San Francisco Zoo and the Steinhart Aquarium – both are institutions built with WPA money, and whose marketing departments have wisely maintained that kind of modernist/art deco aesthetic in all their materials. Still some of my favorites!

  • I hate to say it, but my favourite poster as a child was probably one of Donny and Marie :)

    As an adult, I LOVED the ones sold by Lee Valley of various apples and edible mushrooms, but waited until I had a kitchen I could hang them in. Now I have the kitchen, they no longer sell the posters :(

  • My favorite poster was a Beatles ’64 poster where they are all sitting on stools and holding umbrellas. Their picture was black and white on a bright teal backdrop, and one umbrella colored in red. So striking and iconic!!

  • I loved the anatomy chart in my 7th grade science class. Lots of detailed muscles and bloood.

  • I used to look at “Der Mensch als Industriepalast” for hours & hours– I still sort of think that’s how the body works!

  • Strangely enough, the posters I always loved looking at in grade school were the propaganda posters in history books from the war. Something about the art and the way everyone was still supposed to look happy during hardships mesmerized me. I still put them up on my walls.

  • I think it’s sort of sad that I can’t remember a single poster from childhood! Does that disqualify me??? I do have a favorite from not so far back – one of a Winslow Homer watercolor called Blue Boat, from the MFA in Boston.

  • My mother was an artist and made me a poster of Beatrix Potter characters on bristol board, it was amazing!

  • My favorite poster was one of the alphabet in my first grade class. All the letters were “found” in nature, wood curves, butterfly wings, etc. I used to try tofogure out every one.

  • This book looks incredible! I can’t really think of a childhood poster that I loved but when I was in my teens I had this V for Vendetta poster that my cousin got for me because he worked at the movie theatre. It was one of the large ones from the light up marquee and had the poster printed in reverse on the back, so I always displayed the backward side.

  • What a gorgeous book! I’ve always loved diagrams and schematics, but…

    My favorite poster as a child was a National Geographic world map that my sister and I got when we first subscribed to the magazine–late in elementary school. We hung it in a nook in the bedroom we shared, and it was so huge (physically) and impressive and I could spend whole afternoons reading the names of the faraway capitals and trying to imagine a desert or a mountain range that big or that high… As soon as my sister and I were old enough, we were saving our money not just for magazine subscriptions but for plane tickets, and now I have (often along with my sister) seen a number of those “exotic” places in person!

  • I basically loved anything with pictures! As for a favourite, at the risk of sounding slightly narcissistic, I’d say it was the big clown painting I made myself when i was 6. My parents probably don’t realize how meaningful it was to me that they bothered to frame it & hang it up. I felt very proud! Without that early creative encouragement, I might not be where I am today!

  • Oh wow, this book is absolutely gorgeous!

    I’m trying to think back to posters of my childhood and I can only really remember one… a New Kids on the Block poster….

  • I had a Fox and Hound poster that was taped low next to my bed. I really liked that poster but only watched the movie once — too sad.

  • My favourite at school (many moons ago) was a raised relief map that l would trace with my fingers. Someone had poked a finger into the top of a mountain making it look like a volcano.

  • That is beautiful! I used to make huge collages all over my walls with drawings, photos and pages from magazines, so it’s hard to pick just one! I loved the way all the different pieces looked together.

  • I loved the posters we used to get from the DNR when I went camping with my parents. There was one with different types of trees, fish, flowers and acorns and I believe each one had a picture of Smokey the Bear on it. Good memories!

    This book is just beautiful!

  • In 1989 my father went to the Soviet Union for a business trip. He worked for a nonprofit, but my mother always made jokes about how he was secretly a CIA agent because of all the odd places he would go. This trip was to be for a month, which seemed a very long time to an eight year old. Every day for weeks we would listen to Russian language tapes in the car on the way to school, and I would be dropped off at the carpool line with ‘Das-fi-dan-ya’ and ‘Spa-ci-bo’ running through my head. When he left, I missed him very much.

    A long month later he returned safe and sound, bringing loads of interesting things with him. There was a raw amber necklace for my mother, a big wooden spoon with intricate designs painted in red and green, and sweatshirts with unintelligible writing on them. My favorite things, however, were two huge posters advertising the Cosmonaut program. A full-color drawing of three cosmonauts, two men and one woman, stared staunchly in profile as a huge swirling comet wrapped its tail around them, planets and stars spattered all over a gigantic purple sky in the background. In the corner of one, the three Sputnik satellites hovered, presumably containing the dogs Laika, Pcholka, and Mushka. It was magical; much more interesting for some reason than the American versions I had seen at Cape Canaveral.

    Somewhere among the many moves my family made, those posters were lost or forgotten, but the years they hung over my bed still stick with me. I was too young during those last years of the Cold War to understand why I should fear or dislike the USSR. It seemed impossibly far away and different, but familiar enough that I was completely fascinated with it. My father’s trip there helped cement that curiosity, aided by the cosmonauts on my wall. To this day I still have deep suspicion of an “us” vs. “them” mentality. Funny that the space race, the ultimate in “us” vs. “them” competitions, was the thing to spark an idea of the acceptance of difference. I guess I should thank an unknown Soviet government artist, but mostly my mom and dad.

  • mine was the one of the human body – painful to recreate in a biology test, but fun to learn

  • We grew up with Jaro Hess’ “The Land of Make Believe,” an amazingly detailed “map” style piece depicting all the characters from fairy tales and nursery rhymes. We found a reproduction online and framed it up for our daughters room, she already loves pointing out all the tiny animals and characters.

  • We always had a print of a 1932 lithograph of a train titled ‘Exatitude’ by Pierre-Fix Masseau hanging somewhere in every house we lived in. There’s something mesmerizing about the image with a lonely but powerful looking train and a sort of abstract station in the background.

  • I had a poster of Snoopy with shiny braces on his teeth, with the words “It’s cool to flash a silver smile”. I think my parents were trying to bump up my self esteem and convince me that my own braces weren’t nerdy.

  • I never had posters like these in school. I remember the skeletal and anatomy pictures in health class and world maps in history. Nothing artistic to enjoy at all. That’s why books, libraries, and museums are so important to our educational system. I went to the science museum in Chicago as a kid and remember an exhibit that featured illustrations of extinct wildlife like the Dodo bird. I thought how nice someone made such a detailed drawing so we would not forget what it looked like.

  • My favorite poster was in my high school english class that read, “If you’re reading this poster you’re probably not paying attention.” It worked every time.

  • my favorite poster from school was an infographic-style poster of all the bones in the human body. it kept me mesmerized during anatomy class!

  • I love botanical stuff, and since I’m a horticulture student, I covet this poster. I really don’t remember any posters from my childhood, I’m really trying to think of one, but can’t.

  • These posters are one of my favorite things, ever. I have one of brassicas from a fleamarket in Germany, which I love. The only other one I could find was of spiders, which I do NOT love. Anyway, I really liked the posters I had in our “classroom” from my homeschooling days about vowel pronunciations. Sad, but true.

  • As a kid, I had a hand-me-down poster of two white horses running through the surf on a gloomy beach. For some reason, that poster made me believe in unicorns.

  • My favorite piece of “art” I had hanging on my walls was this cheesy fantasy space scene that I got on a family vacation one year. The artist made the poster in minutes with spray paint and found objects. I was enchanted for years.

  • My family has been going to Sandy Hook, NJ beaches for nearly a century and I’ve always been a big collector of the beautiful things that wash up on the beaches there, particularly smooth sand glass. When I was 8 or 9 I visited a store in the area which had for sale a poster depicting the shells commonly found on the local beaches and I just had to have it. My shell-collecting grandfather bought it for me and put it up in our beachhouse where it remains today. He recently passed away and seeing the poster again this summer brought back wonderful memories of him and inspired me to get to the beach to look for the shells found on that poster.

  • I was obsessed with Toulouse Lautrec for a spell when I was a preteen/teen – particularly his work featuring the cabaret dancer Jane Avril. I had an assignment in an art class to replicate or reinterpret a favorite work of art, and I chose the poster of Jane Avril in a slim fitting black dress with a snake winding up her body. I did not inherit my mother’s side of the family’s artistic talent, but I actually think I did a pretty great job replicating the poster in watercolor! I love the colors in that poster as much today as I did back then. Thanks for this contest!

  • My favorite poster hung in my eye doctor’s office and showed different problems with the eyes – basically a series of eyeballs with different diseases. Very cool to see (and gross!).

  • This book looks magical! I loved looking at the posters with prehistoric creatures, like the giant American sloth.

  • my favorite poster was actually from the very same german poster company that’s illustrated on the cover! the sunflower poster with its intricate, detailed dissections of the various organs found in disc and ray flowers was mesmerizing to me (still is!). the wordlessness made all the anatomy even more mysterious and showed me that plant physiology is a wonder regardless of what language you speak. it hung in the back of my junior high school science classroom. it very well might be the reason i’m a botanist now!

  • my favorite was a Dali poster from an exhibition of his work in France that my parents had brought back. I always loved it, and it was one of the things that first got me interested in art.

  • My favorite poster was a map of Africa that hung behind my brother’s spot at the dinner table. I have a very good knowledge of African geography circa 1982(my brother does not).

  • I have no idea where I got it (my grandfather’s junk room?), but I had an old poster with a 50s or 60s style illustration of a smug little girl sitting on a chair, surrounded by flotsam, with the caption “This is my mess and I love it.” I hung it on the outside of my door, and it was perfect.

  • I don’t think I had many posters as a kid, but I do remember one that I received for free at the TX State Fair of Boy George. His eyes followed me as I moved around my bedroom.

  • My favorite posters are some educational posters about butterfly with their body parts and everything i found in a garage sale, back home. It was an old lady that kept me listening to her for hours that was selling it.

  • I had a Princess Bride poster that I LOVED. Still one of my favorite movies, though my decorating tastes have changed a bit since I was 10.

  • My parents had this incredible poster hanging at our house in Rhode Island. It was this really flatly illustrated pastel image of a fill beach scene with lots of umbrellas and the like, in the foreground there were two…hmm…larger?.. ladies sunning themselves. The bottom read in a thin white type “Big Day at the Beach.” It’s probably terribly insensitive but it’s always stuck with me. Perhaps it’s because to this day whenever we step on the beach and it’s really crowded my dad says way too loud “Oh, looks like big day at the beach!!”

  • As a child, I “decorated” with a series of pinky/purpley/sparkly unicorn/pegasus/horse posters, which I thought were the absolute shizz.

    My tastes have changed somewhat, I’d be much happier with the lovely botanical chart!

  • That would definately have to be my autographed Smashing Pumpkins tour poster. I washave sooo in lovethe with Billy Corgan… until he shaved his head. I waswashave 12 and the 90s were rad. :-)

  • my favorite poster growing up was one from science class that depicted a blind girl with a walking stick and books with the caption “karen didn’t wear her safety goggles. now she doesn’t need them.” it’s so morbid, irreverent, and bizarre and the nagging “i-told-you-so” voice of the slogan has always made me laugh. it is definitely very important to wear safety goggles in science class, but that poster is just too funny.

  • This is beautiful! However, the New Kids on the Block poster on the ceiling over my bed is what did it for me as a 9 year old. Thanks!

  • I loved the instruction chart for learning to read as a child, that my grandma embroidered for us on a big scale (20″ x 30″). It contained the words: ‘boom-roos-vis-vuur-mus-pim-kees-miep-bel-boek-raam-school’ (Dutch) with pretty scenes above them, depicting the things or persons. Translation: ‘tree-rose-fish-fire-bird-Pim(boy’s name)-Kees (boy’s name)-Miep (girl’s name)-bell-book-window-school’.
    It still hangs on the wall of my parents’ house and I enjoy looking at it and appreciating my grandma’s craft every time I pass by.

  • love love love! i’m on the hunt for a good vintage educational botanical map. i really liked the old smokey the bear posters.

  • My childhood was oddly devoid of posters, though full of other art. However, since I’m still in college (and still lacking posters), perhaps I could win this one to start my collection? My basement room is full of plants and plant-art, and it would fit in quite well.

  • My brother had a poster of a Mad Magazine cover. It was both interesting and terrifying.

  • When I was a kid I loved my cartoon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles poster, I always wanted to be April and I even had a Donatello action figure. I also had a poster of a bear standing in a stream while catching a jumping salmon in its mouth, I think I still have that one too.

  • My favorite poster was the huge map of the US we had hanging behind the kitchen table. My dad would quiz us on geography (quick: name the states that border Tennessee!) if we were sitting with our backs to it.

  • As a kid I had a poster of Wishbone, the dog from the PBS show. He was sitting with a stack of books are reminding me to read. There wasn’t anything incredibly special about it, but I think I enjoyed it because it combined three of my favorite things—dogs and books and imagination.

  • Howdy- As a child in the 70’s, I was facinated with the Partridge Family on TV. David Cassidy was my lone poster in my room for several years (why didn’t someone hand me the ‘you are gay’ card earlier?
    Following that poster, were two: One a kite with a gordian knot prinited in brown ink on the natural white paper. The other was a modern art exhibit poster featuring tire tracks criss-crossing the paper.
    I became an interior designer, one time band singer, and a lover of unraveling what it is that peole aren’t saying they want.

  • I was named after a Grateful Dead song, so my favorite poster as a kid was a poster of the band’s given to me by my father. It’s a pretty unique poster of a skeleton leaning against the Radio City Music Hall. There aren’t many of them in existence because the Dead didn’t actually have the rights to use the Music Hall’s image, so they had to pull the posters – but my dad lived in NYC & got one just in time! The poster has crinkled corners and is cracked a few places where it was folded at different times in the last 30 years, but as a kid I absolutely loved it, especially because I knew it was important & my dad trusted me to put it in my room. I still have it in my apartment now!

  • My favorite poster as a child was a beautiful Mucha print. I loved all of the “Seasons” women he did, but the one we had was Fall. Still love them today.

  • The poster I remember more than any other was one my mother had hung in the hallway. We are originally from Southern California and the poster was titled ‘Goodbye California, it ain’t your fault’. I just loved that poster!

  • I still have my favorite childhood poster in all it’s (now beat up and grimy) glory! It’s a reprint of Raoul Dufy’s “Interior with open window.” I was obsessed with design even as a youngin’

  • Charley Harper’s illustrations in “The Giant Golden Book of Biology” stand out as my favorite science illustrations. I’ll still looking for copies at thrift stores so I can share it with my son. I think I ended up being a nerdy designer because of his illustrations.

  • My favorite poster as a kid was of a line of dalmatian puppies peaking their heads and paws over a rainbow painted fence. I got it from the scholastic book club and i thought it was the best thing to ever hang over my rainbow headboard.

    Thank you for putting this book together!

  • This book looks so beautiful! I’m having a hard time remembering any specific posters, but I remember my English teacher always had some fabulous ones of books and CD covers (he was a music ninja).

  • In the guest bathroom at my parents house there has always been a framed poster called “Porches and Portals” that featured famous/noteworthy front doors from the South. I’ve always loved looking at it and mentally checking off each door I’d visited.

  • My favorite poster was the famous Kandinsky circles “squares with concentric rings” …I loved and LOVE color!

  • I always loved the posters showing the layers of the earth…sedimentary rock and all that….and ones showing the roots of plants in the soil. And I still love to dig in the dirt. :-)

  • for years i decorated exclusively with posters purchased at my elementary school’s book fair… but the ones that really meant the most to me were, of course, my new kids on the black posters!!!

  • I remember having a poster through middle and high school – it was a fish-eye rendition of planet earth, full of animals and plants jostling for space on the surface, in beautiful watercolor. Underneath it said “Fragile” translated into about 30 languages. I miss it!

  • My favorite poster would have to be a pull out poster of a wolf from one of my MANY issues of Ranger Rick. :)

    I LOVED that magazine and used to plaster my walls with pictures of all the wild animals…

    thanks so much, would love to win this give-a-way!


  • I grew up in Chicago where there is an annual auto show right on Lake Shore Drive – I’d go with my dad. Auto posters were always there to take for free but it wasn’t until one year that they had one of an auto with the background of water that would turn into a shark depending on which angle you saw it from. Not the girliest poster but it was above my bed all the way through high school.

    I don’t have the poster anymore, my parents divorced while I was in College and my mom threw too many things out when they moved.

  • Man, my favorite posters as a kid were always the solar system posters — showing all the planets in a ring around the sun, with the asteroid belt + comets + other objects. Even the (current) locaiton of the probes being sent out past Pluto. Awesome. I’d love to get a hold of those for my house.

  • Beautiful book!
    My favorite poster from childhood was also my least favorite. It was next to the twin bed I slept in at my grandparents house in a room with creaky linoleum floors and a very scary closet that had an accordian door which never quite closed all the way, allowing the closet monsters to easily sneak in and out. The poster depicted a mountain climber on the face of a huge mountain, and although it fascinated me, it also gave me a lot of anxiety. What if that guy fell? He clung to the mountain in a red vest, forever on the precipice of doom or glory. I worried for him. :)

  • After a trip to the national gallery, I got a poster of a Renoir portrait and kept it up until I left home. I wonder what happened to it?

  • I love these almost-technical illustrations when they have so much personality! Although my favorite poster in my bedroom growing up had a very 90s style jazzy photo of some blurred out piano keys and said “sometimes b sharp, never b flat, always b natural.” I had taken a few piano lessons by that point…

  • i had a huge wall poster of the rainforest and i loved looking at the parrots in the treetops. wonder if i could find it again?

  • I loved the maps in elementary school that hung on the wall and rolled many maps together; the whole thing would have to be rolled back up to change maps from one to the next. I found them pretty fascinating!

  • my favorite poster was a black-and-white little chubby-cheeked girl with clasped hands that said: “just give me a man, with a million or two, or one that is handsome will happily do. but if the man shortage should get any worse, i’ll go back to the first line of this verse: just give me a man!”

  • This book looks incredible! My favorite poster growing up was of a whale diving into the ocean at sunset that I inherited when my older brother went off to college.

  • My favorite poster from childhood was a huge 3ft by 5ft poster I made about myself in pre-school. I drew myself, as well as attached photos of my family and pet cat. I also answered fill in the blank questions about my favorite color, vacation etc. I love it because it provides such an adorable snapshot of my 6 year-old self!

  • In second grade we had a music/PE teacher, Mrs. Zellner, who brought the most amazing rhythm charts. I remember the daisy chain and ta ta ti ti ta charts the most because we clapped them out. I wanted that giant musical tablet so I could be just like her!

  • My favorite poster was one I bought at a leftie store back in the mid 70’s. It was a Chinese propaganda poster. The poster was primarily white and blue. It was lovely; girls tending a big flock of ducks.

  • sadly, i was a wee bit obsessed with my terminator 2 poster which hung on the ceiling over my bed. i think i was too young to find him remotely attractive (and hopefully it was a sign of future improvement :) i just thought arnold looked unbelievably cool. I hope that didn’t just eliminate me from the contest…

  • my favorite poster from childhood hung in my 3rd grade classroom — a Richard Scarry map of Busytown… I learned to read maps from that poster! I still love anything by Richard Scarry and can’t wait to share his cool illustrations and books with my own kids someday!

  • In my high school biology class we had a huge poster of frog anatomy. It was divided into different layers of the frog and was old and dusty. I enjoyed it because it had probably been on the wall for 50 years and made me think of all the students that have passed through the hall ways.

  • My favorite poster as a child was from the Lincoln Park Zoo — a lush image of a jungle full of animals, including a panther that looked right through you.

  • My favorite poster from childhood was a giant world map. Passive geography knowledge from the very beginning of being able to read. One of the best bedtime games was for one of my parents to say a place name or capital and have me find it on the map.

  • My favorite poster from childhood was of the Muppets. It had a bright yellow background and hung in our toy room. I think it must have come home from my Mom’s second grade classroom – the line between school and home was blurry for us and that was a very good thing. It was a cheery poster filled with friendly faces and I can hear the opening theme now! I miss the Muppet Show.
    While trying to find an image of the exact poster I remember online I came across a great minimalist muppet poster. Maybe I’ll get this one for my ‘grown up’ toy room.

  • I had an Ernie & Bert poster that I loved as a kid that my parents bought me as a souvenir from Sesame Street on Ice. Oh man, I loved E & B. A few years later, I destroyed the poster in a fitful tantrum.

  • When I was a little girl I had a poster of wildflowers of California. We lived in New Hampshire so I never actually saw any of the flowers, but I loved the drawings and espcially the labels with the latin names. That poster is long gone but I have a beautiful reproduction of Leslie Kaslof’s herb/ailment cross reference chart in my kitchen and some great insects, trees, flowers, and birds in our “library”.

  • What a beautiful book; thanks for the giveaway!

    My favorite poster in high school was a vintage of the Eiffel Tower with a couple kissing below it. I think it seemed magically far off at the time.

  • My favourite posters when I was a kid were ocean related ones. I had a great one of a giant marlin jumping out of the water.

  • my favorite poster was of a vintage painting with the title “clinique cheron.” it had a picture of a girl surrounded by various dogs and cats, including a russian wolfhound called a borzoi. it hung in the salon of a boarding kennel where i worked so i saw it almost every day. the woman who owned the kennel had nine borzoi and i was so taken with them and the poster that i bought a copy for myself when i spotted it in a store. it’s now a wonderful memory of my first job and love of animals.

  • Not exactly a poster, but I always loved to look at the old pull-down maps in my elementary school days.

  • Dirty Dancing movie poster. Its a great movie that I love and when I was 14, some one gave it to me as a present. It was the focal point of the art in my room until I moved out some years later.

  • Gorgeous!

    As for my fave posters, I had 2 from the stuffed animal company Gund, that had pictures of their animals and Gund puns. For instance, one had an orange kitty on it with fall leaves blowing around and it said “Gund with the Wind.” It probably inspired my advertising career…

    And then there was my Jason Priestly 90210 poster. Hubba, Hubba.

  • My favorite poster was a painting of a baby playing with a kitten. I’m not sure what the artist’s full name is–Betsy someone. But she painted the most beautiful images of children probably from the 40s-50s.

  • I love these botanical posters, and my style is boho chic…but I have to admit that my fav poster as a child was of Donny Osmond in a purple outfit with matching velvet paperboy hat. I grew up in Alaska, had not a clue to botany!
    I must be honest!!
    Thanks…cannot wait to meet Grace at her book signing in Seattle!!

  • I had a unicorn poster that I was completely obsessed with as a little girl. I’ve seen it several times in thrift shops in the past few years- a wistful white unicorn walking on clouds with stars and purple swirls all around it. It’s so funny to see it now, laugh a little bit, and think about how much joy it brought me back then!

  • one of my faves was an alphabet poster comprised of butterfly wings—each letter was formed by the patterns in the wings. I stared at that poster for years…

  • In sophomore year of high school, I took a Biology course. I’m sure there were many lovely posters about photosynthesis or anatomy, or somesuch topic one would expect to find in a Biology classroom. But I couldn’t describe a single one of those posters. I do remember, however, and quite vividly at that, one poster hanging on the wall of that room. All it said, in a simple sans-serif font, was “Try to forget this poster.” Lo and behold, I (maddeningly) have never forgotten that poster. In fact, it crops up in my thoughts quite often. I suppose it wasn’t a directly educational poster, but it is one that has stayed with me for years. Besides, the frivolities of the human mind are much more entertaining than photosynthesis.

  • What a gorgeous book! Can’t wait to get my hands on one! I teach botany and would love to use such lovely diagrams. My favourite poster as a kid was that of the night sky – and all of its constellations.

  • My favorite poster as a kid was my almost life-size poster of Luke Perry (aka Dylan McKay from 90210). And luckily I still have it! It is hanging in the garage :)

  • I love plant educational chart! I’ve been looking for one for a while now, they’re so hard to find… How amazing! My favorite poster as a child was the 70’s flower power with peace sign, it was mod!

  • Looks like a beautiful book! When I was 15, after a a few years of my “Rainforest Phase,” I decided to ditch my jaguar posters and take over my bedroom walls. I started a collage that began with an artistic image of a beetle and some pictures from Rolling Stone. “The Wall,” as it became known to my family and friends, was something I worked on when I was feeling angry, artistic, sad, or creative. Unique greeting cards, advertisements and images of my favorite bands from Rolling Stone and Seventeen magazines, candy wrappers and personal photographs were carefully pieced together to create a giant collage that was four years in the making and covered one corner of my room (almost a quarter of the wall space!) Many years later, my dad decided it was time to take “The Wall” down to make my room more “guest-friendly.” I spent a weekend tearfully deconstructing it, but I also took a ton of photos of my masterpiece. That year for my birthday, my husband photoshopped the pictures I took of my collage and made a poster (scaled down, of course!) of “The Wall.” My work of art is now a poster in itself!

  • In my biology class room there was an old educational poster of a bat. I looked at it for hours during class, astonished by how much of the bone structure was alike that of a human.

  • This looks like a great book! My parents had a poster of a Rousseau painting up in the hallway of our house when I was growing up. I think it probably influenced the kind of art I’m drawn to as an adult.

  • I had a poster in my room that was a print from the Met. In my memory it was Mary Cassatt but I’ve tried to find it since then and I don’t think it really was. Anyway, it was a mom reading to her kids and I loved it.

  • Ha! My favorite poster was probably my Wayne’s World 2 movie poster.

    (I guess my taste has…evolved.)

  • Hi! my favourite poster when I was a child was the map of the world, because I loved to point the places that I wanted to be when I grew up.
    thanks for the giveaway!!

  • From my favorite bakery in my favorite little Bavarian town, I got a poster with a picture of a gingerbread man that read ” The Perfect Man. He’s quiet, He’s sweet, and if he gives you any crap you can bit his legs off.” Tacky, but so funny for a kid. :)

    As a biology teacher in my current life, I love posters that make you look closer, and engage the mind. Posters that depict natural wonders and beauties are best.

  • My favorite poster was a small illustration from Le Petit Prince that my mother hung on our bedroom wall when my sister was a baby.

  • Oh dear, I’m afraid my favorite poster as a kid was a photo of a chimpanzee sitting on a toilet. Thankfully, my sence of humor has matured since then.

  • My favorite poster was a Welcome poster that showed how to say Welcome in maybe 15 different languages. All the children on the poster were smiling and in their traditional garb, and I remember trying to memorize each one in case I should just so happen to go to these fifteen countries with my 7 year old self… I wrote them all down in my journal and tried to draw each of the international children. I wish I could find it, lol. Living in NYC, there were always opportunities to speak to people from many nationalities, and seven year old me used every one of them! :)

  • I had a poster that had sea animals in different habitats both above and below the water. I love that it was pretty to look at and had some cool facts to. I agree that the cross between art and science is really cool!

  • It wasn’t a “poster” perse, but as a kid I would sit in the dentist office waiting room for what seemed like an eternity, waiting my turn and staring at this piece of knitted art on the wall. It was made of big chunky braids and woven designs in 70s colors. I think that piece had been there for a very long time, and nobody ever seemed to notice the bizarre thing. I always wondered where it came from and who decided that it was just the right thing for that waiting room.

  • My parents have a few older Disney posters. I really liked to look at the old Jungle Cruise poster and the Alice in Wonderland poster. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • My favorite poster as a child was a picture of a kayaker taken from a “bird’s eye view.” The kayak was red and the artist lifted the red out by creating an all-black water surrounding so it was a sharp contrast. The simple look appealed to me and I thought “less is more”.

  • Hard to think of just one favorite, but what about that iconic movie poster for “The Endless Summer?” Hot pink and yellow, with the black silhouette of the surfer. Started many a daydream.

  • This is so dumb, I had so many horse posters and I loved them all with a grand intensity. In fact they are probably still all rolled up in tubes in my parents’ basement.

  • I adored the posters at my optometrists place. They pictured women in fanciful and amazing glasses… which always made me feel a little bit better about having to wear mine.

  • I loved the posters that we got occasionally with our magazines. Ranger Rick or ZooNooz. I remember one about a butterfly specifically.

  • I know I’m supposed to cite a poster that might have hung in a respectable classroom, but I’m pretty sure I liked posters of the “Saved by the Bell” cast from Tiger Beat or some other shameless, pre-teen publication.

    My favorite poster TODAY is the first Charleston, SC “Spoleto” festival poster. My husband’s godfather gave it to us, since we met in Charleston and LOVE the annual art festival.

  • these are gorgeous. fave poster: it’s a toss up between joe mcintyre from new kids on the block or my beloved cure poster signed by robert smith.

  • One poster that stuck out to me while growing up was the Jane Avril poster by Henri Toulous Lautrec. My parents had it hanging above our mantle and I’ve always been fascinated by the colors and the shape of the girl. I wish I knew what happened to it!

  • My favorite poster(s) as a child were of maps. My mom had bought (and still has) a world atlas full of maps that she would whip out any time we were going on a family trip or had a geography-related question. I still love maps, especially vintage maps – they make fantastic artwork!

  • i had a framed poster in my wall that was all text on watercolor blobs that said: art and music are the drugs of choice for millions of kids. if we expect them to say no to a chemical high, we must recognize the healing alternative; their own creativity. demand and support the real anti-drug program: arts in education.”
    i remember always standing up a bit straighter when i read it, feeling that someone “got it”…and would say we probably need some reprints as our arts programs in schools fizzle away…

  • My tastes have changed a *little* since then… I think my favorite poster then was Star Wars, or maybe Goonies?

  • An illustrated poster for a children’s performance of Peter Pan at the Intiman Theater in Seattle, approximately 1996. I was 12 years old when we went and my mom purchased and framed the gorgeous poster.

  • I had a Kurt Cobain poster on my wall and LOVED it. I think it cost $50 from the record store I bought it from and that was a lot for a modest middle schooler’s income!

  • When I was in kindergarten I watched in horror as the teacher and her assistant threw a poster in the trash. I only saw it for a microsecond, but I remember it was landscape of mushroom houses, like the kind fairies would live in. I was fascinated because it was so realistic it looked like a photo. This was in the 80 long before photoshop. I wish I had the nerve to ask for the poster- they probably would have let me have it. I spent many hours trying to redraw it myself.

  • My family had one copy of the poster from the movie “Hook.” This caused several loud, semi-violent disputes between me and my brother. For some reason, we each wanted to hang it in our own rooms. My parents ended up putting the poster on a monthly rotation between the two of us. When the poster was enjoying its odd-month exhibition in my brother’s room, I remember staring at the empty space on my own wall and grumpily attempting to imagine it there.

  • I absolutely love this style of botanical charts.

    My favorite poster as a child, however, was one of the alphabet made out of the shapes found in butterfly wings.

  • What a gorgeous book. I got Ranger Rick and later National Geographic World, so I had a host of posters including a regal schooner.

  • I think I had a poster free childhood, but I loved maps, the pull down ones on rolls in our classrooms.

  • I hate to admit it but the only posters I can remember from my childhood are the fuzzy black light posters you colored in with felt tip pens!

  • My favorite poster was a READ poster in my school’s library window. It had a picture of Michael J. Fox reading a Stephen King book surrounded by cobwebs with lightning flashing in the sky behind him and a skeletal hand resting on his shoulder.

    When my school decided to build a new library, they had students guess how many books were in the old library, and if a student’s guess was close enough they got to take home one of the old READ posters. I don’t know if I won because my guess was accurate or because most kids weren’t interested in owning one of the old posters, but either way I was picked as a winner and that poster is still hanging on my wall.

  • When I was very small I had a Wind in the Willows alphabet poster. One day Mr. Toad came to life and talked to me. It freaked me out, but I’ll always remember that poster. Yes, I can still look at Mr. Toad and keep a straight face!

  • My favorite poster was an Alice and Wonderland poster that I picked up at a long since closed music store called Penny Lane. Wish I could find that old poster!

  • My favorite poster from my childhood was one that my dad purchased for me while on vacation with my mom. It was a close-up of strawberries growing close to the ground with a quote by Robert Browning below it, “If you get simple beauty, you get the best thing that God invents.” I still have it today. It makes me happy to know that my dad picked it out for me. Strawberries were my favorite thing at the time and the quote still rings true for me today.

  • We had a selection of pull out posters from the Australian Geographics our grandparents sent us, and my favourite would be a toss up between Birds or Wildflowers of Australia. I even took them to college.

  • Nothing scientific or artsy. I woke up on my 8th birthday with a big poster of Mick Jagger hanging over my bed. Loved it and kept it there for years.

  • This book looks awesome. My favorite poster, sorry to show off a little, was one that I made when I was nine- I wrote a little poem about books and my bus driver happened to be an incredible artist so he illustrated it. We got donations to have it printed and gave copies to all the libraries!

  • poster of Michael Jordan dunking over someone during his rookie. I was a huge basketball fan.

  • My favorite was the food pyramid and any other food and health posters, probably because lunch was my favorite part of the day! :)

  • My parents collect posters from various operas and musicals. We have a beautiful old print from Madame Butterfly.

  • I was obsessed with medical posters of the human skeleton – muscles, bones, etc. It was so interesting! Until we started dissecting animals in middle school. Now I know why I’m not a doctor! :)

  • I loved the Reading Rainbow posters in my local library as a kid. Of course, I also had a huuuge crush on LeVar Burton. ;)

  • I loved the geology posters in my science class they had beautiful illustrations of crystals, stone, and metals.

  • This book looks amazing!
    My favorite posters as a child were the topographic us maps that hung on the chalkboard. I especially loved the ones that actually had bumps to represent mountains

  • my favorite poster was an image of a garden with shabby-chic collection of table & chairs…set for a secret afternoon tea. It became an image of a safe imaginary place for me, one that I took refuge in time and again.

  • Wow what a graphic eye treat! My favorite childhood poster was not quite the graphic eye candy this book is. In fact, my favorite poster and I had quite a love/hate relationship. I loved the perfect hair and teeth Farah Faucet had in her old posters. My brother actually had a couple hanging in his room–probably for other purposes than that famed Farah hairdo. But Farah’s flip caused me many stress induced minutes in our family bathroom. I still remember the bathroom with it flocked striped wallpaper and little mirror I would look it as I nursed quite a lot of little burns on my face and fingers from learning to use a curling iron and probably took years off my life, breathing in all that Aqua Net. It took quite a lot more time for my 12 year old self to learn to love my stick straight hair that wouldn’t hold a curl but that is the most vivid memory of a poster I have.

  • I had this farm animal poster that had all the names of the animals in french … I loved it and was so upset when it got torn one day!

  • my favorite poster when i was twelve was of River Phoenix torn out of a teen beat magazine..

  • My favorite poster had line drawings of various animals and the term for a group of them: herd, gaggle, flock, etc. As a budding writer, it reminded me of the importance of specifics.

  • I loved my Lisa Frank posters. Those technicolor kittens and unicorns got me every time.

  • my most favorite poster that i remember was in Sr Nora’s classroom of the letters of the alphabet in cursive and not. i used to outline them over and over again in my head instead of listening in class.

  • This book looks fantastic!

    My grandmother had this wonderful poster of different types of birds in her office. I loved the birds and their colors, and found her interest in them fascinating.

  • I had a Spiderman poster that I remember hanging above my crib/little bed. I loved it so!

  • My favorite was one featuring Swedish children’s book characters Pettson and Findus and the recipe for pancake cake.

  • I would love to win this poster and give it to my best friend – she’s crazy about those old botanical & science posters!

    And my favorite poster when I was a kid was totally my Michael Jackson Thriller poster. ;)

  • Wait a minute…lemme wipe the drool off my face ☺ What a jewel of a book! My favorite childhood posters were always either maps or botanicals of any kind. Loved them back then and love them even more now!

  • My favorite poster when I was younger was the Sandy Lion sticker poster…I would strategically place all the stickers I collected on it to create all sorts of stories.

  • My favorite poster growing up was at my grandma’s house. It was in her living room hanging over her record player, and if I remember it was quite large. It was the most serene image of a humpback whale slipping under the water with it’s tail silhouetted against the evening sky with a huge full moon hanging above the ocean. I had completely forgotten about it until now. It always fascinated me for some reason, because you didn’t see the whale at all but you knew he was there right below the dark surface.

    Anyway- this book seems absolutely lovely and I’ve also always loved the scientific illustrations like these. Thanks for bringing back memories!

  • how beautiful! Collecting these is not easy as many are in a mediocre state after years of using and then storage. These look stunning however!

    My favorite poster was a seventies 7-up one. The colour scheme was pink, purple, lilac and blue, and it showed lot’s of bubbles and something that looked like a squid. I just loved it. It hung in my grandmother’s guest room. Later it suddenly disappeared – probably in the direction of the garbage container. Sometimes however, I suddenly think of it, and try to track it down via the web. Unfortunately without any luck so far…

  • these are lovely! i am so ashamed to say my favorite poster was the “you need a reason to party?” poster – anytime my friends would be over we’d find our birthdays and see what else had happened on those days.

  • I was kind of, well, very obsessed with Hanson (known for their hit MmmBop). I had one particular poster of them that was almost life size. It was the perfect size for ten-year-old me to stand in front of and dream of the life that Zac Hanson and I would one day have together. My cousin actually found it in the SFO airport, and kindly gave it to me (not that he would have wanted anything to do with it), to pay him back, I kindly gave him one of my free tickets to their concert–I can’t say that he enjoyed it!

  • My favorite poster was of “Rio” era Duran Duran featuring Simon LeBon and the boys in pastel suits, with jackets over t-shirts and shoes with no socks. I believe John Taylor might have been wearing a hat.

  • Gorgeous and educational – hard to beat that! I love these prints.

    My favorite poster growing up was a Tiffany (as in “I Think We’re Alone Now” 80s teen singer) poster that showed her on the beach wearing an oversized white knit sweater. I had just seen her at Knott’s Berry Farm, of all places, where my sweet (and patient!) grandmother stood in line for the concert literally all day while the rest of us explored the amusement park then sneaked in with her just before showtime.

    At the time, I just thought the poster was cool, but I think that subconsciously, nine year old me realized how incredible it Grandma was everytime I looked at Tiffany. It still makes me so happy.

    Great contest – thanks for the intro to “Art of Instruction” and inspiring this trip down memory lane.

  • My favorite poster is from an anti-smoking campaign. I still have it to this day. It says “A pointed message from the gnomes, Please Don’t Smoke.” It’s from the 1980s, a magical time.

  • I didn’t really have posters growing up, but I remember my grandmother wallpapered my whole bedroom in beautiful butterfly wallpaper. When I went to live with her I knew I was safe and sound surrounded by my butterfly kingdom, and best of all, it was all mine:-)

  • My favorite posters as a child were maps! We collected relief maps of the National Parks our family visited. I still like them today.

  • I had a beautful poster in my room when I was 5 or so, of all these little fairies in a forest. It was very 70’s. My daughter recently spotted it in my mother’s basement and cried “Mom, I want this!” It was so sweet. I am so excited for this book! I would lOVE to win this chart!

  • This is so interesting. We just did a huge art installation at a community college in our area a few months ago and in the process of deciding how to fill all of their walls we found over 30 of these posters rolled up in a corner…they were on their way to the dumpster. We salvaged them them and had them professionally framed with a wide black wooden frame. Now they are hanging on their walls and all of the students are so happy and inspired in their new digs. The president of the college was so thrilled he made a youtube video about the installation proces. I covet these posters and would love to have a few for our house.

  • My favorite poster as a kid was of a kitten on a piano keyboard. It included words along the lines of: “I try to behave, but I keep running across something more fun to do.” I hung it right above my desk to justify not doing my homework.

  • i worked at a daycare (the same one i grew up in, actually) when i was young, ten or eleven or so, and the woman who ran it had the darkest sense of humor: there was a big Gashlycrumb Tinies (by Edward Gorey) poster on the wall of the main play room. This, i’ve decided, is how i ended up with my own personal brand of dark humor ;) In fact, years later, i reconnected with my best friend at the time (the daughter of the aforementioned daycare owner) and she sent me the actual poster itself!! It was one of the best presents i ever received.

  • I used to have a poster of all the breeds of horses (being a horse-crazy girl). Portraits of every type horse were neatly lined up in rows . . . my favorites were the Appaloosa and the Morgan.

  • I discovered those wonderful Chinese propaganda posters in my teenage years – you know the ones with the heroic workers looking ever-strong, fit and happy, sleeves rolled up ready to work for their great country. They had such great colours & forms, and were always so inspiring, made me want to run off to China!

  • A giant map of the London Underground my mom has had up since I was little was probably my childhood favorite.

  • I was born and raised in the UK in a “very” traditional English, “stiff upper lip” family. I grew up with being expected to speak only when spoken to; in other words don’t think out of the box or be adventurous! This continued for almost 7 years until; I saw a 1960’s poster of Enid Blyton’s “Wishing Chair”. There was the children on the front with “Peter” one of the children sat in the magical Wishing Chair” It was advertising the author’s book. The chair had wings on each edge of it’s four legs and my fascination with adventure and knowledge began! I excitingly escaped to my small village library and asked to loan a copy of “The Wishing Chair” by Enid Blyton.
    The book gave me the new and exciting spark of wishing and discovering new things, to ask questions, think out of the box and start the adventure of life. This was the beginning of me changing from a very shy, quiet and scared little girl. To a growing up to a woman who travelled, took risks and asked questions.
    Because of that poster; I now live in the USA and I am a leader in non profit development, helping others to achieve.

  • I hate to admit it, but as a little girl, my favorite poster was Jordan from New Kids on the Block. :\

  • Mine was hanging in my pediatrician’s office:, a 60s classic:
    “War is Not Healthy for Children and Other Living Things”

  • I want wallpaper in the style of those botanical instructional posters. My favorite poster when I was a kid was a Richard Scarry depiction of classic nursery rhymes and fairy tales. It was a giant town/forest/city filled with a menagerie of classic characters and I remember waking up in the morning and tracing my finger between each story when I was maybe 3 years old.

  • When I was young I had two posters I really loved: One was a Pablo Picasso print of a hand holding a bouquet of flowers, the other was Babar’s Yoga For Elephants, depicting Babar and his family doing a variety of poses.

  • I just started a horticulture program at a local community college. We’re stuck in an old biology lab while our hort building gets a nifty makeover this semester, but there are these *amazing* vintage posters everywhere. I stare at them through half my class time, trying to figure out a way to get my greedy hands on them. They’re just like the first few you showed in your post. Sigh.

  • Oh – favorite poster from childhood? I had NKOTB plastered all over my walls. Funny thing is, I met Joey McIntyre in my early 20s – an event that, had I known would happen when I was 9 would have meant the ultimate in life success – *he* embarrassed himself. Sad.

  • This is such a lovely book (and a wonderful, generous giveaway)! Can’t wait to get a copy of the book.

    My favorite poster I had was a lovely wall hanging my mother made for me when I was born. It had felt cut outs and embroidered images of animals, plants, and objects, all beginning with the letter “N” (the first letter in my name). It used to hang next to the rocking chair in my bedroom and I remember sitting in her lap and looking at it together almost every day. My favorite images were the newt and the nightingale– I remember her teaching me what they were from the little felted cut outs on the poster!

  • I’ve always been enthralled with Paris and growing up I never wanted to clutter my room with posters that clashed with my decor :-) The first poster I bought and shortly after framed, was a black and white vintage shot of the Eiffel Tower. The formal title is, “The Eiffel Tower from Inside the Doorway of the Trocadero.” I loved how the Eiffel Tower peek through the door, as well as a family with their dog.

    I eventually upgraded to the canvas version.

  • I remember loving color wheel posters from a childhood art class…as an art teacher now I still love them!

  • We had a print of Matisse’s “The Dance” hanging in my childhood home. It was so beautiful and I used to love to imagine I was one of those elegant, carefree dancers. I think it was one of the factors that inspired me to study French modern art in college, and it’s still one of my all-time favorite paintings.

  • a sandra boynton poster with a cat holding a tennis racquet with the words “it takes guts”.

  • Sadly, a government-issued food pyramid. There was nothing special about it. It was all I had to look at during particularly boring multiplication sessions in math class.

  • My favorite poster as a child hung in the ridiculously cute ice cream shop in my neighborhood. It had a paunchy pig dressed in a mans suit, with one hoof raised, while he declared “Give me Chocolate or Give me Death!” There was a pig theme throughout the shop, it was called “Rosies Ice Cream Parlor” and Rosie was a ceramic pig that was displayed behind the old fashioned ice cream counter. The owners even went to far as to get a real pig, that they of course named Rosie. Rosie was a boy, so his real name was Roosevelt, of course. The poster was old fashioned, and looked kind of like sepia tone. All around the pig were quotations about chocolate. I think it was the combination of illustration, type, and chocolate ice cream that made me so fond of that pig poster. I tried to find a print of it, but with no luck.

  • I was definitely that girl who’s entire room was wallpapered with teeny bopper posters. I had a lovely poster of the Backstreet Boys on my ceiling that I fell asleep to every night :)

  • My favorite posters were always ones of kitten and puppies… I was really in to baby animals. This book is beautiful!

  • John Stamos, back when he had baby fat and played Blackie on General Hospital. We’ve all come a long way, but John is still absolutely gorgeous!

  • My favorite childhood poster was a conceptual diagram/blueprint of Noah’s Ark. It was a creative lesson in zoology and architecture.

  • My cat woman poster with Michelle pfeiffer on it and it said “hell here” – it kind of makes me sad to this day I dont have it anymore!

  • The book looks beautiful. I guess my favorite poster was of E.T. because it’s the only I remember! I was in love with him :)

  • I had a Garfield poster on my wall when I was a kid that I thought was the bees knees. That book is gorgeous!

  • I think it was probably a poster with a couple kittens or some other cute animal on it. Or maybe a poster for the musical Rent if I was a bit older.

  • My parents had a couple of posters of Australian birds in the rumpus room when I grew up in Sydney, Australia. I love birds to this day and love photos that show the poster back when I was young.

  • When I was little some one gave me a whole stack of lovely A3 posters of wild animals: lions and tigers and bears, oh my! I covered every square inch of my walls and pretended I was in a wildlife museum.

  • Oh man, as a child, yeah, it had to be either the life size poster of the New Kids on the Block or a purple hued unicorn/fantasy poster. A little later it was everything Dali, even one Simpsons poster done in Dali style. I guess my taste has matured a bit, I love the prints from that book!

  • When I got back from Europe the first time (16) I bought a world map and put pushpins in all the cities I had visited. I loved looking at it and remembering all the wonderful things I had seen there.

  • My absolute favorite was of the band “The Monkey’s”. They were doing a “walk” my friends and I imitated all the time! After that my favorite poster was the one I did for fire prevention week in 6th grade! I won the poster contest!

  • I’m not sure if this counts, but my parents had a print of the city of Seattle before the fire of 1889. I have always loved maps, with their clean lines and muted colors of white with black or brown. These illustrations are absolutely beautiful as well!

  • Love these old posters!
    My favorite poster as a child was a poster my dad pasted to a piece of wood and carved ridges around the edges (so 70s!). It showed 2 children sleeping in their bed with an angel standing over them. I never worried when I went to bed and I always slept soundly.

  • My favourite (and very dog-eared due to amount of repositioning around my room) poster was of an endangered honey glider possum. Slightly rat-like, so not the prettiest cuddly creature to treasure all through my childhood until high school!

  • There were two, from the early years: A teddy bear poster on the wall of my room in my grandparents house….there was a poem involved that I think ended with the Teddy Bear falling asleep. I remember always looking forward to seeing it when I visited! For later years: the second was a map of Europe that was often up in my high school junior year history class. I was in love with the colors, and I remember day dreaming a lot in that class.

  • Being a Vet and going through some of the most rigorous science classes out there. I appreciate these beautiful illustrations more than most can believe. Scientific illustrations make learning science much, much easier. Thank you illustrators for taking on what some may have called a boring subject matter among your illustrator peers. You’ve made the world a better place.

  • My favorite poster when I was little was of a fuzzy kitten (it looked like a Maine Coon…at least in my head it does) and it was sitting in some plants….maybe daisies? I mainly remember the kitten. I think that poster sparked my obsession with all things that have to do with cats. Don’t get me wrong I love dogs too, but there is just something about cats that I really love!

    I have to say I love the cat poster in this post!

    I would love to win the poster depicted on this book cover! Definitely going to look into the book!

  • …that ’70s cat, dangling precariously from his branch while offering the timeless, inspiring advice to “hang in there.”

  • What a great book! I have always loved educational posters, especially anything anatomical. They spurred my interested in the subject which then lead to a Masters in Anatomy!

  • Nothing could ever beat the chart depicting pubic lice that my OBGYN had over his exam table when I was in college!

  • My favorite poster..well the only one I remember was of Kermit the Frog and John Denver. Tee Hee. Not even sure why it is still stuck in my head!

  • It wasn’t exactly a poster, but my mom stretched a piece of Marimekko fabric and used it as art in my childhood room. It was a landscape scene with little trees and houses in bright pink, yellow and green. I’m sure it was a sample from my, fabric line representative, Grandfather. I still have that fabric and the same print in primary colors. Otherwise I remember a Jim Morrison poster from high school. I actually told my sister to call me the lizard king. Yikes!

  • My favorite poster was actually my brother’s poster. It was an enormous botanical poster of mushrooms (does it still qualify as botanical? Close enough, I guess). 90% of the mushrooms on the poster were probably poisonous, but I loved the colors and the patterns. And now I love painting mushrooms.

  • I always had a world map on my wall and loved to look at the pastel colors and go over the sounds of all the country names while I fell asleep. Nerdy, I know, but it served me well in geography class later on!

  • My favorite poster as a child was the Snow White one my mom got me from when the movie was re-released. Ahh, the days of old traditional animation. :)

    These botanical posters are so insane. I’ve been hunting for one (or a few) for a while now…they are often just fairly pricey that I have to be ready to buy one!

  • Wouldn’t call it my favorite, but my most memorable would probably be one of those tacky cat-in-a-silly-hat posters , which was pasted to the ceiling above the dentist’s chair I seemed to frequent all too often.

  • This looks like a dream book! My favorite posters as a young gal (I have two) were both long landscape posters. The first was looking out off a plateau during sunset, it was a tourism poster for the Yukon Territory. My other favorite poster was one I’m sure I shared with many others, it was a winter scene of a wolf pack with the tall alpha staring straight into my eyes every night.

  • I’ll always remember those super cheesy posters with kittens, puppies and teddy bears doing human things like going to school or hot air ballooning. I would buy one every year at the grade school book fair and end up ripping it before I even made it home. There were definitely tears.

  • John Wayne and Spencer Tracy, the movie was about the pilot returning after death to help his love find love.

  • The poster from childhood that stands out clear as a bell is the Nutritional Food Pyramid. Was it my favorite? No. But seeing it year after year for all of Elementary school and beyond, it is forever etched in my mind. :)

  • My favorite poster from childhood was a hand-me-down Monty Python’s Flying Circus poster from an older friend.

  • My favorite chart/poster was anatomical, the Anatomy of the Eye!! The images and design of the poster are superb and the illustrations pop out of the plastic with a really nice relief. This chart was the end-all be-all of anatomy charts, in my opinion, and no doubt contributed to my eventual profession as a medical and biological illustrator. The chart first hung in Science class in grade school, then, to my surprise, in my college apartment in my best friend’s bedroom, and a few months ago it hung at my ophthalmalogist’s office. While the doctor was out of the room I studied the illustrations and found that, now a professional in the field, I knew the illustrator – Keith Kasnot!

  • My favorite “poster” was a map of South America. My father had retired from teaching and I was about 7 or 8 and my older sister and I asked if we could cut apart his maps and hang them on our bedroom walls. These far away places were magic!

  • I had a Devon Sawa poster I was rather obsessed with. Funny, because my boyfriend now is like a 31-year-old version :-)

  • my favorite poster as a kid had two white fluffy dogs on it with a purple background and it said something about sisters being best friends. back then, like now, i was obsessed with animals! my fave poster today is a forest service poster that has owls, elk, coyote, and a mountain lion on it and says “don’t light up the night, please be careful”

  • the plates in a little book called the guidebook to birds. didn’t realize how much i loved those prints till a saw one on ebay and won it!! the printing is a little mis registered on this one and a little girls name jean mae is written on the cover, but I love the wax wings and chickadees!! must be from the 50’s…as i am too!

  • My favorite poster growing up was the one hanging outside our basement bathroom. Our basement bathroom was a public restroom stall (my Grandfather put in) which made this poster extra memorable. My older sister made a huge poster of all her classmates faces using mr. sketch scented makers. Every face was a brilliant caricature of each six grader. I used to have a crush on one of the boys in her class and I would always try to kiss his face.

  • Oh, I remember my favorite poster! It was divided into four quadrants, each illustrating one of the seasons, with happy, round-faced children enjoying the passing year. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I used to love all these huge geography topographical posters that used to be there in our Geography Room in school. I was always fascinated by them and the amount of information contained in them. I would spend hours studying them.

  • My favourite childhood poster was an old map of the world that my father used to have on his wall as a child. It was yellow and frayed at the edges but I loved it anyway.

  • I was born in the USSR, so postres I had seen depicted young, health and happy Soviet people) Now that posters are consider as an amusing artefact and I like it much more.

  • My favorite poster when I was a kid was a gift form my aunt: a big world map that made me dream of travelling abroad.

  • When I was a kid I had a poster with pictures of different gems and crystals. I’s stare at it for ages and dream of finding my own underground treasure.

  • I used to love looking at the encyclopedia pages of minerals and gems. I think it was a precursor to my love of pretty jewelry. All the colors and patterns in each gem were mesmerizing.

  • I’ve always loved expository posters like the ones featured in this book. As a visual learner I’ve found it quite helpful. I recall memorizing German vocabulary off a poster with “Das Fenster” neatly printed on the window pane a young girl was opening into “Der Garten.” Our German teacher used to tape notecards over the words during our vocab exams. I also very much cherished the comprehensive explanation of the water cycle and acid rain offered by a poster in my 7th grade science class.

  • I had a poster that originally was my father’s when he was a child – a commercial for children for the summer olympics in Helsinki in the fifties. It was so cute, with all these cartoon characters running around wearing strawberries on their heads (sounds weird in text though… :)

  • My friend had an old phrenology poster that I used to covet… I’m now sure it was reproduction, but it was still cool :)

  • The book is gorgeous! I can’t remember any posters from my childhood, but my BF in high school had a vintage poster from Goldfinger on her wall that was beyond cool.

  • A teddy bear dressed up as a wizard. My room was covered with teddy bear posters, but that one was the best.

  • Thinking back on a favorite poster the the first thing that came to mind was a huge Shawn Cassidy poster that I had in my room. I was really young, about 6 or 7, so obviously my mom must have bought it for me, but I wonder how that conversation went down. I don’t remember asking for it. But I loved the Hardy Boys and his music.

  • My mum had a botanical poster. I loved just looking at the detailed plants done in water color. It was very beautiful.

  • My favorite was one of those big black-and-white posters you bought at an arts and crafts store for kids to color in… So much fun!

  • i had a poster of little mice in a little house made out of a boot. the house had loose laces and a jaunty window and the mama mouse wore a bonnet. i actually still have it, although not hanging up. i can usually give anything away, but i’m pretty sentimental about that poster. when i was growing up, everyone called me misa mouse because i was so small.

  • Well, my favorite poster wasn’t of anything instructional…it was of Jonathan Brandis. :)

  • i had this poster that was a vintage map of the world. i used to stare at it and imagine what it would be like to write the map of the world. it depicted sea monsters too!

  • My favorite poster was hanging in my room and it had 4 penguins and one of them was wearing a scarf. Then at the bottom it said “Dare to be Different”. It got accidentily ripped in half one day :/

  • I’m a cartography nut, so for me it was anything map-related, though I do remember having some 3D cut-out animal heads from the back of cereal boxes that I particularly loved. The giraffe sticks in my memory the most…

  • This looks like a gorgeous book! My mom is a children’s librarian and as such had access to a catalog full of posters of celebrities accompanied by slogans about reading. I had one of the cast of Full House hanging above my desk for years!

  • I had this “poster” that my Mom made for me when I was little. It was a 1000 piece illustrated, puzzle of E.T.. Specifically, It was the scene where he’s hiding in the closet with all the stuffed animals. The crafty woman that my Mom was, rubber cemented the back with newspaper after she completed it, and hung it in my room. I loved staring at that thing when I’d go to bed. :)

  • Easily my favorite posters were the black felt ones that you colored in yourself. Remember those?! I couldn’t get enough of them…especially the unicorn and fairy ones. :)

  • probably my favorite poster as a child was a picture of a female aerial skier mid twist. amazing.

  • My favorite poster is one that my stepmother made for me. Does anyone remember those mini dolls and houses, Polly Pocket? Well I had a whole Polly Pocket village complete with a floormat of little streets and a park and lake where I could make a while Polly Pocket village. I am the youngest of six children and they are all significantly older than I am so I would play with my Polly Pockets for hours. I had just started fifth grade and I loved school and fell in love with the village of Pompeii when I drew the towns name for my first research paper ever! I concluded my project with a replica of the town and I used my Polly Pocket village. I covered everything in grey paint and was so proud when I got an A on my project. However, what I had not considered was that I ha ruined my set of Polly Pockets. Needless to say, I cried for days when I realized I couldn’t play with them anymore but my stepmom, being the angel that she is, took a photo, enlarged it, and laminated it. I had that poster on my wall all through my life, including my dorm room, which became a conversation piece.

  • My favorite poster was of the cover of Rick Springfield’s Working Class Dog record. Embarrassing but true!

  • my favorite poster from childhood was from the RISD museum and was a giant picture of their giant wooden Japanese buddha. I used to tell my parents that it protected me, I was an odd, anxious child. I loved this poster so much that I still have it!

  • My favorite poster as a kid is from one of the silliest movies ever made. When I was in elementary school, we would hit up all the stores that offered incentives for good grades. Report Card Day always made for a big night. As an adult, I now realize how important a free night out for a family of 5 really is! Free ice cream from Dairy Queen, free tokens from the local arcade and a free movie rental (when video rental stores still existed.) The Problem Child poster was always hanging in the video store. I’ll always cherish the nights spending our time together as a family and costing us absolutely nothing!

  • My mom had a Corita poster that said, “I am so glad you are here. It makes me realize how beautiful my world is.” It’s up in my house now. It’s faded but still says those nicest words and reflects her wonderful outlook.

  • My favorite poster from my childhood is the life-size, freestanding, Legolas cardboard cutout my mom got for me for my birthday one year. He even made it into some of our prom pictures!! I was quite certain I would one day marry Orlando Bloom…and having that poster was step one of my master plan…I’m still working on step two haha!

  • I was crazy for all things moon-related as a child growing up during the first-man-on-the-moon years. My favorite was a poster showing the topography of the moon – it hung in my bedroom for years.

  • On a trip to the Met one summer, I saved up and got a huge poster of Manet’s Women in the Garden. I was an art nerd even in elementary school!! My mom was nice enough to frame it for me. When I went to college it was too big, so she hung it in the master bedroom. To this day I still can’t convince her to give it back!

  • Does it count if it’s one I made myself? I won the “Earth Day” poster contest at my high school art fair… It had colored pencil illustrations of various creatures on it, such as a panda bear. (Hmmm… not sure where it is now!)

  • Beautiful work! My favorite poster was a killer whale poster from Sea World. There is a family of whales, baby included. It was and still is on the back of the closet door at my mom’s house…. pretty awesome.

  • I still have a reprint of a German theatre poster that hung above my bed when I was younger; it is an incongruous place for the print, as it is dark and sinister, depicting a ghostly specter looming over a woman. The names of the actors mean nothing to me, but the evocation of another time and the drama of the stage stuck with me. My mother, a graphic designer, gave it to me, so it will always be special.

  • From about the time I was 3 years old to age 5, I had a hand-drawn picture of a germ inscribed with “Wash Your Hands” hanging on my bathroom mirror. My dad drew this creepy little germ to help me remember to keep my hands clean. I now attribute most of my OCD hangups to my dad’s homemade art :)

  • My favorite poster was from the scholastic book fair, and it was a 6’x2′ ice cream cone, with 4 different scoops of ice cream, whipped cream and a cherry. A ten year old’s dream.

  • Mine was a poster my mom had hanging in our guest bathroom … it said (in an old-timey style): “Beware of pickpockets, thieves, and loose women” … I didn’t totally get it, but thought it was cool (and now I wonder what happened to it :)

  • In my first grade classroom we had laminated illustrations – one for each letter of the alphabet – arranged in a grid, and we’d go through in order reciting what was on each poster and the matching phonetic, and I still remember most of it. “Ants on the apple, a, a, a; balls are bouncing, b, b, b ; caterpillars coughing, c, c, c…” My favourite was “oxes on boxes, x, x, x.”

  • My favorite poster is a really odd, funny and almost political incorrect these days. The headline was “Japanese” (or “Japaner” since the poster is swedish) And the poster motif was filled with all sorts of “typical” japanese stuff in on scene with a Japanese family. I am pretty sure that not one Japanese family had one room filled with ALL that “typical Japanese” stuff, almost as a parody. But absolutely a most serious educational poster.

  • my favorite poster is not the ones I posted up in my room (bc most of those were cheesy magazine pullouts of people like j.t.t.) but the ones posted all over the walls of my middle school. it was a whole collection of celebrities promoting reading from michael jordan to the seseme streets to bill clinton. I don’t know what about it always made me look towards the wall, but I did.

  • This book looks beautiful. My favorite childhood poster was an iconic black and white image of James Dean. I believe it was a still from the movie “Giant.” Hardly an educational poster I know but it did inform my image of what I wanted from boys (not yet men) and a love of black and white photography!

  • As a kid, I joined the Nature Conservancy because I loved strumming their magazine filled with photos and pop-out posters of bird migration routes and the like. Today, I’m still a member and I still have those old posters – now framed in my studio.

  • My favorite poster when I was a kid was of the Neverending Story (Part 2). I was absolutely in love with Jonathan Brandis (what young girl wasn’t in the early ’90s?) and I felt like his eyes would follow me as I walked around the room. (Creepy? Slightly.) I’d move around the room, darting like I was in Mission Impossible and his eyes would “follow” me everywhere I went. I was convinced that he was in love with me and protected me from evil doers. *sigh* Those were the days.

  • I hate to admit it but my favorite was a Jackson 5 poster. I was torn between wanting to dress like them and wanting to marry them. I settled for a giant afro and purple velvet bell-bottoms with matching vest.

  • a kitten in a field of buttercups. once, when i had a really high fever, I was very dramatic, and convinced i would die, wrote a will to make sure the poster went to my friend upon my (imminent) death by fever.

  • I loved those cheesy animal posters with punny/inspirational messages. The classic kitten on a limb with the phrase “Hang in there!” Or, obviously, anything with unicorns.

  • I had a Dungeons and Dragons poster that had a chart of drawings of all the dragons you might come up against, along with their moral alignments and native territory. It was pretty awesome. I miss that poster.

  • My favorite poster was a movie poster for A River Runs Through It. And yes, it was a big poster of Brad Pitt. I have no regrets.

  • For me it was a real movie poster of Lady and the Tramp, which I loved, even as a teenager

  • My favorite poster was my wolf close-up from WWF (wildlife- not wrestling). I remember being so thrilled that I was a member- it felt very grown up.

  • I had a poster of the Chicago Bulls that had MJ, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman and it said “Running of the Bulls” on it. It was actually pretty ugly and kind of small, but it was definitely my favorite poster. Even though I was a Sonics fan…

  • I can’t tell you how cool I was as a seven year old with a ‘Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles’ poster, gifted to my by my ‘big cousin’ aged 14 (I think he was glad to get rid of it!). It was from AMERICA and this was small town scotland. It stayed on my bedroom wall until I stripped that room out, aged 27, to make way for a nursery at my parent’s house for my new nephew.

  • When I was younger, I loved the black and white fuzzy posters that you color in. I would get one every year for my birthday :)

  • honestly… my favorite poster when i was a kid was my She-Ra Princess of Power poster that hung over my bunk bed. It had all the characters in their outfits. Then one day… it was gone. I blame my younger brother.

  • I loved my Mulan Disney poster of her riding down a snowy hill. I think I just loved it because I got it for free at the movie theater and I was so excited.

  • My favorite poster from my childhood were the roll up wall maps that were hung in the classroom. My family never had money to go anywhere so I would make lists of all the places I wanted to go when I was older and had money :)

  • Hmm.. I don’t really know if I had a favorite poster as a kid. I think the first poster I put up in my room was Jack Sparrow in “Pirates of the Caribbean”, so I guess I could say that’s my favorite. :P

  • I started laughing out loud thinking about this- my favorite poster, when i was 5, was one of early 80’s Michael Jackson with a monkey! One of them was in a red & white striped shirt I think hahaha- my memory isn’t good enough to remember if it was Michael or the monkey ;)

  • My favorite instructional poster was actually…. a plate. My beloved grandma Jo loved learning about EVERYTHING. She also adored dishes. She collected Portmeirion Botanic Garden dishes for years. Where else can you learn scientific names for flowers while eating?? I love science, i love dishes, and sure loved my Gma Jo. Those plates now have a special place in my home.


  • I can’t really remember a favourite childhood poster, but I do recall the one i had in my room as a preteen. It was Fido Dido with his friend who asked ‘ Did ya get a hair cut?” and Fido Dido replies, ‘I got em all cut!’. Deary me was I uncool.

    Love the look of the book and the cover art.

  • My parents had a series of travel posters in the den; one of them was of Santorini, and that was my favorite.

  • There was a poster about ear infections in my pediatrician’s exam room that I will never forget. In an image of an infected ear canal, there was a illustrated a spoon sticking straight into the bolus of ear wax!

  • Though it was threatened to be overtaken by the poster of Brad Pitt from “Legends of the Fall”, my actual favorite poster growing up was a ballet poster. I had a few but the one I loved the most was all on a while background but with a row of pointe shoes in a rainbow of colors. I loved some ROY G BIV action, even then (though now it has progressed to bookshelf and closet usage) and the brightly colored pointe shoes brightened up my room and I was happy to pass it on the way out the door to dance class! The book cover poster would be a better fit for my grown up home, but just as beautifully colored.

  • My favorite poster was a gorgeous photo of Mount Rainier. We took a family vacation to the west coast, driving from Seattle to San Francisco… I fell in love with the whole coast, but especially Mount Rainier National Park.

  • I loved the posters of birds and animals around our house – it was so exciting to see a brightly coloured parrot or rosella and run to the poster to see which one it was!

  • My middle school art teacher had a poster of M.C. Escher’s Sky & Water woodcut. I would study that image each day in class. It was so hypnotic and completely fascinatined me.

  • I think my favorite was a vintage movie poster of Catherine Deneuve from Belle de Jour…she was lying in a bed with her blonde hair tousled and seemed a promise of the woman I would someday be. I remember finally seeing the movie years later and finding it as beautiful as the poster suggested.

  • When I was small I lived in France, and I loved primary school! One time I got an A for every subject so the teacher gave me a really old technical poster of a zeppelin, it was all brown and old, and I absolutely loved it! I always dreamed of one day flying in the same zeppelin and dining in the restaurants etc!

  • i had a hot pink poster of kirk cameron in a leather jacket next to my bed. i loved it dearly, autograph stamp and all.

  • my favorite poster was my glow in the dark astrology poster my father bought for me which had all the constellations. It was on the wall by my bed and would glow bright as lights were turned off for bed, and then fade out just before I would fall asleep. Lots of time was spent day/night dreaming by that poster. <3

  • When I was in 8th grade, my mom used to buy me my favourite geology magazines and they used to give huge posters with minerals and gems. My favourite one had a bunch of quartz varieties, opalas and agatas :)

  • A poster I remember very well is an impromptu poster from the first grade. We were doing something related to dinosaurs, and the teacher wanted a poster-size picture. She had one of us call over a boy from a class one year up. He could draw really well. So he draw us a kickass T-Rex.

  • I had poster all about elephants: how much they eat, how long they live, their evolution. I was obsessed with it.

  • I had a poster of a page from “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle. It featured tons of tasty food. From what I can remember, there was a lollipop, pie, and sausage. Though I didn’t know why I liked it back then, now I realize that I was responding to the vivid color, texture and the charm of the simplified shapes. Kids always affirm good art through simple intuition.

  • Strangely, my favorite poster as a kid was my uncle’s orignal ‘A ClockWork Orange’ poster with Alex leaning out with a knife. However, from my tinier vantage point, I thought the letter ‘A’ surrounding him was a wimple, and wondered for years why this nun wanted to kill people.

  • The poster I remember most from my childhood was one my sister had of Led Zepplin. My friend loved Robert Plant and kept begging me to steal it for her. As if my sister would NEVER notice, lol.

  • My favorite educational poster was one of the greek gods on mount olympus, you could make up stories about what they were saying to each other. Also, i loved the national geographic poster maps from the magazines, there seemed to always be a new place to find and wonder about.

  • Throughout my childhood, I remember loving one certain print my parents had framed and hung up in our house. It was this painting of a little country neighborhood nestled in a bright green hill of gardens and trees. The style reminded me of an illustration I might see in a children’s book, and it was never hard for me to imagine “living” inside the painting in the same way that I would pretend to be a character in a story. I would try to decide which house I would most like to call my own, but it was a choice I often changed because of how different and special each home and yard seemed. In front of them all, at the bottom of the hill, there was a weeping willow tree overlooking a stream, with a little cat staring thoughtfully at its reflection in the water. The fact that the cat looked exactly like my own made it even more magical to me. It doesn’t sound very special describing it now, but I will never forgot how it felt to be a child and look at the things around me–like that painting–in the way that I did.

  • My favorite poster as a child was the invisible man flip chart that revealed superficial anatomy and went deep to the skeletal view. we were never allowed to touched it but it definitely demystified my body. I remember imagining little people running around performing bodily functions before I saw that poster. It was 5th or 6th grade at Willow Point School in Vestal, NY.

  • I loved a small poster that came with an illustrated paperback book I bought with birthday money at age ten. The poster survived longer than the book which was passed along to friends and disappeared. The images were just little vignettes from the mystery story but it made me feel like I was in the story!

  • the largest collection of those vintage charts I ever saw was on http://www.irenaeuskraus.com/ . not only botanical ones but all kinds, stunning. I met those guys at a fleamarket when I was travelling to Vienna and that’s their online-store. apparently it’s not quite finished yet and so far only in German but you get the idea. now I found this book. love that stuff!!

  • As a child I loved the cursive handwriting chart. Now I’m addicted to calligraphy and botanicals!

  • wow, thinking back…my favorite childhood poster was the Partridge family-all wearing velvet pants and vests…i wanted to be laurie-aka susan dey..and we shared thesame birthday..i loved david cassidy and thought their rainbow bus was amaing..i would like to think my tastes have changed drastically..love the botanicals shown…but in the right situation could bellow out all the lyrics to “I think I love you”…

  • My dad gave me an original Peter Max “Life Is Beautiful. Don’t Smoke Cigarettes.” psychedelic poster in the late 60s-early 70s. I loved it because it made me feel part of a very hip culture even though I was young. It also was an unusual type of gift from my dad which made it extra special. That poster hung on my bedroom door until it basically disintegrated. Kills me now that I didn’t preserve in acid-free paper. : (

  • …a silent summer pond with frogs and salamanders in wonderful greens, and browns crowned with reed and buttercups….