Apps + Gadgets for Filmmakers and Movie Buffs

Image via Aint It Cool

I’ve always been a die-hard movie fan, but I’ve never really considered crossing over behind the camera until now. There are tons of awesome apps and gadgets that render film watching and making so much easier — and a lot more fun — than in prior years. A year or two ago, the idea that your cell phone could help you produce a film may have seemed preposterous, but that’s where we’re headed technologically, it seems. For this week’s post on MyLifeScoop, I’ve rounded up some gadgets and apps for both watching and making films. If you don’t have them already, I hope some of you aspiring cinematographers and directors download a couple of these neat apps and start playing around. Click here for the full post. Enjoy! — Kate


can’t wait to pick up some of these apps. I had some but most of these I was unaware of. great information Kate, thanks

Louis Patterson

I set up a projector at my folks’ place two weeks ago and I have to say today’s home projectors are not the washed-out, blurry projectors of yore. I also have to say that I hate that I used the word “projector” three times in a single sentence.