abigail edwards

Sometimes, great design can make a liar out of me. Just the other day, I was swearing off wallpaper, explaining that I was tired of pattern and ready for something clean, simple and new. Then Abigail Edwards’ new Seascape wallpaper designs came along, and I’m ready to throw that earlier proclamation out the window in exchange for a room full of those gorgeous hand-drawn waves. Abigail is launching these new designs tomorrow at Tent London, and if I were there, I would scoop up at least a dozen rolls of that beautiful brown pattern above. It’s begging to be used in my bathroom; it feels like the perfect thing to be surrounded by when relaxing in a bath. Sadly, I don’t see a lot of “relaxing in a bath” time in my future, but hopefully I’ll see some of this paper instead. It’s gorgeous. Click here to check out (and shop, $93 per roll) Abigail’s latest designs. xo, grace


It’s pretty, but I’m pretty sure it would make me SEAsick on a whole wall.

Beth Somers

Reminds me of the wedding cake I made for my best friend a few years ago. Love it!


I’m not often a fan of wallpaper, but this is lovely! I think it could make a great accent wall, actually. And even if you did a whole room, it’s subtle enough to fade away (with the right furniture/accessories).


I love it! For some reason, it has a very Edward Gorey feel to me. (That is most definitely intended as a compliment.)


I was just typing up an Edward Gorey comparison when I saw that Allison beat me to the punch!


I agree with Allison. Very Edward Gorey-ish. Slightly Victorian in feel, delicate and bold at the same time. Nice work.


I absolutely LOVE this wallpaper and would happily sail the high seas while sipping morning coffee on my sofa x


I had my heart set on this wallpaper but it cannot ship to the US… :( If anyone knows how to get it, please post!


Yes, I’m liking these, almost as much as Mini Moderns’ Whitby or maybe just as much, they are lovely


we are kind of seeing a similarity – though whitby was released in February 2011 – so we are happy if we have had some influence on such a beautiful print. Our prints are based on our personal experiences – whereas this is a beautiful sea print
mini moderns


I just bought some of this paper in winter. It is so beautiful and such great quality. Abigail was really helpful. It came to the Eastern US in two days! Can’t wait to put it up. Now I just need to save up to have it hung!

Christine Hampson

I would like to order “Winter” and live in the U.S. As well. If anyone has any info on how to order please e-mail me, Thanks!