tw pottery

by Grace Bonney

Speaking of beautiful pottery, I think I’ve found my new indoor pots and planters. These gorgeous tabletop and hanging planters from TW Pottery are exactly what I’m craving right now — something weighty and organic with a contrasting matte/shiny glaze. I spotted TW Pottery’s work on the Alder & Co site (seriously, Carla is such an excellent curator), and I’m already picking out pieces to order. I’ve been dragging my feet trying to find the perfect planters, and these have an earthy feel that reminds me why I love handmade pieces — you can really see the artist’s hand in every inch.

I’m debating the natural colors versus the strong contrast of the natural/black combo. Either way, my plants are in for a treat. Click here to see more of TW Pottery’s work online, here to see/order them at Alder & Co and here to email Tracy at TW Pottery with questions or purchase inquiries. xo, grace

More images of TW Pottery’s work continue after the jump . . .

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