sneak peek: kelly of kelly oshiro design

Designer Kelly Oshiro spends her days creating beautiful events, so it’s no great surprise that her home feels like the perfect backdrop for a party. She’s lived in this Santa Barbara house for just a year and a half. For both her events and her home, Kelly loves to layer new and old items, and this house is the perfect canvas. It was a vintage doll hospital in the 1960s and is filled with great details — plank floors, picture frame moldings and vintage windows that swing open — that provide the perfect backdrop for the punchy colors she loves. Thanks, Kelly & Sam! And thanks to Beaux Arts Photographie for the lovely photos! — Amy A.

Image above: As soon as we signed the lease on this 1920s bungalow, I knew I wanted an orange accent wall in the kitchen. My father had given me a print of a Madame Butterfly poster he designed in the ’80s with a navy mat, and I always thought it should go on an orange wall. To bring in more navy, I recovered some chairs I had bought at a local thrift store here in Santa Barbara with fabric from Michael Levine’s. The tablecloth was a remnant from a rainbow-themed photo shoot. I love the colorful zigzags!

Image above: I got the chair from the Pasadena Flea; it was the perfect shape and scale for the room. The prints are from Blancucha’s Etsy shop. The red crochet pillow is lacasadecoto also from Etsy. I picked it because it reminds me of the big red balloon in Blancucha’s print. The oversized grain pitcher is from an antique store in Arroyo Grande and holds Mira’s toys. The metal letters are also from the Pasadena Flea.

The rest of the home tour continues after the jump…

Image above: A detail shot of my collection of colored glass in my office. I have a serious obsession with colored glass.

Image above: My nightstand is from Ikea. I painted it Dior Gray, added custom scalloped decals and bought reproduction milk glass hardware to finish the look. The lamp was my mom’s and originally black. I spray painted it hot pink for a spot of color in my otherwise neutral bedroom. The print is from the Pasadena Flea, and the vintage fan was left over from an event. The bed frame is also from the Pasadena Flea, but I spray painted it copper.

Image above: Coasters a friend made for me, based on the Mira mural in my living room.

Image above: The flags I made for a state fair-themed event; calligraphy is by the very talented Betsy Dunlap. I designed the cake for an Anthropologie-themed photo shoot.

Image above: This was my childhood dresser. I painted it to match the bedside tables and added notched decals to give it a vaguely French feel. The cardboard reindeer is named Tobias. I got him from Urban Outfitters, spray painted him hot pink and added a white plaque. Old books I collected for a wedding with a vintage schoolyard theme decorate the dresser.

Image above: The ever-changing ribbon wall in my office. In front is a gothic container I got from the Pasadena Flea for a Midsummer Night’s Dream-themed wedding. The BS and little bird print are by a book artist friend, and the black and white print is from 1863 and illustrates a royal wedding. There’s also a vintage postcard of what was the Arlington Hotel in Santa Barbara, Kate Spade shoes, a book about illuminated manuscripts (which I studied at UCSB as an art history major) and a book on Moorish architecture, which I adore. My favorite piece is the kangaroo with the party hat and cigarette, printed by Pistachio Press.

Image above: The Mira mural, based on a photograph of her profile, was traced and made into custom decals. The sofa I had custom made by Couch Santa Barbara. Pillows I made from various fabrics from Michael Levine’s.

Image above: Vintage metal chairs with a cane pattern. They were originally black, and I spray painted them hot pink (I am a spray-paint-aholic).

Image above: The backyard deck, my favorite spot for a cup of tea. The patio set is from the Pasadena Flea, and the side table from a antique store in Paso Robles. The succulents in colorful containers were left over from a rainbow-themed photo shoot.

Image above: Ms. Mira, a.k.a. Buggles, on my favorite rug.


Such a cool sneak peek! I love Kelly’s laid back approach… “this old thing? I just spray painted that”:-) And of course, love her colored glass collection.


Love the sneak peek! Kelly is a cool lady and I am looking forward to seeing more. :-)


What a fantastic home — My girlfriend bought metal letters from what I guess was same guy at the Rose Bowl Flea Market about a year ago when we were there. Really like the spray-painted chairs (I’m guilty of spray painting things sometimes to my husband’s dismay). Also, really like the navy and orange in your dining room.


I love how her dog is incorporated! My husband and I are dog-owners and dog-lovers as well-thank you for the great inspiration for ideas in our own home!


Love this! It’s so fun and feel attainable. (Maybe because of all the spray paint!) Big hugs to Mira :)


Very cool home!! Love the wonderful colors and patterns use in this adorable place.

Molly Cooper

Ah, a home that truly speaks to my heart! I feel like I spray paint everything all the time… almost too much… but I feel validated by Kelly’s home! I love the beautiful spaces she’s created and her cheerful color schemes. And what a NEAT way to conceal a child’s toys— must remember that!


Color! So great to see a home that isn’t all pale gray walls and white trim. Beautiful.

Heidi S.

Finally some color! It is refreshing to see someone who uses color so beautifully. And a pleasant change from all of the gray/white/off white interiors.


Your garden, your dog, your house.. so gorgeous! Plus, you have very sexy handwriting…


Where did you get the vinyl decals made of the dog? I love that mural – the dog, the colors, the size – it’s perfect.


Just gorgeous, so many inspiring ideas – the light, the nightstand, those bright pink chair – love!

Amanda @745 Green Meadow Rd Blog

So cute. Loving the vintage feel without a lot of clutter. We’re working on a similar “not so messy vintage” theme at my grandmother’s house just in time for me to move in this Decemember. I’m so impressed!


again another really cool backyard and patio peek,,, but what with the letters i see in all these designer and artsy folks home,,,,anyone


LOVE it all! Especially the vibrant colors and the ribbon wall! Totally doing that STAT!

Tania, Mauishopgirl

I’m in love with your dreamsicle wall and the rainbow chevron tablecloth! This home is adorable, all the pops of color (don’t ever put down that spray paint can) and the slighty poppy retro feel.


love the IKEA dresser makeover, love the sofa, LOVE the dog. Love your home! Great taste and ingenuity!


I lovelovelove all the colours and patterns :) so beautiful. our spaniel has just developed a taste for blue cheese (i blame my husband), and i feel the pooch canvas could be very appropriate for us! thanks for the sneak peak!


So cute, yet mature! I’m not sure which I like best:
1) that awesome decorative red, circle pillow
2) the multi-color dog coasters & art
3) the paint treatments on the chests & sideboard

they so get pinned!


Your Ikea dresser makeover is beautiful! Can you tell us where you purchased the scallop decals? Thanks!!


Can I ask where you got the furniture decals? Love it!

Kelly Oshiro

I’m so glad everyone enjoyed my peek! The furniture decals I had custom made by a friend. I would try a decal vendor on etsy and see if they’ll do a custom job for you.


I love this so much that I have been staring at these photos for the past five minutes!! Thank you!

I love this house. I want to move in NOW. I love the speakers covered with fabric, and the red cushion mirroring the red balloon in the artwork right above it, the rug and the dog on it….need I go on?!


Love all the things infused with meaning, especially the childhood dresser. I still have mine and may jump on this idea to transform it. question – I am mesmerized by the colorful teardrops… but can’t find them identified. can you tell me more?


So wonderful use of decals ! I also love all the colors ! Seems to be a great place to live, especially the patio ;)


I luv it all, the colors and the road map project. Thanks for sharing great ideas!

Susan Trefethen

What a wonderful Friday evening I just spent in your home. These sneak peeks are new to me as of this evening. Thanks for sharing your wonderful warm home with us.


How has the spray paint held up on the speakers? I have some ugly ones that I need to “cuten” up and I’ve been wondering about the spray paint idea.


Anyone know the name of the navy print pattern on the chairs? I want it for my dining room :)