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sneak peek: jochen & tina frey

by Amy Azzarito

Tina Frey creates amazing jewelry and housewares cast in resin. Her pieces are colorful and fun and provide the perfect bright pop against a more neutral backdrop. Tina uses the same design philosophy in her own San Francisco home where she and her husband, Jochen, painted the walls and trim with Benjamin Moore’s “Super White” and then added color with furniture and accents. They’ve lived here since 2002, located in the Marina area, which has been the perfect base for all their San Francisco exploring. Thanks, Jochen & Tina! — Amy A.

Image above: This is the view of the fireplace in our living room. The framed print is by Takashi Murakami from Roppongi Hills. We got this when we were in Tokyo a few years ago. The white vases in front of the fireplace with the colorful flowers are from Tina Frey Designs. I love being able to use flowers to decorate the fireplace when it is not in use during the warmer months. I am a fan of modern mid-century furniture, and the two chairs are Charles and Ray Eames’ Molded Plywood Lounge Chairs in Ash.

Image above: The striped rug is from IKEA, and it is near the front entrance. This is the place where we snuggle our dog, Zoe, when we get home, since she loves greeting us here. You can see Zoe’s bed at the end of the hall, too.

Image above: I love our round dining table and having guests over. It is so nice that you are near all your guests, and no one is too far or at the other end of the table, and you can talk to everyone at the same time! The chair in the left corner is one of the pair of quirky pieces of furniture that I picked up from my travels to India. I call it the “Royal Chair,” and it is inlaid with a detailed bone pattern, and the armrests have carved heads with bone fangs! The red and blue bowls are from Tina Frey Designs. The blue is a new color for fall 2011.

Image above: My husband and I love to cook (although he is a MUCH better cook than I). This is one of the busiest areas in our kitchen. We love the Italian Bertazzoni stove — it makes us feel like chefs.

Image above: The picture above the bed is a Picasso print of a sleeping woman . . . hopefully conjuring up feelings of sleep at night! We really like the serenity, simplicity and uncluttered feeling of white for the bed linens, white walls and the white lampshade.

Image above: The shiny blue lacquer coffee table is an old table from Jonathan Adler. The color is so beautiful that we couldn’t help but carry the accent throughout the house in throw pillows and pictures. That’s our dog, Zoe, sitting on the rug with her current favorite squeaky rabbit toy. The room is nice and bright in the afternoon. It is so lovely to curl up and read here or take a nap on the weekends!

Image above: These are the bud vases from the Tina Frey Designs collection. They are in front of the window in the bedroom. The sun rises from this side of the house, and it is the best little view with the sunshine, and you can hear the birds in the backyard. I love waking up to this!

Image above: When we renovated our bathroom, I wanted to have something unexpected and grand in the room. I found this huge ornate mirror with the white frame and thought it was perfect. It makes the space so much larger! I love how it reflects the art on the opposite wall. One is an encaustic work with little seashells imbedded into the wax. The other framed picture is a print from Yoshitomo Nara.

Image above: My husband is a surfer, and he’s had this shark toy on the kitchen windowsill forever. It’s a little good luck charm to ward off the sharks when he surfs! I added the two little goldfish to our “fish collection” a few years ago. I just thought they were cute together. I also have a real pet gold fish.

Image above: I love shoes!! They just seem to overflow into other parts of the house sometimes, and these are a few current favorites. The colorful wedges on the left are “vintage” from Yves Saint Laurent that I wore to a ’70s party recently. The light suede shoes are from Acne from Sweden. The silver sneakers are just plain comfortable, and I can wear them with everything. I got the painting from Hong Kong, and it looks like the work of contemporary Chinese artist, Yue Minjun.

Image above: The rain boots are a must when walking the dog. It is so wonderful to walk through all the puddles and not worry about getting wet! The pink dog print reminds me of Zoe after she gets her hair cut.

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  • A) At first I thought this said Tina Fey and I was all ZOMG TINA FEY ON DESIGN SPONGE?! BEST DAY EVAR!

    B) Then I reread and realized my mistake. Lols. It’s still a great space, even if Bossypants doesn’t live in it. Love the white with the pops of color. It has a very designerly but still homey feel, which can be a difficult balance to strike.

  • Been meaning to paint my apartment a bright, clean white. (Right now it’s a dingy off-white.) Think this finally inspired me to get to it!

  • Your home is just too lovely, I’m envious of the lightness of it, and it seems ridiculously well organized. Wish I was ridiculously organized. I want that stove!

  • Hi Tina-
    wonderful home & really nice resin works in your shop,,, your color choices are lovely and the blue stools on your blog (“a seat for a rabbit”) are so whimsical..

  • Mmm there’s something so perfect about a space like this! I love its warmth and smart use of color, as well as how simultaneously ordered and well-loved the whole place feels. Sometimes those last two ideas really want to be at odds with one another. Good job :)

  • oh i LOVE LOVE LOVE that rug! and the house in general…but seriously, i need that rug in my living room! does anyone know where to get it?? I don’t see it on IKEAs site so I assume it’s older?

  • Great home.. i love all the white with splashes of color.. the collection of art is also great.. especially love the one above the mantel

  • the pink dog print, i think, is from anthropologie few years ago.. cute space and cute dog!

  • You had me at kawaii painting over a white fireplace with Eames chairs. Then you continued to awe me with the colorful rug, cutie patootie poochie, alessi kitchenware and the modern white pendant. I nearly fell over when I spotted the white shabby regency chic bathroom mirror. How could you possibly like everything I like? There was not one thing that I wouldn’t have chosen (& loved) myself given the opportunity. I’m bookmarking and linking to this one.

  • Hi everyone! Thanks so much for your comments! To answer your questions, Zoe is actually an apricot standard poodle…without the pom pom haircut.
    Kelly: Good eye! The pink dog print is from Anthropologie a few years ago and I can’t remember the name of the artist! I will see if I can dig it up somehow…

  • OOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhh bright cheery beautiful space in SF. I love how the old character is still there too. Unlike so many Noe Valley remodels that have the 50s tract house walls and ceilings.

    Beautiful place, and of course, Zoe stole my heart. Now I’ll look up your designs.
    Nice to see a local on here :) Congrats.

  • I love all the bright white- it’s such a beautiful clean canvas for your belongings.
    My house is all beige from the previous owners (no doubt at the advice of their realtor) and it’s so blah. I think it will be all white when I’m done with it!

  • Love the space and things in it.! Tell me about the fixture over the dining room table. When I looked up a fixture like that, it was incredibly expensive and only could support a 60watt bulb (not enough light for my space).

  • My first thought was “I NEED that rug”, but unfortunately I can’t see it on the Ikea website either! If anyone knows what it’s called, maybe we can find it somewhere?
    Beautiful space, by the way!

  • I love your beautiful home! The fuchsia dog bed is great! Did you make it or where did you get it? Thanks so much.

  • I really love the abundance of white – makes for such a lovely pallat where pieces POP. It speaks of a beautiful restraint that I’m working towards in my own apartment.

  • I’ve been searching for the artist of that pink dog print for weeks and here I stumble on it again. Do you happen to know who makes it? Thanks!

  • WIth a few simple moves – good art whether expensive or cheap can transform even the simplest room. Love the touches of mid-century modern against the Old World Interiors – nice balance of styles on a modest budget. – Ecomanta

  • hehe its soo weird to see Nara´s and Murakami´s pictures on your walls, i happen to have a murakami´s pin framed on my bedroom and a nara´s paint on my hall and its sooo cool to see it on your place! you have a lovely house and hope to get some of that feeling in mine soon :)

  • very nice home. The Pink dog image is great, love this.
    You are right in thinking the painting from Hong Kong is by Yue Minjun, but it is just a poor copy sorry to tell you, not the original.