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sneak peek: enrique arellano + libia moreno

by Amy Azzarito

Enrique Arellano and Libia Moreno have filled their Mexico City home with humor. From the tombstone sink to the bathroom fixtures made from garden faucets, this couple doesn’t take itself too seriously. During the day, Enrique works as a freelance designer, and Libia sells and designs traditional Mexican textiles and crafts. But on the weekends, they hit the flea markets for design inspiration and home furnishings — 95% of the objects in their home are vintage finds. And although they’ve only lived in the apartment for a year, they’ve already infused it with history. — Amy A.

Image above: The bookshelves were left in the apartment by the previous owners; we didn’t like them at the beginning, but we found a different way to use them, and it gives the bedroom an interesting look and makes it cozy. We like plain white linen for the bed, and the cushions are from my shop. They are hand embroidery by Chamulas women, and they are inspired by the blouses they use.

Image above: This space has three of my favorite things: the sofas (found on Mercado Libre, which is similar to eBay); the lamp, which was found at the house of a furniture salesman and needed to be completely rewired; and last but not least, our dog Oli. (The house is painted in a light gray and white that we bought at Comex. The gray is called Alpaci.)

Image above: The “Beloved Wife” comes from a joke many friends made about the look and size of the sink because it is made with the same stone used here in Mexico for gravestones and is big enough to fit a person, so we decided that it was funny to be upfront about the connection — particularly since the wife is often found at the sink!

Image above: I love the look of this sink; it is so simple and basic but still looks so pretty.

Image above: These two objects have always been around the house. The painting was a flea-market find, and we were drawn to the unusually long rectangular shape. The sign was found on the street in NY. One day, we were moving things around, and the sign ended up on top of the painting, and we said, “Hey it’s like a Banksy!” So we left it.

Image above: We love the way the bright light comes into the studio. But it can sometimes be a little difficult to share the same workspace. Enrique is really organized, and I always have a mess on my desk — papers, notebooks and textiles.

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  • Beautiful! I love that green tile floor.
    Can you tell me where the rugs in the bedroom and living room are from? I’m looking for one for my dining room.

  • That kitchen sink is hilarious. They also have a great assortment of chairs in the space, especially the ones in the dining room and in the studio.

  • Definitely a morbid sense of humor with that “beloved wife” sink! Still processing that but otherwise love, as you say, the sense of history you can feel in all the rooms! :)

  • You guys have a very lovely home. I would have put in a bit more colour, but it’s also nice and quiet like this. Bathroom is awesome!

  • There is something about this home that really transcends the sum of its parts. The mix of different vintage periods, the dark humor that says we don’t take this too seriously (and I believe reflects the Mexican culture’s healthier relationship with death), the ingenuity with homely materials all contribute. There’s another layer to this one though, perhaps it’s an openness or joy or just a representation of the love in this home. Thank you for this one!

  • I really like all the comments above, Thank you for the kind words.
    Sarah, the rugs where found at flea markets.

  • i heart it! thank you for sharing!

    is that an actual clock (11:22)?! if so where can i get one like that? maybe wishful request, but it is so cool.

  • I love this house, stylish and fun without being pretentious. You’ve given me some great ideas for my new flat. Thanks for sharing.

  • I was so pleasantly surprised to find that your dog looks exactly like my dog! She is a rescue and we have never known exactly what she is. I’ve never seen another one like her until today. Could you kindly tell me what breed Oli is?

  • i’m curious o know…. designers and all the arty people always seem to have larg
    e letters on walls, shelves, etc…… wht’s up with that>>.

  • I love that doggy so much! In the “What I love..” pic she looks like she is saying, “Why you not say I’m what you love most in the house?” Ah, she is so cute! Great, happy house. I love the axe in the kitchen.

  • The ‘Beloved Wife’ inscription is hilarious. I giggled out loud at that. Why is it in English rather than Spanish, though?

  • The original thought was to engrave it on latin, but not in spanish.
    The problem with latin is that almost anyone in these times catch a word, so we choose english.

    Particularly I found english more musical, the words are shorter that many other languages and for graphic proposes is more aesthetic a short sentence than a large one.

  • I love the dining room lamps, and the white painted table… where did you get them at?


  • Absolutely stunning! I love the use of the copper and basic plumbing valves to give that “industrial” look for the sinks and shower. I’ve always wanted to do that. It just proves that you don’t need to spend a fortune on fussy plumbing fixtures to get a designer look. Job well done!

  • LIZ, our dog Oli is also a rescue dog :)
    ELIZABETH, the clock is a just a painting.

  • I love the kitchen; especially the bare wood shelving and the simplicity of it all. I also like the bed; was this handmade? It looks like crates or pallets. I love the look. This is a very lovely home …. thank you for sharing!

  • esta super lindas las fotos en el blog, el departamento tengo el honor de conocerlo y gozarlo con sus duenios Enrique, Libia y Oli

  • The white painted table is fabulous — oddly enough, I bought the same table yesterday at a garage sale in Cambridge, but haven’t painted it yet. I’d love any thoughts on how to do it well — do you like any particular lacquers, etc? Thanks for sharing!

  • Enrique y Libia – – vuestra casita esta preciosa! Al compartir las fotos, habeis hecho que mi dia este un poco mas alegre; gracias! mi familia acaba de mudarse a la gran DF y estoy buscando “flea markets” (se llaman mercados de pulga?); podeis contarnos donde podriamos encontrar unos? me desespero por encontrar unos! un beso, pareja!

  • Hola Noemi, Bienvenidos a esta enorme ciudad. Los mercados en los cuales podrias encontrar muebles son el mercado de Cuauhtemoc ubicado sobre la calle de Cuauhtemoc los sabados esta en la esquina de la colima por la col. roma, luego el domingo tienes la lagunilla el tianguis sobre reforma a la altura de tlatelolco y tambien te doy los datos de unas amigas que tienen muy buenos muebles.
    Cecilia Tena http://www.decada.com.mx
    Claudia Fernandez, deberas pedirle una cita para ver sus muebles. superminimaxcf@yahoo.com.

    Esperamos sea de ayuda.

  • estupendo! gracias Libia, por tu gran ayuda! creo que nos iremos hoy mismo a Cuauhtemoc . . . si nos ves, nos saludas, vale? :)

  • Chicos ese “Banksy” suyo es GENIAL!!!!!!! ;) y su casa es sumamente divina! Espero pronto irme al DF y ver todos esos mercados vintage! :D saludos desde Chihuahua