shannon garson ceramics

You guys know how I feel about polka dots. Though stripes are my true Kryptonite, seeing dots on something always makes my head spin. I’ve gotten better at turning around and walking away from polka dots, but I still have a hard time resisting the initial “Ooh . . . dots” reaction. The same thing happened when I saw these ladylike new ceramic pieces from Shannon Garson in Australia. She’s been working with porcelain for over ten years, and her latest collection, which celebrates spots in a big way, just debuted. She sent over some shots from the photoshoot for the new pieces, and these were definitely my favorite. That delicate pink inside glaze against the black and white exterior is pure girly heaven. Click here to check out more of Shannon’s work and here to see the rest of the photos from the shoot. Thanks, Shannon! xo, grace


I love me some polka dots too! Absolutely cannot resist them, in clothes, accessories. Sigh.


just darling. i’m with you on the stripes, but lately more and more polka dots have been catching my eye. these are perfect! i love the contrast of the inside of that tea cup. so sweet.


Love the ceramic and the styling is gorgeous,but that pinky in the last picture… ouch!


I bought a polka dot top today… one of these teacups would go so well with it! I can picture it already!


Very cute! And while I understand the reason behind it, I loathe when people fake drink out of obviously empty cups, it’s my biggest pet peeve! Arggh. Still cute though ;)

Heidi (AlpineGypsy)

They are lovely! I’m afraid I’m rather addicted to polka-dots as well, and am still not so good at walking away….hehe….

I just love the 1940’s-esque styling in the shoot; red lips, pale skin, peignoir, and polka-dots. PERFECTION~

Thanks for sharing,