poketo planters

by Grace Bonney

If there’s one thing I learned from homes in Portland, it’s that I need a lot more plants in my home. I’ve resisted the urge to clutter up the new clean space with plants (like I typically do), but after seeing how common house plants (especially beautiful succulents) were there, I’m convinced it’s time to take the leap again.

These new planters at Poketo are a great way to feature plants without taking up too much counter space. I love the hanging A-frame style planter — it would be great for a porch or any interior room that needs a little greenery but doesn’t have much surface area to spare. Poketo is also carrying two wall-mount styles that are perfect for smaller pots. They’ve got “kitchen herbs” written all over them. And if you do have some counter space, these three-ring pots come in standing versions, too. As the summer temperatures force so many of us inside (and out of the sweltering heat), it’s always nice to bring nature inside. If you can’t be out in it, at least you can have it around you. xo, grace

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  • Looking good…I love the hanging A-frame style planter which could be great for a porch or any interior room that needs a little greenery but doesn’t have much surface area to spare…

  • I hate how potted herbs tend to dirty up counter tops….. using the wall-mount planter for kitchen herbs is a genius idea! Putting these babies on my birthday wish list :)

  • How exciting, I know the guys who make these! I have a free standing one that holds 4 pots but when we have parties I put candles in there. They are really lovely.

  • I love succulents too as they really are low maintenance . We have several growing in little turquoise coffee cups in our french apartment. I love them! These ideas/photos for ways to present the succulents are just great !

  • These LOOK cute, but they’re not very functional… there’s no tray to collect water drainage! Over-watering is the biggest reason people kill their houseplants (excess water sitting at the bottom of a pot causes roots to rot), and since these pots don’t allow for drainage, you’re pretty much guaranteeing you’ll ruin your plants.

  • When I saw the hanging shelf, all I could think of was my two cat brothers…look, Mom put up a swing for us. Thanks, Mom, weeeeee!