patterns in wood

by Grace Bonney

Before I dive into today’s content, I wanted to ease into the day with some serious floor pattern beauty. I dream of having a budget big enough to redo a room with reclaimed wood floors like this, but until then, I’ll stare at these pictures (and then back at my room again) and imagine they’re my own. These patterned wooden floors are from Exquisite Surfaces and are made using reclaimed antique French Oak wood. They sure beat the nasty linoleum I had in my first apartment. xo, grace

*For more floor porn, check out these wooden herringbone floors from one of our Parisian sneak peeks . . .

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  • Three years ago I spent a week in a rented apartment in Paris with my sister, my two daughters, a college friend and her daughter. There were gorgeous herringbone floors throughout, just like the first photo, and I’ve coveted them in my own place ever since! Exquisite!

  • Great post! Another great example of patterned hardwood floors is on The Ellen Degeneres Show! Not only did the designer choose a pattern, but also decided to utilize different stains. I’m in love with her floors!

  • I’ll go ahead and make the most obnoxious and stupid comment ever registered in D*S, for which I apologize in advance but do it because I feel it’s the right thing to do (I woke up in self-righteous mode it seems). Well…

    while I can appreciate the beauty and interest of the pictures, I hate the texture of those floors. The first one is a nightmare, it’d make me trip all the time and would make things like moving a chair or a table on casters an extreme adventure – because it would get stuck and tip all too easily, and believe me, you really don’t want that.

    The second, looks as if it were visited by moths… Am I wrong? And the third one looks ratty, thirsty for wax or a treatment.

    Again, the patterns and mixture of hues make the pictures look interesting, beautiful even, but I’d hate to be anywhere the real thing. Well… I took it off my chest and I hope no one got offended.

  • Grateful to Design Sponge for highlighting our work once again. The third photo is of a floor we had installed for our room at the Kips Bay Show House. Exquisite floor donated the flooring, finished to our specs. They were terrific to work with. We only wish we could have kept the flooring ourselves.

  • This is just lovely! It’s great how the floors are made from reclaimed wood.

    The french originally stated the parquet floor technique to make the interiors look endless. (My little fact for architecture school) :)

  • I’m with Julia – while I love the pattern & texture – the upkeep alone would make them so not worth my while. And the bumpiness would drive me batty!
    I’d love the same herringbone pattern done in a faux way with different colored stains though!

  • This is the kind of floor our new home has, the only problem, with me that is, is that the cracks get dirt in them and it’s hard to clean. What kind of stuff can I use to “seal” it?

  • do you know where I can or how I can get the second style floor. We are redoing our home and my husband loves this floor for our foyer