nolan pelletier

The fact that I’m a crazy cat lady is well documented. But at least I’m in good company. Half of my friends are equally obsessive about their cats, so I think between my cats and theirs, I’ll be surrounded by fuzzy paws for the rest of my days. Which sounds pretty good to me.

Artist Nolan Pelletier shares my love of cats — he even says so in his bio (“I really like cats.”). Nolan is originally from Connecticut but now calls Toronto home. From his studio in Canada, he creates illustrations that have the sort of whimsical, slightly off-kilter feel that I love about hand-drawn work. In addition to cats, Nolan has done travel and non-cat (humans) illustrations for the New York Times. I’m partial to the cat pieces, but you can check out his full body of work right here. In the meantime, let’s hear it for cat people. xo, grace

Neada B

I love the kitties! My little girl turned 15 this June and she’s still thriving. Thanks for the dose of kitty love this morning!


I get called crazy cat lady too =) but I wouldn’t trade my three feline babies for anything. Love the illustrations, especially the second one.


My mother-in-law was his childhood art teacher!! She just sent me a thank you letter he wrote. Big congrats, Nolan!


Grace, as someone who loves good furniture and cats, how do you keep them from scratching it up?

Also, adore these prints. The cat balloon kills me.


Yay for the Cat People. These are fabulous. Love the astronaut kitty.


Thanks for all the nice words, everyone! I recieved a lot of requests for prints, so I set up a zazzle account with prints available in a bunch of different sizes! ☞☞☞☜☜☜



I’m more of a dog person, but even so I love the astronaut cat and the music critic cat. Like all real felines, they look like they have their own agendas.


Just a heads up, I’ve moved my online shop to Society 6. ☞☞☞☞☞