new: jocelyn warner wallpapers

Jocelyn Warner‘s wallpapers always make me question my recent commitment minimizing the amount of pattern in my home. Her latest designs, Dandy, Lace and Wisteria, are absolutely stunning and have my fingers itching to start prepping a roller with wallpaper glue. Both Dandy and Lace were made with a surface printing technique to mimic a woodblock feel and Wisteria was printed using a Gravure process, which is similar to Intaglio printing and allows for fine details (like the metallic vines). All three of these patterns will be available starting in September, but until then I wanted to share a sneak preview. I can’t get enough of that lace pattern above- I’m a sucker for anything in grey and white. Click here to check out Jocelyn’s work online. xo, grace


LOVE the first, though if I am papering my walls, it will be with a Julia Rothman print– those are to die for! And thanks for bringing up that whole minimizing pattern thing– *guilty*.


I love all your wallpaper posts. I honestly never even thought about putting up wallpaper anywhere in my home until I started reading your blog! It just opens up so many new doors!


I am thoroughly impressed with these organic designs! Even the pops of color were created tastefully-which is refreshing. Thanks for sharing this-I will keep it in mind when looking to spruce up a tired wall.


These are gorgeous, I think I’ll be contacting her to ask if I can stock them – gorgeous


Beautiful. The minute we’re owners rather than renters, we are putting up wallpaper…. Anyone know the name of the plywood chair in the second picture?