gadgets for the creative class

Image via Jessica Hische

Since today is Biz Ladies day, I thought it would be perfect to start off with a new post from Kate over at the D*S blog on MyLifeScoop. Inspired by Jessica Hische’s organized desk above, Kate decided to turn her tech focus on gadgets for those in creative fields. This roundup of clever products will help streamline and organize your office or studio- and hopefully help you find more time to be inspired. Click here to check out Kate’s full post over at MyLifeScoop. xo, grace


What does Jessica Hishce have to do with this? I don’t see any of these gadgets on her desk.

I would have been better to profile the things on her desk, like the printer and scanner.

Grace Bonney


kate was inspired by how clean and organized her desk was. hence, the gadgets that she felt would help you get to that place of having things neat and tidy ;)



I’m very interested in that Ommwriter app. It looks very clean and simple. Less harsh than the traditional iPad keyboard.


in the Jessica Hische picture the 514 sign made me smile: it’s the area code here, in montreal (canada) :D

Wendy Wedgery

This article has come just at the right time when I’m planning to setup a studio area in my spare room. Some excellent suggestions for organising in a limited space!

Lelanie Slater

these app suggestions are amazing. I just got my ipad 2! These are just the ticket. Thank you guys.

ps- I love D*S. Your posts are always relevant and interesting. :)


Could you post where the furniture and shleves etc. are from and the tables? Beautiful!


Any idea of the make and model of the chair in the foreground with the blue seat? It’s gorgeous.