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Nothing creates a wave of dread in my mind like the phrase “back to school.” Other than the learning part, I was never a big fan of school, and while I tried to get excited about buying new pencil boxes, I knew what it meant: another year of cold classrooms and stupid teenage drama. However, now that I’m far away from those dreaded hallways, I can enjoy the idea of new gadgets and accessories for school. Today Kate is rounding up her favorites (from laptop cases and e-readers to USB drives and desktop supplies) over at the D*S blog on MyLifeScoop. So whether you’re heading back to school or just sending your kids back, this list will come in handy for style-conscious school shopping. Click here for the full roundup and sourcing over at MLS. xo, grace


Printers really haven’t came that far with design have they? It’s nice that we can get them in Black or Silver instead of that awful old beige colour, but that’s about the coolest a printer can get.


Does anyone have the bookBook? I am suspicious of the lack of camera-hole. That and the whole fake book edge. The rest of it looks too fab though.

Cheap Sally

I love all of these! I feel a little clueless though… what is number 3 in the Desk and Dorm Essentials? Is that supposed to be a voice recorder or mini speakers?

katie in portland

HEY! I want to let Kate know.. that Lacie harddrive (#2) is something I would avoid buying at all costs. I bought one last year, and I’ve had to have it replaced 3 (YES THREE) times. The usb connection keeps breaking off INSIDE the harddrive and the other firewire connections are shady and don’t work very well. As a designer, this is incrediblyyyy frustrating, because ALL my student work is held on this harddrive. I say use something like dropbox, google docs, anything online to save things. SO much more reliable and more portable :)


Well I learnt my lesson! Must remember not to click on this type of post again. No descriptions in the full post, we have to drudge over to some other site and the detail is spread over two pages. Looks like page views and referrals beat users experience any day. Message received.

Grace Bonney


i’m afraid your assumptions are incorrect. this isn’t a post that was written for design*sponge, but it was written by design*sponge writers for a blog we run on another website. we don’t own that content, so we aren’t allowed to run it in full on our site. like any other website, when our writers create something we’re happy about, we like to let people know, which is what this post is. if an extra click to see free content bothers you, then feel free to skip these posts.




A good friend of mine has the BookBook for his laptop, and it’s beautiful in person. Good quality, protects the computer, and holds its shape so that you can use the laptop without removing it from the case. I want one too. :)