happy cat

There are few things in life that make me smile as much as a happy cat does. Mainly because cats are so finicky and can be tough to make happy. So when I come across a cat who’s got that “Life is good” face, I can’t help but smile. A few weeks ago, I stopped by Lark Press in Portland and picked up this pack of cards by Little Lark. They’re blank cards, but the letterpressed cat face on the front was all I needed. That look of contentment speaks volumes and would be such a nice way to send someone a little love note or sweet thought. Click here to pick up a single card or set of 8 at Lark. xo, grace

Neada B

I love it! My little girl makes that face often :^) And shouldn’t every day be World Cat Appreciation Day?


Oh Happy Kitty. This precious face is rare indeed, thus meant to cherished. Love these cards. Thanks!


It’s really cat appreciation day?! That would explain why both my kitties gave me the super stink eye this morning too…I didn’t get them any special treats!!! Now we know Grace…those sneaky cats will probably start a Twitter campaign for more treats! :)


Cute, very Louis Wain! I get a laugh every time I see his illustrations….except for the ones that come post-schizophrenia. Then it’s just kinda sad :(