gadgets for the car

Today Amy and I are going to zip around town in a rental car to distribute our summer D*S print project (stay tuned for details tomorrow!) so I’m already planning a car music mix. Living in NYC, driving a car isn’t really a given, so I cherish any chance I have to roll down the windows and crank up some music and drive around. In honor of summer road trips and zooming around town, Kate rounded up some of her favorite well-designed gadgets for the car over at the D*S blog on MyLifeScoop. She’s chosen everything from iPod docks and GPS devices to apps that help you find carpooling rides around town. Click here to check out the full list and sourcing. xo, grace


While I hope we never have to use it, we’ve equipped our cars (and our kids cars) with a gadget that has a built in razor blade to cut yourself out of a seatbelt, and a sharp point to break a window, if you need a quick emergency exit .Living in Fl. where there is an abundance of roadside canals, it never hurts to be prepared. I dont know what its called, but I know it cost less than $10.

Sarah Ann Noel

We are roadtripping across America (literally!!) in just a couple of weeks, so this is a perfect little checklist for me to get prepared!


I have to say that I almost laughed out loud when I saw “zip around town” in the beginning. I don’t think I’ve ever “zipped” anywhere in a car in NYC. It’s usually more of a game of “how many lights do you think it will take us to get through this intersection?” However, I do have a usb charger similar to the one you have shown and it is super helpful. you can charge ipods, phones, whatever without having to buy special car chargers for each.


This real is a great list. There something I should have that I shoudl have gotten a logn time ago…Jumper cables! The funny thing is I could have used a pair this weekend.
@ Bernie that’s a great idea