weekly wrap up + elopement in paris

P+C tie the knot (in paris) from Peter in Motion on Vimeo.

The San Francisco City Hall elopement video we ran last year has remained a favorite of mine. I’ll never forget genuinely crying when I watched a couple that I didn’t even know exchange vows (with their voices removed, just music and images) and look so very happy. I know so many other people were moved by their ceremony, but I didn’t expect to be blown away again by another couple who were inspired by this very video!

Chen and Peter got engaged this March after dating for ten years. Chen had bookmarked the video above after seeing it last November and remembered it when they decided to tie the knot. They knew a traditional wedding wasn’t for them and that their love of travel adventures was a big part of their life, so they decided to have a “wedding for two” rather than an elopement (they told their family and friends ahead of time). Peter is a television editor so the idea of creating a video similar to April and Jeremy’s was perfect. Their whirlwind trip to Paris included visiting all sorts of romantic spots around town and renting bikes in a moment that reminds me of my favorite scenes from Amelie. Chen and Peter had a beautiful ceremony and then came home where Peter edited this video (which was shot by Sean Flanigan) as a gift for his wife.

I think this is such a beautiful and sweet moment and am thankful that Chen and Peter offered to share it with us here today. Here’s wishing them a lifetime of happiness. xo, grace (P.S.- Bravo on the music choice, Peter)

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:


OMG. I remember the city hall elopement video. It was so sweet. I know I cried. And just got the best goosebumps after watching the Paris elopement.


So adorable! Great shots, loved her dress, and I couldn’t help but sing along during the whole video.


Ahh the San Francisco elopement video. I sobbed the entire video, and even thinking back on it makes me teary.

The Paris video was great. It was sweet, and funny, and touching in all the right ways. I love how happy and carefree they look. Thanks for sharing!

Jessica C.

Thanks for posting the video! Nice way to start the weekend. In case anybody is interested, the song that was used is This Will Be Our Year by The Zombies. I like discovering music randomly like this. The video also reminds me a lot of Sharkpig’s style of videos (http://vimeo.com/user2803113/videos).


Ooooh. That’s our wedding song too! It doesn’t pop up that often… so fun.

Heidi (AlpineGypsy)

Oh my gosh….that was just GREAT! What a lovely tribute that little vid is, and I am kind of misty right now! Haven’t seen the San Francisco video, but I think it’s better that I don’t, haha…..waterworks!!!



I will have been married for 28 years this December and I would totally go back and do a wedding trip to Paris complete with bikes and romantic spots. Maybe for the 30th anniversary!


So cool to see more people are doing this. We also were inspired by April and Jeremy’s wedding when planning ours. We had been dating for 9 years when we tied the knot on June 11th. We felt very blessed to have the two most important people in our lives there with us: our son Egon (5) en our daughter Ida (3), both helped by their godfathers to be our witnesses on the day. So I guess we had “a wedding for six” :-)
It was a beautiful, intimate and very personal day. Just the way we had imagined it. You can watch our “wedding video” on http://11611.tv, the website we made to share the good news with our friends and family.
Ayco & Joachim