elizabeth corkery: gemstones

by Grace Bonney

Next spring, we’re packing our bags and heading to Australia for the D*S Book Tour: Part 2. This fall, we’ll be visiting close to 35 cities in the States and Canada, but after the holidays, we’ll break out our big suitcases for trips to the UK, France and Australia. I’ve been dying to go to Australia since I wrote this post back in 2006, so this is sort of a lifelong dream come true. Over the past seven years of running D*S, I’ve been compiling an overwhelming list of amazing artists that are originally from Australia. One of them is Elizabeth Corkery, a fantastic printmaker from Sydney who is currently living and working in Brooklyn. I love Elizabeth’s way with bold colors, but this gemstone collection is my favorite. I’m not sure what it is about jewel tones that I love, but the rich colors and faceted edges get me every time. These would be so beautiful framed in a dressing room (if you’re lucky enough to have one) or outside of a bedroom closet. It would certainly inspire me to take better care of my jewelry. Click here to check out more of Elizabeth’s work online. xo, grace

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  • Are you coming to Brisbane, Grace? Please tell me this isn’t going to be another one of those tours which only stop at Sydney and Melbourne…

    • elaine

      we’re paying for the book tour out of pocket. if a shop/publication/design group is able to cover our travel and lodging for brisbane we would be thrilled to come. but paying for 35 domestic cities and 4 intl took me over 2 years to save for. so i’m doing the best i can to include as many cities as possible. i hope you understand this is no small undertaking (physically or financially) for us.


  • wow that is fantastic news! as an Australian reader who has been following your blog for years this is very exciting – I can’t wait to see where you pop up and your thoughts on your visit.

  • oh my gosh i am so excited! i had my book on pre-order but i may cancel it now and wait till i can buy it in store. Do you know roughly what dates you’ll be in town?

  • So I’m taking it that’s a no, then, Grace… Don’t worry, I fully understand. Your tour does sound very ambitious, and if you’re paying for it out of your own pocket, you obviously have the right to focus on the places you think you’ll like best and where you know your markets to be sizeable. Allow me to be a little disappointed, though. Consider it a compliment… :-)

  • Liz is great – we both studied at CoFA. She did a series of paint by numbers a few years back that the first image seems to follow on from.. :)

  • Thanks for putting Australia on your book tour Grace… it is a little out of your way, especially when it’s at your own expense. But I know you’ll find a lot to love here and you’ll be warmly welcomed. Yay!!