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d*s book tour: san francisco event details!

by Grace Bonney

We’re just about full for all of our East Coast events (RSVP here for: ), and I’m thrilled to announce our next West Coast book tour event: San Francisco! I can’t wait to hit the town and see everyone and do a little crafting and celebrating. We’re so fortunate to have a big chunk of our D*S team located in San Francisco, so I hope you’ll come join us all for the fun. The artists and pastry chefs Tess Wilson and Leah Rosenberg, who make the amazing art-inspired pastries at Blue Bottle, are creating something special just for us! And event will be documented by photographer Blair Heagerty! The details are below. Please note: RSVPs for Los Angeles, Vancouver and Seattle will be up next Monday, August 29th at 1pm (LA), 2pm (Vancouver) and 3pm (Seattle) EST.

Event: Crafting Event/Signing/Celebration at Anthropologie

Date: Tuesday, September 27th

Time: 5:00pm–8:00pm (5-6pm is crafting, 6:30-8pm is the celebration/signing)

Location: Anthropologie (880 Market Street, San Francisco, CA)

Details: We will be teaching all craft-event participants how to make their own custom wooden wax seal! Craft guests will watch a demo, make their own wax seal and leave with the seal they made, along with sealing wax and stationery to test on. Afterward, we’ll all join together for the larger celebration of the book launch, where you can buy copies of the book and have yours signed! Drinks and treats will be served. Proceeds from this event will benefit the local arts charity Children’s Art Center. We will also have a custom backdrop designed by Tess Wilson and Leah Rosenberg (It’s edible! You will NOT want to miss this one.), against which you can take photos (thanks to photographer Blair Sneddon) with your friends and fellow guests!

RSVP: The crafting event is limited to 35 people, so please RSVP HERE soon ($10 per person for the craft event). The main event will fill up quickly, so please RSVP HERE for that soon as well.

*Illustration above by Julia Rothman

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  • hooray! i’m so glad this event is in sf (proper) and i signed myself up for the crafting event, i love wax seals and letters of course.

  • So bummed all the spots are filled, any chance for an East Bay/ Oakland jaunt? ;) So excited for my pre-ordered copy to arrive from B & N!

  • oh no, how did the spots fill up so quickly?! I’ve been checking back several times a day for when you’d list your SF signing, but I just missed out on getting a ticket. Is the main event also filled up? Does that mean we wouldn’t be able to just drop in to say hello and get the book signed? I was really looking forward to stopping by! :(

  • So bummed! I have been checking everyday for SF deets and it’s already full :-(. Any chance you will have a waiting list?

  • I tried to RSVP but I was too slow. =( I was really looking forward to the book signing. Will more spaces open up?

  • I also missed the RSVP and am crestfallen. If there’s a way to squeeze a few more of us in (I won’t eat, or even touch anything!) Please let me know!

  • LOVE this SF illustration :)
    i’m going to post it on my blog.
    can people still attend book launch after your craft event?
    i’ve been lurking since 2004 :)

    you are so generous + inspiring
    i’m still so grateful you posted about my “hat design contest”
    when i was bald from chemo with grim prognosis 5 years ago.
    very kind of you

  • aw man, im on the wait list. im going to issues in oakland to get the newspaper today.

  • Welcome.

    Hope you enjoy your time here.

    Mod om, I want to see your blog, I like the illustration as well.