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diy project: personalized paper party cups

by Kate Pruitt

You know those DIY projects that cause you to slap your forehead and think: of course! These personalized paper cups from the folks at Sticky Cake Inspirations are just that. The execution is simple and clean but also extremely versatile. I’m picturing the hundreds of fun variations you could use — different shapes, photographs, fabric, etc. — for even more personalization. This project is a perfect last-minute addition to an impromptu party; they require very little time and money but will definitely impress your guests. Enjoy! — Kate

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Read the full how-to after the jump!


  • white paper cups
  • multicolor paper sheets
  • scissors & ruler
  • hole punch
  • pencil & black felt-tip pen
  • white twine


1. Choose a sheet of colored paper, and create a rectangle of 2 cm x 8 cm using a ruler and a pencil. Cut out the rectangles.

2. Using a black felt-tip pen, make some dots and write the guest’s name.

3. Cut the final label like a flag, and then near the name, create a small hole with a hole punch.

4. Take a piece of white twine, and put it in inside the label’s hole.

5. Then punch the cup and add the labels, making a twine bow.

6. Cut the bow with scissors.

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